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How to learn Unity – Indie game development

How to learn Unity – Indie game development

Hey everyone! Today I want to cover how you can learn Unity
in a fast and efficient way. This video will be broken down into three
sections, how to start, developing your first game, becomming part of the game development
community. I believe at the start of anything you should
focus on learning the basics so you can build a strong foundation for growth. No matter how far you go in a sport or software
development you’ll always rely on the basics. Think about boxing, that jab that you practiced
is one of your most important tools. Same thing for programming, understanding
how object oriented programming works is important on day 1 or day 1000 When it comes to the basics of Unity, the
Unity website has fantastic resources. If you go to the website you’ll be able to
find the tutorial page with a projects section. I highly recommend starting and completing
the roll a ball, Space shooter and survivial shooter tutorials. These will allow you to develop a strong foundation
with using Unity and the basics of C# Now that you have a good understanding of
the Unity engine and a basic understanding of C# you can start making your very own simple
games! I strongly believe in starting small, if you
were going to go into your first tournament for Judo you wouldn’t just turn up and expect
to do well. You’d have to learn the techniques and spar
over a long period of time and then do tournaments. For some reason people don’t think this applies
for game development which causes stress, burn out and eventually quitting. Take care of yourself and start small! Your dream game can wait, no one becomes an
olympic athlete within a year of work, it takes a few years and the same applies for
game development. So in order to start small I really believe
that mobile games are such a great example. Some of them rely on simple mechanics such
as a one tap game which is a simple mouse input. I’d recommend your first game only having
two inputs! This way you can design with limitations and
produce a really enjoyable and functional game within 2 weeks. I also recommend using something like MagicaVoxel
to do your game art, it’s very easy to use and you can have nice art assets within hours,
I wish I had this when I started out. For the first week develop a prototype, get
a few people to test it then polish it on the second week. By doing this you’ve gone through product
testing which is a huge thing for software and games. Once you’ve done your second week of polishing
publish it on Itch.IO! Let me explain why in the next section. There is a massive game development community
out there. Don’t just let your games die on your computer,
improve faster then most people by sharing your work and getting feedback! Who cares if it’s not “Good enough” by putting
it on Itch.IO and asking for feedback you’re not harming anyone and you will learn so much. In order to get people to test your game I
highly recommend this new subreddit which is gamedevexpo. It’s a place for games in all stages of development. People will give you feedback allowing you
to improve quickly. One other bit of advice is starting a Twitter
account and sharing your work and sharing plus commenting on other peoples work. It’s a great place to get inspiration, talk
to other developers and get feedback on your own work. Outside of this, you’ll be able to develop
a following so that when you release a game you’ll have built up followers who might share
your game Well that about wraps it up for this video. I hope you found this useful and I can’t wait
to see what you start developing. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video!

100 comments on “How to learn Unity – Indie game development

  1. My advice: have patience and learn to code in Unity, it is not hard but it is not going to happen in an afternoon. After making a few simple tutorials, study code from games or game examples that you can gets your hands on. You can start learning 3d modeling on the side, but believe me, the code is where the magic happens, the code is what makes things alive. So if you want to make games, know that you will have to love to code and learn the most you can of it. To know "a little bit" of code is not enough, even simple "decent" games require a reasonable familiarity with code to be made. Start with very simple projects, start just making things that you think are interesting. When you have any question (about scripting in Unity), you can just google it and you probably will find the answer.

  2. Hey, i just made a game – Tell me what you think…

  3. i'm only learning unity to make a giant meme game that everybody is killing me to make. So is there any place where you can make a one time type of thing?

