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Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

I was 22st at 24. Food was a big addiction for me. How did I do this?
How did I end up with these? I can’t change what happened, I can’t change decisions
that I’ve made. I just need to keep moving forward. I’d say around 70-80% of my clients
have stretch marks. I don’t think other people realise
how many people are walking past them on the street who are probably
struggling with the same problem. I would like to get a tattoo on my
calf over my stretch marks. Yeah. I’ve got them
in quite a lot of places, but mainly because I’ve lost so much
weight from when I was nearly 22st. Congratulations! Thank you. My name’s Jen and I’m 26. People don’t often understand
why people put on weight or why people are overweight. I was first diagnosed with
depression when I was 18. I was eating quite a lot
of takeaway, a lot of junk food. There was barely any fruit or
vegetables or protein in my diet that didn’t just
come from either ready meals or things I could cook easily. There’d be mornings that I’d wake up and I’d not remember how
much I’d eaten. This is my wedding dress from two
years ago when I was a size 28. I think food was a
big addiction for me. I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like my body, the way
I looked, my life. I got bigger. I started using food as a way to
control my emotions. It got to a point,
after quite a few years, where I realised it was putting
my body under quite a lot of stress. It’s still very difficult to not
lose that lingering feeling that I damaged my body, and I’ve now left myself with scars
that are almost all over. They are scars that remind me of a
time of battling my mental health. If you just have a little
lay down on your front for me. What we’ll do is we’ll just size it
up on your calf. Yep. Cool. We’ll bring it up,
not into the crease of your knee, but the most dense part is that part
that’s going to cover up… I think a lot of people in
society have a negative view on people who are overweight. Often, people associate being
overweight with being lazy or not doing enough when, actually, people are overweight for a number
of different reasons. The couple that I can see
you are going to definitely… I would like to get something that’s
simple but beautiful, to want to look at it.
It helps reinforce the positive. Right, Jen. Are you ready?
Yes, I am. How’s that? Yep. Yeah? There is
pain. It is what it is? Yep. Do you take any sort of positivity
from looking at your stretch marks? In a sort of backward kind of way,
thinking, like, that you can almost see how far you’ve come? I have to go through a bit of a
thought process to get there. Yeah. So I have to remind myself and,
sometimes, some days, it’s a little bit harder to remind myself
when I see them, and that’s one of the reasons
I wanted a tattoo – because it’s something
bigger which is always there, I can look at that and go,
I instantly know what that’s for. I now view my stretch marks
as my self-harm scars. They may have taken a couple
of years to appear on my body but, for me,
every time I look at them, I remind myself of what
I used to do with food. Cool. Right, we’re all done.
Are you excited? Very. Whenever you’re ready. Oh, my God! Do you like it?
It is stunning! Thank you. That’s beautiful. Thank you so,
so much. You’re welcome. Do you love it? I do. Do you
want to give me a hug? Well done. You did
really well. Thank you. It’s just so different,
to think that I’m not that any more and so happy. This tattoo in this moment
means that I can put everything to rest
behind me and stop hating the person that I was and start appreciating
the person I am now. For me, self-harm is more than
just on the outside. It’s what you can do on the inside. Going forward from here,
it’s about…for me, it’s about thinking about things
in a different way, thinking about things in a positive
way, to continue living happy and to continue living my life
how I want to live it.

96 comments on “Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

  1. In this body obsessed culture it’s inevitable that people will experience depression from stretch marks. We need to rethink our ideas of life and meaning if we want to get a grip on women’s mental health.

  2. Almost everyone has stretch marks..
    I've had them since seventh grade and I've never weighed more than 140lbs.

  3. Honestly I didn't know that people care that much about silly stretch marks. I felt the same about the guy who got a tattoo on his chest to cover his acne up, which was barely visible to begin with. If you have some stretch marks, acne, eczema etc. I really can't be bothered, but a tattoo is way different.

  4. If getting a tattoo to cover your stretch marks makes you happier and mentally healthier, then go for it. But you should never be made to feel bad about them.

    I played water polo in high school, and I was around all these girls who were in peak athleticism. These girls who were incredibly fit and healthy were still covered in stretch marks. Some had them on their legs from growing taller during puberty, some had them on their breasts as they grew larger, some had them on their stomachs, backs, arms, everywhere. You can get stretch marks from gaining weight but you can just as easily get them from gaining muscle.

