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IJYI / Screen Systems – Agile software development testimonial

IJYI / Screen Systems – Agile software development testimonial

The Sasquatch project is basically an online captioning solution and we wanted to target a different
audience to the audience that screen traditionally sells products to. It comes from the idea that
if you add captions to video it dramatically improves the uptake of that video. It makes it easier to
search for the video and it obviously allows people who have either an inability to hear the audio or
are in an environment where they can’t hear the audio or don’t want to hear the audio it
allows them to understand what what the video clip is about. IJYI just stood out really as a company
that seemed to offer everything that we were looking for So that was the start of our relationship with IJYI. Oh it’s brilliant. I can totally honestly say it was. It was a brilliant experience. In particular using
the agile development philosophy It’s a total roller coaster ride but it’s really exciting and I can’t
speak more positively about it. It was really great
working with the team at IJYI everybody was so enthusiastic It was clear that we’d chosen the right people
to work with on the project. It was really good. Because they just do what
they say they’re gonna do. It’s as simple as that. IJYI deliver.

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