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we just felt like it was better for us to do this at this point in time good morning you guys today is a good day it is Sunday we’re actually gonna get ready to go in a little bit but before we do I wanted to say this video is very very currently sponsored by Dyson you’re an adult and you like cleaning your house and you probably have heard of Dyson and I am so pumped when they asked to work with me I literally was just shocked because it’s Dyson like how cool is that they’re coming out with their new V 11 outside vacuum and I am so so so pumped to get to show you guys what it look like and how it works and everything [Music] four times eight four times three four times four you guys you know you have reached full adulthood when you get excited about cleaning your house and vacuums and just like home appliances so super fun about this so this is what it looks like right here literally one of the best things about this vacuum is that it is a cordless which means it’s lightweight and so easy to move around and do all these things but it comes with a full sized cleaner head and a full size bin so it’s basically the same thing as a regular vacuum but in cordless and also comes with two battery packs and two chargers so you can always have one battery ready to go when the other one needs three charge so you’re getting 120 minutes of runtime which is perfect so you don’t have to worry about it running out a super plus when you’re vacuuming your house it’s my favorite part about it is that it has this like intelligent feature to it where it knows how to adapt from a carpet to a floor or whatever surface you’re doing and can just automatically tell and you can hear the suction change and to adjust to whatever you’re doing Oh smart vacuum I think that’s that’s pretty cool I love you too baby has three modes it comes with an echo mode and auto mode and a boost and what’s cool is there’s a little screen that shows you what mode you’re on and also it shows you how much time you have left something that used to annoy me about our old vacuum is it would just stop working when the battery was out and you’re like oh great oh it’s cool that this one will actually be telling you as you go so if you can’t tell I’m actually really pumped about this I have kids you guys and kids are messy this one particularly loves to snack and every time he snacks there’s like a trail of just crumbs that follow them everywhere you know you’re messy so if you guys are interested as always I will leave a link down below for you guys to click and check out the new Dyson b11 out sized vacuum totally totally recommend homes are not safe for adults it turned into a weapon this morning got in my pocket I got in the car and he sat down with I use my body and impelled me right there you might need stitches for that it hurts oh you guys are matching you guys are winding your balloons today do you look like Kanye you’re ruined Khan you used to wear those he’s a rap artist you’re looking super cool you heard about Kanye what equated here yeah what did you hear that Connie loves Connie favorite plastic joins waiting to be taken sighs upset you said get ready to eat you’re so patient didn’t did this smell yummy what is she wearing right there like baby right there on the piece what is she wearing you have one we’re gonna cook our own food Luca is ready got his little tongue what is this what year yeah what year I was born in 1918 I mean why I was 23 when you were born I told all my friends cuz they don’t have that where did your mom lived and I said and that’s where I met this guy let’s tell everyone what you just told that your he said what you’re not gonna eat anyway one minute later you are a little bit I guess he wasn’t really full you ready for this yeah okay so we’re back we’re home and Gillian picking it up Lucas hang out so we’re gonna talk to you about something big that’s what she’s ready yeah so basically um our family’s about to go through a really big change and it’s something that we have discussed for some time now and prayed about also I feel like if you’re a military family you might understand it a little bit better so basically the boys and I are moving back to San Diego and Shane is going to stay here and finish this half of school especially because we’re not really going to be able to see him very much because of how challenging schooling has been and just a lot of different areas of our life we just felt like it was better for us to do this at this point in time I’ve gotten a few comments saying that they don’t see Shane in the videos anymore and I had one last night and I said well truthfully we don’t really see him a lot you know and that’s just the honest truth of how crazy life has been it would be better for us and especially honestly for the kids if we had a little bit more support while we’re going through something this challenging it’s important to know that this is something we decided all together mm-hmm right things get hard in the military especially for us the support system exists you know some work health to me especially it doesn’t make sense to really be here anymore when yeah it’s just been adding to the stress of and already very stressful season if they’re new and you have no idea what’s going on Shane is going to school and he is in a pretty strict program and so for him to have to focus on that and stay there is a requirement that’s kind of why we have to prioritize this at this point in life that’s why I like in the vlog you you can tell that Shane’s not here unless it’s something like today where we were able to go to church and eat and right now he’s here because we’re doing this otherwise he’d already be gone so I’m about he’s about to leave I do want to clarify and I think I speak for both of us when we say this isn’t like some sort of breaking up announcement or anything like that I know a lot of you guys have been concerned was there Oh what are you doing oh so we just wanted to let you guys know and we are actually moving at the end of this month we’re happy with the decision yeah I don’t think there’s anything we could do better right now we are probably going to be able to you know do visits and stuff like that I think it’s just like hard when we didn’t expect things to go this way no you know we we did not see these things coming by accepting it and being able to talk through it and work through it I think has been very good I’m not a smart person and I really thought I was but when I got here I was like whoa all you medical professionals yeah kudos are deep and those to you I think Shane is doing great you’re doing fantastic but there has been a lot to juggle that’s it I just wanted to give you guys that big big news and you know we’re always trying to be honest this is just another one of those things that life has thrown at us but we’re going to make it where we got roll with it speaking of rolling she’s making a ban goodbye have fun in school [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they’re not as pretty but they’re delicious hello hello did you have a good nap oh yeah I forgot you put your baby to sleep before you left yeah he’s awake now okay let’s go eat with your baby hmm what do you think we are Gillian sense the things that we’re gonna go to the airport like he asks all the time yeah okay we’re gonna go ahead and lay down now tomorrow I have to tackle the kid’s room it is looking crazy and we need to start getting everything together um so yeah we’re gonna go for now thank you guys so much for watching and being here being so nice and supportive and kind don’t forget to love one another we’ll see you in our next video bye and a huge thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video we’re gonna be okay