    And men get them too! My boyfriend has some across his back and I've seen men with some on their arms and thighs. It's extremely common and honestly just a natural part of life. Please don't feel bad for having them, they're perfectly normal.

  5. Could you do a video on Familial Periodic Paralysis? I have it, along with Paramyotonia Congenita, and I can’t find any videos on it.

    Not many people know about this genetic disease, but it’s really interesting.
    It’s also extremely painful. Anyways, I can find anyone else to relate to. Could you guys please do a video on it?

  6. This has got to be my favorite series tattoos and helping people feel more confident by covering up scars it's amazing and beautiful and I love it

  7. As someone with stretch marks and self harm scars: I think it's disrespectful to people who have suffered from self harm addictions to compare something totally normal. It's not the same thing at all.

  8. I think they are self harm scars, I mean imagine eating and knowing it's terrible but doing it because it's an emotional crutch. It is self harm. It's like drugs

  9. Im 1,70m (5'6) weigh 52kg (114lbs) and i have stretch marks. EVERYONE HAS STRETCH MARKS!!!
    Stop feeling guilty for normal stuff… 🙁
    Only 2 hours? i want that tattooer xD

  10. Okay first of all her stretch marks aren’t even noticeable because they blend in with the colour of her skin my stretch marks are bloody purple I’m not complaining and it’s her own fault for eating that much in the first place

  11. strangely enough, amongst all the problems i have with my body, my stretch marks aren't one of them. and i have tons. but i have always thought they looked kind of nice… even though i have issues with my weight, it does not bother me that my stretchmarks will stay forever. my skin shows my story and if i am still here to tell it, it isn't that bad of a story.

  12. I have way worse stretch marks on my hips. I’m not overweight, but they’re purple and big. I’m only 15 like damn. She’s lucky hers are faint. I wish mine were faint.

  13. I remember noticing I had large stretch marks on my thighs when I was 10 years old and I’ve never been over a size 12. I tried loads to get rid of them! It’s sad how negative people make them, they can actually be really pretty!

  14. I have more than 500 self harm scars ,1 bad year changed my life … Can anybody help me out please 🙂

  15. This series is all about people overcoming their struggles. She may not have literal “self harm scars” in the way that some of you have mentioned but she’s been through some dark times. None of you experienced what she was going through with her and none of you can judge her. Although they are v common, to her her stretch marks are her battle scars.

  16. It is really sad that people consider those whom are overweight as lazy and gluateness. I am overweight myself, and it is of no fault of my own. I have seen shows of super skinny and super big. My diet closely follows the super skinny. I hardly eat. I am overweight due to my bowel condition. My bowels don't work properly, and I can easily go for days without having any urges to open my bowels. So, my body compensates by removing the waist into my fat cells. I have been sick for over 15 years, and it sucks. Before I got sick I was never ever overweight, I was always at a perfect weight. I so wish to go back to the way I was, but my disease will remain with me till the day I die. What's even worse is that I know that I am going to get bowel cancer, I just don't know when. I would never ever wish my disease on anyone, not even on my worse enemy.

  17. I think the point of her covering up her stretch marks are, yes, stretch marks can be on anyone, no matter the weight because of puberty or whatever, but she's trying to say her marks are from her not caring for her body the way she deserved it, showing her "self harm" mentality. If you're healthy mentally, then good for you, but the fact that she sees her stretch marks as self harm, it seems to me that that time of her life she's not proud of… ya know. Some people in the comments need to chill, saying she's hurting others by not flaunting her own stretch marks.

  18. Your stretch marks are NOT self-harm scars AT ALL. I'm not an easily offended person but I actually have self-harm scars and have dealt with questions/looks/criticism. They've stopped me getting certain jobs (when I wanted to work with children I was expected to wear long sleeves in the middle of Summer, indoors, with no air conditioning).

    I'm not invalidating one's struggle with an eating disorder, nor the self-esteem issues some people have about their stretch marks but most people (especially women) have them. I've never been overweight and I have them, I know people who've been very thin their entire lives and still have them. It's not comparable at all. This could have easily been just a 'cover up stretch marks' video, perfectly fine, but do not compare them to self-harm.

  19. As someone who developed quickly at puberty, I have a lot stretch marks. I even have them on my breasts, bc I went from a B cup to a DD cup in a yr or so. On top of that, my skin scars easily. (It used to bother me as a teenager and I thought that kind of stuff mattered.) My grandfather grew 6" in a summer, so you can imagine the vertical stretch marks he has on his sides. My mom's pregnancy scars are pretty bad too. But she got 4 kids out of the deal. This lady's marks are very minimal. I can barely see them. But, hey, the tats will make her happy.

