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Ideas for updating the Copyright Act

Ideas for updating the Copyright Act

Over the last several years, the Congress
has been doing a very broad ranging review of the Copyright Act, and this is the first
time that the Copyright Act has been reviewed, in over 40 years. In any event, the proposal that I threw out,
just to get people thinking, was that we should really make a bold move. We should take all of the federal arts agencies,
group those together, with the Copyright Office, take the Copyright Office out of the Library
of Congress, and make it an executive branch agency, elevated up to a Cabinet level posting,
and make it, essentially, the Secretary of Culture. On the patent side, I would propose
taking the US Patent and Trademark Office out of the Department of Commerce, so that
these innovation industries aren’t sort of buried amongst other functions of the Department
of Commerce. Again, elevating that up to an independent
agency at the Cabinet level. This would be the Secretary of Innovation. So that’s about it, and we’ll see if anybody
takes me up on it. If we could have two separate and strong agencies,
it would recognize the very important economic role that both the innovation industry, and
the creative community play in our country.

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