100 comments on “HUGE FAMILY CHANGE.. | Mel Datugan

  1. good for you for being honest about what you need. I can only imagine it is hard to raise kids without the support of extended family. much love to you. You are on a beautiful journey.

  2. 샌디에고에 멜 친정이 있으니 아마 간간이 도움을 받을 수도 있어서 이사하는 게 아닐까합니다.
    어떤 영상에서 너무너무 힘들어서 멜이 SOS쳐서 친정엄마가 도와주시러 온게 있는데 3박4일 있다가 가시더라구요
    그 영상에서 줄리안이 할머니가 가는 건 슬프지만 할머니가 집으로 돌아가면 할아버지가 행복할거고 그럼 할머니가 행복할거고 그럼 자기도 행복하다고 쫑알댄게 생각나네요 애긴데 애기가 아니야 ???
    이제 젤 사랑하는 외할무니 자주 만나서 더 행복해졌으면 always love ??

  3. 쭈니 행복하게 해줘서 가족 모두에게 감사합니다~♡
    앞으로도 행복한 이야기 많이 들려주세요. 구독시작 했습니당~♡

  4. Having been around military during my teen years I not only understand but support your decisions. It will be definitely be easier for Shane's intense studies if he can concentrate on them and know you are safe in the lap of your family and taken care of. And all of a sudden the time flies by and he is finished with flying colors.

  5. I personally think (by watching your videos) that you and Shane argue/disagree on food choices for urself and kids. shane likes chicken /dairy and meat stuff while u exact opposite are a vegan. it must be difficult when shane wants the kids to try everything while u are strictly on vegans. but I am thankful that the ur kids are allowed dairy stuff and both of you are compromising. I wish you both happiness and long lasting marriage ❣❣❣

  6. I hope Julian & Luca are fine with it too. But then again they will be with their cousins! And Tita and Tito

  7. Oh Luca my love 89 feels like only yesterday I was born in 1967. I’m glad you have made the decision to go home and be with your family, I’ve said for a while you seemed lonely down in Texas away from everyone you love, all the best for this next bit of the journey xx

  8. It is kinda sad to hear the news. But I believe it must be a tough decision especially for you both. Hope you guys doing okay during the transition and still supporting each other wherever you are. Good luck for Shane medical school!

  9. 내 얄팍한 영어지식으로 알아듣고있다..한국어 자막이 필요해…
    I understand the video with my superficial knowledge of English… I need Korean subtitles..I love your video?❤

  10. I hope time flies so you can be all back together real soon!!!! ?
    …May Shane be successful with all the work and the demands of his studies.
    …May Mel and the kids have all the support and help they need from the rest of the family back in San Diego.
    Lots of blessings for all! ❤?❤

  11. Dyson is awesome and makes cleaning fun!!
    Thanks for sharing, the decision can’t be easy, but you guys gotta do what’s best for each other and the family. How much longer is the program?

  12. Son una familia muy muy linda, deben dar mucho amor y apoyo mutuamente.. son gran padres les mando toda la linda vibra para su linda familia!

  13. Shane tarda en llegar pero al final hay recompensa ?! Muchas fuerzas. Y Mel les deseo lo mejor, que Dios los bendiga y los guarde. Mucho amor a la familia! Besos de argentina ??