  20. I had dark, thick and long stretch marks from going from a flat chest to 32DD in a year when I was 11. They've faded quite a bit, but they used to be a huge insecurity for me. I don't care about them anymore, but I do know how they can stress a person out

  21. I've also lost a lot of weight and I hate my stretchmarks, expecially the ones on my breast, although that's not a place where I'd like to have a tattoo so I have to accept it I guess. But this video was lovely and so inspiring! Well done!

  22. Hers are hardly visible… my ones are far worse… I gained 5 stone in 2 years from pcos… I’m not tattooing over them in case I get pregnant

  23. I always binge watch these and think “wow Poppy’s beautiful”

  24. I have stretch marks and I’ve never weighed more than 110, literally EVERYONE has stretch marks. They aren’t ugly or gross. They can actually be really pretty.

  25. It's so frustrating how someone who is overweight is shamed for it in the media and then when they work hard and lose that weight they are then shamed for the marks left on their body. You can't win. Unfortunately it's hard to ignore it all and love yourself when others are telling you they don't.

  26. I personaly kind of like the way stretching marks look? Like I find them in no way ugly or something, I like how they just look like little dried out rivers.

  27. I have stretch marks in my back (middle back and low back) since maybe I was 13 (I'm 18 now), and I can't wear a bikini in front of other people including my family, because I'm ashamed and disgusted… Now I'm considering having my back tattoed but if I can't show my back to my family how am I going to have the courage to show it to a tattoo artist?
    lol i'm such a mess

    sorry for the bad english :/

  28. I've literally never been overweight or ever had struggles with my weight, I've always been average, never under weight either and have stretch marks, my health teacher said it happens during puberty for people, its weird but I don't care about mine because they just mean nothing, my body just like to make them I guess

  29. I've had stretch marks since primary school. I was like 10 and hated school swimming because of those scars (they were purple back then). Now I'm much more confident about my entire body. I've never been overweight either, stretch marks can happen to everyone!

  30. Before I got pregnant I was 100 pounds at 4’11. I had stretch marks on my hips and thighs, even on my breasts. They are so normal and nothing to be ashamed about

  31. I have stretch marks on my thighs. I used to be super thin like underweight when i was younger. People would always say that i was like a twig, they would compare me to my friends. Because of this i started eating a LOT to try and gain more weight but it didnt really work because i was a really active kid and i have a high metabolism. But i did eventually start to gain weight on my thighs and it happened very fast so now i have stretch marks. Curently i still have issues with eating. Like i will forget to eat all day and then the nwxt day ill eat a lot and then ill gorget to eat agian and ill eat a little and then the next day ill eat a lot or none at all. So yeah im getting help for my eating problems but i just wanted people to know that what they say about and to people can have serious effects on them. People of ALL shapes and sizes and heights and i feel like when people gear that they only think of over weight people but remember thinner or skinnier people can also feel self conciouse. Thats all i have to say so yeah. And remember PLEASE PLEASE get help. Getting help does not make you weak. It just means your strong enough to admit your not okay and thats okay.

  32. when you're out of material or people to film and still have to "bring it". We're talking about her calf for which she needs a mirror to look at ! If you're hurt by something you need a mirror to look at, then you probably have other bigger issues

  33. I've always been super skinny and yet I have stretch marks too! And honestly I don't care about them. They're natural, they're on almost everyone. We're all part zebra.

  34. I tattooed over stretch marks it was swollen & extremely painful… Streach marks are a badge of courage from pregnancy weight loss or any body change🏆

  35. Her tattoo style is beautiful! I wouldn't get her tattoos myself, they're too feminine. However, I appreciate what she does for people. I'm dying to get my self harms scars covered but I'm too young.