  4. The best video now i know how to learn unity and thanks for the tips now i dont need to look in the ineternet for horrible coding tutorials and dont have stress with art!! 😀

  5. Hey Matthew, every time I try to download MagicaVoxel, It always seems that there are viruses in the file, is there anything else I could do

  6. If any indie devs are looking for music for there games check out my soundcloud and see if its anything like what you might be looking for! (music not for everyone. Also a proof of concept)

  7. Nicely done! I enjoyed that you had useful content, and the succinct and the quiet tone of your presentation.

  8. hi matthew can u tell me how did u make that spinning disk hazard.The one that rotating and moving .Am trying to use it in my game but its not working well

  9. Thanks bro! I had SEVERE gamers block and couldn't find a single game I liked for like 3 years. I was bored out of my mind until I took the initiative to make my own game. I started SUPER small with Netbeans IDE making small board games but noe I'm moving on to unity. this really helped give me ideas on what to design!

  10. As indi I can say only one thing. To learn Unity is great, but we need to know how to promote the game without budget. You know, what I am speaking about. May be you can download my free game, just to make small change and huge favor. Please check "Ouchy Bird" (you can download from APP Store and Google Play for free)

  11. dude looks awsome , i have a few games in unity as well but have no feed back wat so ever lol . all the content in my games was free assets from the unity store and all scripts was writtin in c# by me alone !! thnx for the video

  12. Though your videos are great, could you make an 'Instructable' telling us how you go about things 🙂 in unity or in UE

  13. For god sake.. why use Unity when you have Unreal Engine that is 1000 times better.. i dont get it lol. But oh wait, humans…

  14. I tried doing the tutorials provided with Unity, but I noticed that the videos appear to be out of date… so some of the instructions didn't work.

  15. Thanks so much. I was really nervous about computer programming because it's a dream of mine and I want to do it but I was afraid of giving up. This gave me a breath of relief. Thanks

  16. thank you but I tried downloading unity and it would not dowload it was going crazy slow then it fucked up my laptop I fixed it tho

  17. Voyager Studios is a gaming Company, looking for Support, Staff, Game Testers & more feel free to join.

  18. Opened the video expecting it to be some bullshit motivational advice, but it turned out to be really good! Thanks!

  19. I click on the video and I get this ad (that I’ve seen like a 1000 times) “Coding your own games is easier than you think… you know… you should take this online unity course on udemy…” PLEASE STOP THIS AD YOUTUBE

  20. Thnx mate, this was my very first video tutorial while starting in game development field. Today I have to unity games in Play Store. you can checck that here

  21. I already some java I know how to do loops, desicion structures, arrays, nesting, referencing, instantiating objects, inheritance, interfaces and etc. How hard will it be to transition to c#? Does the same logic still applies?

  22. Hey Everyone ! I am Looking to start a small company of developers called "ZIP!" and we are looking for anyone with a background in app design that would like to join hit me up!

  23. Cool video! I just released my first Indie game on Google Play! It's called PAFFBIRD and is free to play. I appreciate any feedback!

  24. If you want to learn Unity and the (minimal) programming skills required, you should learn how to make a game using basic-programming knowledge, and a simple little library such as JavaFX. This will be quite a challenge, but will force you to understand the basics of how a game engine sets itself up for a dev to build a game with it. You'll build a small simple skeleton, or engine if you'd like to call it, and then build a simple little game upon that.

    After that, you'll know how to use Unity within a week.

  25. Thank you for this video!! I want to know if you referred to any book for the bright color combinations used in your games in the video. They look simplistic but really catch the eye. The games I've developed only look simple and even I don't feel like playing them! 😀

  26. Not to mention GitHub, If you can attract your audience, you can get experienced Devs to support you using GitHub, Would Highly recommend checking it out!

  27. OOUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH xD when you said start small i was like ooof cuz im working on a game called islander ( im 12 btw ) and its a 3rd/1st person survival game xD

  28. If I know C programming language, will it make it easier to learn java? How similar are the 2? I know java is object based and C is not.

  29. hi, i want to make a mud which can be lifted from ground with one container and put in other container with unity (and blender) . Can you make a tutorial on it?

  30. Anyone here wanna develop and learn more with me I already know c# but I’m not that good at game making so if anyone is up for it just hit me up on insta
    @kaxxu I’m 14 years old if any of u are wondering

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