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How to Change YouTube Profile Picture on Computer, iOS and Android

How to Change YouTube Profile Picture on Computer, iOS and Android

71 comments on “How to Change YouTube Profile Picture on Computer, iOS and Android

  1. Thank you guys so much for your help always! I almost have 500 subscribers now and it’s only been three months!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have mine as branding because I think it stands out more than a face if I'm in a live chat or leaving a comment, and because I'm relatively unknown more people will remember me by my icon rather than a tiny photo of my face

  3. Plz click and subscribe to get my next amazing video and even HOUSEFULL 4 PLEASE

  4. Simple and good lesson. Thanks for sharing. Just one remark is to create a unique design for your profile pictures or use high-quality photos.

  5. I'm trying to change the icon (and also my channel name) for my YouTube channel I want to start, but when I go to my Google account, I can't find where to update my icon and channel name. I am using my laptop computer and only want to make change for Youtube and leave everything else alone, so what am I missing?

  6. Question‼🙋‍♀️
    How can u add ad breaks on videos longer than 10 mins on Studio Beta I CANT FIND THAT OPTION‼ So I always run back to old version🙊😖

  7. Awesome video Rob my icons are my art and i change them a lot however, and i love new styles and shapes of them in general cheers to everyone as well.

  8. My face, I wanted to have an instantly recognisable image across all platforms I use with the view that it shows integrity and a belief in my own abilities. Just signed up to your paid service and already finding out how to tweak my channel. Your view point would be most welcome though

  9. ROB I am Getting A Message on YouTube Studio saying I have to Tell YouTube if my Content is for Kids or not and there is also written that it's Showing on All Creators Creator studios

  10. I had a logo before however, I feel that it didn't give a personal connection, especially since I am trying to build a community. I notice that my subscriber count has increased since switching it to a photo of me.

  11. My Icon is my picture since I have a beauty and lifestyle channel: Great video thanks for the info!

  12. Hey vidiq, can you make a video on how to make an intro that is as cool as yours? I really need an intro but I can't find a good one. Thank you so much. I loved the vid btw.

  13. Definitely at the right place. VidIQ has inspired me to create my own channel and feel free to visit or check it out.


    I think studio classic delete watch time from deleted videos

    For example i have 4048 hours watch time on beta studio

    But 1839 hours on classic studio

    And i am under review since 2 weeks

    I think now they do delete watch time hours. Since studio classic is suposed to replace the beta

    Do i have to worry about that?

  15. Hi one question how does A channel (Magdalena Helen) with 289 s has a community tab and music verification badge … please educate us on that

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