  36. Everybody like the white stretch marks , now let’s talk about the black ones , there’s no representation for dark purple stretch marks

  37. For me personally when I think of my Stretch Marks (And I have a ton because I too struggle with Depression and emotional eating was… and still is my coping mechanism, But I'm working on that.) I think of a joke by the Comedian Katt Williams "Stop worrying about Sh*t that don't matter… Stretch marks mean either one of two things, either you were big and got small, or you were small and got big… either way, we F'ing" and another Joke where he said "just call them tiger stripes cause They're Great!" lol. I say these jokes not to diminish her pain, sadness, etc. about having them, but to just bring a light-hearted satirically humorous point of view to it the subject matter of Stretch Marks as a whole. Me personally, I don't care as much about my stretch marks (Probably because I have had quite a few of them even before I started to get fat just from rapidly growing as a child Shrugs So I've always had a few) as I do the extra weight that causes them and the way my body is shaped as a result of not being able to find a more suitable and healthy way of coping with my issues sooner. That bothers me FAR more than the appearance of my stretch marks/Tiger stripes, But everyone is different and different things trigger different people, so I do see where she is coming from because If I lose all the weight I need to lose… I'm definitely going to get the skin surgery because that would be MY insecurity. So what she is doing is no different than what I would do about something I'm insecure about. … And FYI I know that some are going to read this and think Girl… Nobody gives af about your opinion OR your story or comparison (as they roll their eyes ), and that's fine lol. I just felt like sharing my view of it. Shrugs

  38. The tattooer said "congratulations." I would never tell her that.

    "Congratulations" sound as if she scratched the right numbers on a ticket, and won losing half her body weight. I can say however that I REALLY admire her for persistence and dedication and strength. Well done Jen.

  39. I'm not at all trying to take away from her struggle, but…
    girl what stretch marks?
    Like, my weight has fluctuated in my life plus or minus about 30 lbs. but I've always been thicker. Like Rihanna says, "can't have a booty without a gut."
    I'm currently 140 lbs.
    My stretch marks are bigger (longer, wider), deeper, and more red than hers.

  40. i will never understand how people don’t think stretch marks are beautiful. i have them, same with almost everyone else i know. i’m a very insecure person but my stretch marks are the only thing i like about myself.

  41. For goodness sake. Sorry for being a negative, Nelly, but the way people go on and on about their stretch marks like it’s some great achievement just annoys me. “My stretch marks tells a story. My stretch marks is a mark of where I’ve been and what I’ve gone through. My stretch marks are my battle scars for being a mother. My stretch marks are my tiger stripes, hear me roar!” I mean just all kinds of nonsense to convince yourself and others that you’re not a monster, but a human being still worthy of love. Some people get stretch marks and some people don’t. The people who do, don’t ask for them. It’s just the way some of us are designed and there’s nothing you can do about it and there’s nothing to apologize for. Skinny people get it. Teenagers get it. Body builders and athletes get it. It’s not only exclusive to people who have become fat. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of being a human being. Deal with it. Accept it. And if people don’t love you for it, f*** em! They’re stupid idiots and they’re not worth the effort. There’s more to life that trying to look like a, Barbie or Ken. Only people with real character and substance will accept you and everything that comes with it. So stop worrying about stretch marks! It’s not a big deal.

  42. I'm 19, have never weighed over 10 Stone and I've had stretch marks since age 11. Some from growing too fast, some from just life. So many people have them and it's not something we should be ashamed of

  43. I love this series A tattoo to change your life, but this woman. you can compare eating too much and getting stretch marks to self harm scars, thats ridiculous!

  44. A former boyfriend killed my bad thoughts around stretchmarks with a simple comment. He at first didn’t even notice them. When I made him look, he did look. His face lot up and he said: Wow, what an interesting pattern! I‘m ok with my many little perfect imperfections today and each time I see them, I think of the pattern. I battled anorexia and bad body image for fifteen years of my life. After I ended some very negative relationships with family members who had often put me down for the so-called flaws, the eating disorder was gone and I saw myself in the mirror as a person, whereas before I had seen myself fragmented like a jigsaw puzzle. And my interesting patterns are just a part of me. Like in zebras and leopards whom I find really beautiful.

  45. even I have scars above my knee and I'm not ashamed of them. Dunno how, but they make me feel stronger.

  46. I love the tattoo artist. She gives others a sense of self worth and it shows. Thank God for people like you. I have had bariatric surgery and I lost alot of weight, then I became an epileptic and the meds I'm on is causing me to gain some of my weight back. I suffer from depression as I've worked so hard to lose the weight. You look amazing

  47. I love myself but not my stretch marks. I'm healthy and got them during puberty. I will cover them all in a beautiful tattoo.

  48. I think of my stretch marks as my battle wounds I fought and I won so maybe you should think of them as you winning you won the battle

  49. Stretchmarks are inevitable. You shouldn't feel any sad about that. I got stretchmarks myself even though I got into sports at the age of 4yo n I'm skinny. Just love your marks. There is a story behind them

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