  14. i love your family. Your boys are so adorable. I'm a teacher so I was pretty impressed by Luca practicing his multiplication table. I wish you the best on your decision, may God continue to guide you. Saludos desde El Paso, Tx.

  15. omg Julian in the last few heart can't take it.
    Julian: "….see you guys in the next vilileo, ok bye"

  16. I'm so glad it was not a breakup announcement!! My dad was in military and my mom and us spent a lots of months and years away from my dad due to his job. I think you and Shane have made a wise decision to give each other space to focus on the pressing tasks your family is facing for a short term. I understand school work at older age is very challenging! The fact that you as a couple has arrived to this decision shows you and Shane communicate honestly with each other and accommodate what each other needs. Best wishes to your family!

  17. 10:55 AWE the cutest oh my god

    And also, good luck with your future endeavours!! Wishing you guys lots of love and happiness in all that you do!

  18. 코로나조심하시고 무탈하게 이사하시길바래요 줄리안은 본인도 아기인데 아기를안고있네?ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  19. I don't know if it's none of my business but I am a really curious person.. how much time are you going to be separated? and ¿cuánto tiempo le falta a Shane para terminar sus estudios? (sorry I'm a little stressed out so I couldn't think that question in english, glad you're bilingual tho~ ?) sending lots of love for you guys ?

  20. I was so worried, but I’m glad it’s not what I was thinking, love you guys and I really hope everything works out

  21. All the best to you guys! Good luck in school Shane and hope you have a great transition Mel & boys ❤️ sending love from Trinidad ??

  22. Gosh we are of the same age but you alrdy hv such lovely family with 2 beautiful kids while I’m still forever alone. ?? take care, hang it there! Its tough as military family but you guys can do it. Virtual Hugs from half way across the globe, and be safe!

  23. Welldone dyson, you definitely chose the right person to promote ur products. Shane, fighting! Moving is a lot of hard work, mel >< we support u as always

  24. Aw im kinda sad yall are leaving texas, im from SA born and raised and hope you enjoyed y’all’s time here❤️ it really sucks that y’all will be separated for the time being, all the love to yall as y’all work through this time. And good luck to shane with the rest of school!

  25. Mel eres sensacional y todos los cambios van a dar muy buenos resultados, espero que sigan adelante los amo, y cuidense mucho

  26. Best wishes to Mel, Shane and children…studying Medicine requires a lot of sacrifice…then working as a medical doctor is another huge sacrifice from the family members…I m a medical doctor & lecturer…and I know how life is all about.
    Never turn back Shane…medicine is a nobel profession. Mel is a great wife n mother…you should be proud of the decision all can do it…?

  27. Thinking of your family in this difficult time, will miss Shane in the videos but you guys are making great sacrifices for your family. I look up to you. Im glad you will be surround by your parents/Shane’s parents ♥️ yay hope to see you around san diego hehe ? Shane good luck in school! Go Datugans ?

  28. 0:10 루카는 줄리안 손잡아주고 줄리안은 루카형 발잡아주고 귀요미들?

    아이들이 tita많이 좋아하고 따르는 모습도 훈훈하고 예뻤는데 앞으로 영상도 기대되네요 아이들이 스페인어도 더욱 많이 늘겠어요??

    셰인이 혼자 공부하고 외롭겠지만
    미래를 위한거니 응원해요!?

  29. I think I'll support your decision and I'm sure you will adjust according to situation cause one of my aunt whose husband is in military she even waits for my uncle like for a year her daughter is of same age as mine and she has one son so when i ask her if she misses uncle she tell that sometime cause she also have busy life growing 2 kids so uncle and aunt have adjusted according to the situation and my cousin say at starting they missed there dad alot but now they have got used to it they all living happily even when they are living apart best wishes and lots of support strength and love to you and to your family❤

  30. 이 가족을 보면 가족의 역할이 얼마나 중요한지 깨닫는다 Thanx lovely family ?‍?‍?‍??

  31. Shane in this big house? ? its scary right? I would be scared living alone… Hope Mel and Shane is safe!

  32. The only thing that matters is your communication and that your both on board with this! When the skies are clear everything will be worth what you guys have went through❤❤?

  33. Gracias por ser tan auténticos
    Los quiero mucho desde Chile les mando el más grande abrazo para ustedes bella familia .

  34. Hay saya dari Indonesia di tunggu ya translate bahasa Indonesianya, saya suka chanel ini (I LOVE YOU).

  35. I love that Julian has a baby doll. Kudos on letting your boys be who they are and not subscribing to stereotypical notions about ‘boy toys’ or ‘girl toys’. You’re both such amazing parents!

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