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How To Stop Emotional Dependency

How To Stop Emotional Dependency

How To Stop Emotional Dependency. Removing emotional dependency is possible.
For this, it is oneself who must make the decision to change in order to have a better
quality of life. People who suffer from excessive attachment, do not enjoy relationships, over-engage
and lose their satisfactory individuality. There is a greater percentage of women with
this problem, although there are also men who suffer it exactly like any woman, with
the disadvantage that they are often more embarrassed to go to a psychological consultation.
They feel that their manliness is in doubt when in fact none of that has anything to
do, a low self-esteem can lead to this problem, regardless of the sex of the person. 1. Recognize that there is a problem. Analyze. Not only does emotional dependence
exist in relationships, it can also occur in friends, colleagues, family and people
in the environment. In general, it is a situation that can be established in any field. Below, we offer you a list of situations and
feelings to evaluate if you suffer from this problem. Thus, a person with sick attachment
or who has emotional dependency is characterized by: His happiness is centered on one person. The relationship generates anxiety. 2. List of things that hurt and are done out
of love or affection. Once you have recognized that you have a problem
and you are convinced that you want to eliminate the emotional dependence of your life, make
a list of things that you have done for someone that hurts you. You must be aware that a dependent
person does not pay attention to his personal well-being, he prefers to please the other
person in order not to lose it. If you want to change, the first thing to
do is think of you first thing, that your well-being is the main thing in your life. What things did the other person have that
hurt you? What have you done for the other that hurt you? Have you left friends, family,
activities, studies, personal development, etc.? Has that person treated you with the
respect you deserve? Have you done things that are not right for you not to lose her?
How has your emotional state been? Do you feel that you have begged love or affection
and have been very insistent behind? Apart from this person, have you had other
facets in your life where you have enjoyed? Can they be hobbies, friendships, etc … have
you endured many negative things so you don’t lose that person? It is important you be aware of the suffering
you have had as a dependent person. Think about all the negative that has brought you
that relationship, this way you will reinforce your desire to change and eliminate emotional
dependence. 3. Strengthen self-esteem to eliminate emotional
dependence. The main factor of any dependency is low self-esteem.
There are many options to be able to reinforce it, from going to a psychology professional
to doing bibliotherapy. In any library, there are very interesting books on self-esteem. Do it as if you have to study for school,
find out everything you can about strengthening your self-esteem and read the books that you
find most interesting. Everyone is always getting something new and instructive. “Most fears of being rejected rest in the
desire to be approved by other people. Do not base your self-esteem on their opinions
” -Harvey Mackay- 4. Learn to be alone. Life is more beautiful with love, but it comes
to you when you feel good about yourself. We can not have a healthy relationship if
we have not developed as people before. When one loves oneself and does not need others,
it is when one is prepared to love in a healthy way. We would all like to have an ideal couple,
people to love, etc … But one thing is “to need” and another very different is “to wish”.
When you need it does not work because if you do not love yourself, you can not love
others in a mature and healthy way. One must learn to enjoy life without a partner.
There are plenty of things to do. Develop your skills, shape your future, dedicate time
to your hobbies, make friends with good people, travel, look around to enjoy the little things,
and above all take care and love yourself as you deserve. Please, let us know your opinions in the comments
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10 comments on “How To Stop Emotional Dependency

  1. A GREAT video which gave moral boost up for me when I am struggling with a problem I could recognize how emotionally I am attached(being dedicated for family relations) to my family and ruined my self image, career, social image, self-esteem and today finally no one in the family gives me the minimum respect. It taught me what are limits for emotional dependency. Really GREAT one. please upload more on this same problem.

  2. Never make yourself emotional dependent. If you love someone it doesn't mean you should be emotionally dependent on him or her. If you ever start feeling that you are depending on someone for your happiness like your spouse, bf gf, friend, relative then you must be aware because it may take you in a very bad situation. We should always make ourselves independent in every aspect of life. Dependency is always bad in every aspects even in relationships because it make us miserable. So never be dependent on anyone for your happiness learn to live happily with yourself people will come and go but you will be always with yourself. 😊😊 Be strong.

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