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How to Use the Office of College Advancement Design Templates

How to Use the Office of College Advancement Design Templates

The Office of College Advancement handles
the design of marketing materials for external audiences, such as future students. We design
materials such as brochures, fliers, billboards, postcards, web slides, really anything that
again is going to the future student. However, we do provide you, the employee, the ability
to develop printed materials for HACC’s internal audiences, and this would be current students
and employees. We do have microsoft word templates available for you to download so the OCA team
does not have to be involved with these types of projects. So for example, if the Office
of Human Resources is interested in developing a flier to promote open enrollment for health
benefits to employees, the team members are definitely empowered to design the flyer themselves
using these types of templates. And even our student organizations are welcome and encouraged
to use the templates for on campus purposes. And as you can see on the screen, the templates
really Incorporate the YOURS. brand and the college wide logo and they also provide you
the option to edit text and even the photos. The templates were designed to empower you
and really to allow you to handle internal projects yourself. But it is important to
remember that it is required that you have your supervisor look over your material, because
the OCA team is not responsible for reviewing the internal templates. But the templates
also allow for us to use the correct college brand and provide a consistency with the look
and feel of the college brand. We provide a variety of templates for you to use, such
as fliers, posters, agendas, letterhead, and we even provide some different types of fliers
that show you different colors and use different -ly words, so you have choices. So how do
you access the templates? You first go to myHACC and then you go under the Office of
College Advancement channel. You scroll down to publications, and then click on document
templates. When you arrive on this screen, you’ll see information that I mention in the
video, but also instructions on how to download and edit the material. If you scroll down,
you’ll see the list of the templates and the letterhead that’s available for you to download.
So lets open up a flier. When you open the fliers you see all the different choices with the different -ly words and they’ll be different colors. So lets open academically yours. When you open it, I do suggest saving it right away. [TYPING] Okay, now we’re ready to look at the
text that’s available to edit. When you look at the template, you’ll notice that some of
the information is highlighted in yellow. But all the text essentially is available
to edit except for the academically yours and the information in the left corner as
well as the logo. You can even change out the photo, which I’ll show you how to do shortly.
But let’s edit the text. In order to see what is behind this yellow information, you can
click on review, restrict editing, highlight the regions I can edit, and then go back and
double click on the yellow areas. You’ll be able to see the text. So let’s change the
text. As you can see, it’s very simple, it’s just deleting the text that was there and
adding in your own text, you can even add bullet points if you want to. Change the color of the bullets to black and there you go. Now, let’s looks at the picture. I recommend
keeping the picture that we provided as your guide to size your new picture, but to get
a new picture, you can visit our college wide flickr page. There are many different albums
and photos that you can choose from. It’s important to remember that you find a photo
with individuals who are looking at the camera and smiling and happy and enthusiastic about
the college. So given the size of the photo and what we’re focusing on, let’s see what
we can find. Here’s a good one. So we’ll click on this and we’ll download this photo from
Flickr by clicking on the arrow, large. We’re going to open it through Microsoft Office
2010, File, Save As, I’ll close it out. Let’s go and insert the photo. So insert photo,
find it. Now, before I do anything to the photo, I want to make sure that it can be
moved into the white area. So first I need to say, position, and then go to the center under,
with text wrapping, and click on that. And then I’m able to move the photo. But I want
to make sure that it’s sized to fit within this white area, so first I’m going to crop
out the chair, and then I’m going to bring the photo in slightly. And then I’m going
to remove the old photo, move this up a little bit. I want to make sure that the amount of
white space surrounding the photo is even, so I just need to move it around and play
with it a little bit to make sure that it’s even. And then you are done. Now certainly
if you have questions while you are using these templates, we are here to answer your
questions, you can email us at [email protected] Thank you.

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