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Inside the Episode: Jackson’s Development | Little People, Big World

Spoiler alert. Are you ready for
a behind the scenes look at the latest episode? Make sure you’re all
caught up on the new season of “Little People, Big World.” TORI: Come on, mister. ZACH: Go with, mama. Mama. Did you say mama? Did you say mama? I heard it. I heard that too. I heard mama. Can you say mama? When Jay finally said mama,
it was definitely like– I loved it. He’d been saying Dada
his whole existence. So it was nice to finally hear
my name come out of his mouth. Now, he can’t stop. Yeah. Now, it’s just, mama. He’ll wake up in the morning. Mama, mama, mama. Mama, mama. Mama, mama. I love it though. Even now, I love it. He started like not calling
everything dada and kind of realizing that
like there’s names to other objects and things. Come on. Come on. ZACH (VOICEOVER): You could
say, go here, follow me. TORI (VOICEOVER): Like
he understands a lot more than he says, for sure. There’s just times
when you would just like see him and be like,
whoa, he, like, just got better at walking, like– Yeah. He’s kind of like, oh, you
know, giraffe that just come out, just wobbling everywhere. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey. And then, one day,
it’s like, whoa, you just have like another– like you just have
more strength. It’s like those– it’s
honestly like little moments that, like, parents as– we
as parents we’re like, whoa. That’s so cool. He was a daddy’s
boy for a long time. TORI (VOICEOVER): He was. ZACH (VOICEOVER):
His first birthday. Even still, like when he gets– he goes to us for
different reasons. Like if he’s nervous or
scared, I think he comes to me, like at church, when he’s shy. Yeah. Because you’re like lower to
the ground for him to like be able to grab onto. There’s that like closer
like security net there. But then– And then, he goes to
me when he’s hungry. When he’s hungry. Or he needs a diaper change. Yeah. TORI (VOICEOVER): I think
he likes going with Zach more though too, which is good. I think, like, Zach
always is doing projects. He’s always doing stuff
around the house, where Jay is like, you need my help. Like tell me where you need me. One of the cutest
things in the world is if like he senses that we’re
doing something without him, he’ll come in like– Hot. Hot. Like I’m here. You can dig in now. Surely you did not
start without me. Cause that would just be insane.
– Yeah. You know? If I’m making a fire, he’ll
come down those steps so fast and be like– Where am I needed? Dad, I’m here.
OK. What are we doing? Yeah. I agree with this plan. Carry on.
You know? Yeah. My dad just straight
up says, oh, he’s miles ahead of where you are. You had a lot of
things wrong though. You had a shunt at 18 months. I didn’t start walking
til I was like three or two and a half or something. So I think I was way behind. And I had speech
therapy growing up. Like I think I was– I was all over the place. So Jackson’s miles ahead. Jackson’s like a totally
separate kid from me. But Zach also had more
like struggles though too. You know, you had RSV and you
had a shunt and dwarfism on top of that and everything else.
– Yeah. So I had a couple
of different things. I was premature,
because I was twins. Yeah. You know, so I had a couple– Jeremy kicked you
out too early and all that sort of good stuff. I was always like calm. Jeremy was the one
running around. He would like run away. He would just run out of
the house or whatever. He’s playing with toys. He would put powder
all of our baby room. And because I wasn’t walking,
I was always the one just kind of sitting there watching him. You’re going to get in trouble. You know? I was– I was quieter. I was a mama’s boy too. Like I didn’t like
anyone holding me. I like I knew if someone was
holding me and wasn’t mama. TORI: Give her a kiss. You’re so good at that now. Grandma loves Jackson. I definitely want him
to be more like confident than I was growing up. Like for me, I feel
like I was always climbing an uphill battle,
socially, physically. Just– you just always
feel like you’re climbing, because of
your short stature, just always trying to fit
in always any situation. Resilience has always been a
big one since the beginning. I’ve said, I hope he
has a lot of resilience. You know, I hope he has a
good friend group early on. I had a great friend
group early on. Those are still some
of my best friends. And that helped me and
always gave me a place to go, you know, socially and just at
school, a safe, like, hang out, you know? You ready to catch him now? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Wow. I miss the stage
where he stayed still. That was kind of nice, where you
could, like, set him somewhere and he like stayed there. Yeah. It was the stage
where you could just put him in his little like– Rocker. Rocker. Rocker chair and like– Like it’s fun now. Like we can do– go
and do things with him now, which is more fun, but it
also was kind of nice like if I had to, like, pick something
up or clean something, it was kind of nice
to just, like, set him somewhere and then go
do that and not be like, mama, mama, mama. Yeah. He’s fun now, because,
yeah, you can do stuff. You can walk around with.
He has more desires. TORI (VOICEOVER): He can play. He’s silly. On the flip side,
he has more desires. So like he tolerates
different things. It’s just not, oh, I’m cool. He’s like tolerant. You know, whatever. Like I’m good. You know, now,
he’s, you know, I– I don’t want blueberries. I want apples. Or never mind. I want blueberries.

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