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India’s top Defence-based tech startups [English] | AUTONITY

India’s top Defence-based tech startups [English] | AUTONITY

The Indian Startup ecosystem has been witnessing
a new trend from last couple of years. Innovation which was somewhere lost in a sea
of repetitiveness is now seeing a comeback in the Indian ecosystem. After making a mark in sectors like eCommerce,
fintech and AI etc., the Indian Startup ecosystem is all set to take the defence sector by storm
with its innovative out-of-the-box ideas. It is important to note that till a few years
ago, the Indian defence sector was an exclusive club of large-cap companies but thanks India’s
Startup Revolution in last one decade a lot of small startups entering in to the defence
sector. While not only is the Indian startup sector
finally looking at the defence sector, the latter is also warming up to the idea of inducting
latest technology and gadgets in order to be at the same level as other countries. Recently, we reported that the National Security
Guard (NSG), which is an Indian special forces unit under Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA),
decided to induct some of the smartest gadgets and arms being used by SWAT teams and Special
Forces all over the world based on the experiences it has had in preventing terror attacks and
hostage situations in closed urban spaces. so now lets talk about top 9 defense tech
based startup in india. A spinout of Sarnoff Corporation and Stanford
Research International, Tonbo Imaging has a rich experience on a range of battlefield
modernization technologies, immersive surveillance and strategic electronics for military applications. The company principals and management have
global experience being principal investigators for defense and aerospace programs. The startup designs, builds and deploys advanced
imaging and sensor systems to sense, understand and control complex environments. It offers a suite of solutions that address
critical market needs in military reconnaissance, critical infrastructure security and transportation
safety. The company’s offerings consist of sophisticated
imaging products, custom design applications and intellectual property cores that can be
licensed by OEM’s and systems integrators. ideaForge
The Navi Mumbai-based startup is the brainchild of three IITians. It offers services only to the Defence Research
and Development Organisation (DRDO) and paramilitary and security forces. Their clients include National Security Guard,
Indo-Tibetan Border Police, National Disaster Response Force and Delhi Police. NETRA, which is the flagship product of ideaForge,
has been developed by the company in collaboration DRDO, Ministry of Defense, India. It is a man-portable unmanned aerial vehicle
which can be launched from a small clearing by the roadside and made to fly over the area
of interest up to a height of 400 meters. It is capable of sending continuous real time
video of every movement on ground of people, vehicles or any movement without anybody knowing
that they are being seen. Aadyah Aerospace
The word ‘AADYAH’ in Sanskrit refers to the ‘original’ or ‘first power’ from
which all the five elements or senses originated. True to its name, AADYAH strives to achieve
greatness in all things related to aeronautics, space and defense engineering and technology
solutions. Founded in 2016, AADYAH manufactures and develops
electronic mechanical actuators, control actuation systems, and electronic optics systems for
missiles and launch vehicles, and all adheres to Indian Ministry of Defence’s Defence
Procurement Policy 2016 (DPP). The startup also runs a centre for excellence
in design, engineering, integration and testing to develop mission-critical aerospace and
defense systems. CM Envirosystems
The company claims to be fastest growing Environmental Test Chamber manufacturers in the world. Over the years, CM Envirosystems has gained
a reputation of being among the most reliable global manufacturers of Environmental Test
Chambers by providing testing solutions to Aerospace, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics
and Defense industries. The company has already created customized
test chambers to test equipments of various famous projects like AGNI. It is also into providing chambers that help
the defense forces in testing various weapons in extreme conditions of Siachen and Thar. CRON Systems
Founded with a vision of pushing the borders with IoT, CRON Systems is a disruptive startup
within the multi-billion Dollar border defence space that is developing state-of-the-art
Intrusion detection systems. These systems developed by the startup implement
the latest IoT technologies and designs at a fraction of the costs of other leading products
in that space. The deep-tech company is focused on deploying
cutting edge solutions for border security. The company has already bagged orders from
the Border Security Force and the Indian Army to install its products to secure the international
borders as well as perimeter of sensitive installations like army camps, airports etc. Some of its solutions have also been adapted
for commercial markets. Earlier this year, the startup was in the
news for raising funding from India’s premier early stage investor, YourNest. Aurora Integrated Systems
Supported and funded by the TATA group, the startup is into developing indigenous technology,
manufacturing and integrating state-of-the-art airborne systems with a focus on small Unmanned
Aerial Systems (UAS). By tailoring its systems to meet requirements
ranging from wartime operations to counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency operations, the startup
aims to continue serving the needs of the Armed forces and Peace Keeping forces. The startup constantly innovates in order
to get a better understanding of the requirements of safe-guarding borders and securing homeland. It is the first company in the country that
is developing UAV technology without any foreign assistance whatsoever. This particular factor is not only a factor
of pride for the startup but it allows the company to pass on the economic benefits to
its consumers. Axio Biosolutions
A Medtech company focused on Advanced Wound Care products, the startup is the producer
of the first haemostatic emergency dressing in India called Axiostat. The life-saving innovation is now being used
by emergency service providers such as ambulances, by defense personnel such as the Indian military,
and by numerous trauma and casualty care centres in hospitals. TimeTooth Technologies
TimeTooth Technologies is an engineering solutions company conceived with an aim of developing
new products that stretch the envelope of functional performance. The firm is currently into making landing
gears India’s own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone called Rustom II. The 30-member company has been completely
involved in designing, development and manufacture of the landing gear. The drone will be used by India’s defence
forces for long range and high altitude surveillance. VizExperts
A technology startup in the visual computing field, VizExperts is into developing complex
turnkey solutions that simplify data to decision transformation at various organizations. In 2014, the startup’s digital sand model
technology was inducted by the Army for real-time operation planning, enabling faster and critical
decision making. Digital Sand Model is basically a revolutionary
solution for operation planning, mission briefing and training, for the Indian paramilitary,
police, and the armed forces. Another VizExperts’ service being used by
the Indian army is GEORBIS. It is a 3D geospatial platform that helps
the army in real- time operation planning, and enable faster and critical decision making. The platform is equipped with various interaction
devices, software and terrain data to plan the operation in real-time. so guys these are some of the startups which
helps our army modernise. i hope you all LIKE our video, and if you
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Jai Hind

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