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Interior Design – Transitional Home for Todays Modern Family

Interior Design – Transitional Home for Todays Modern Family

The Garvey’s have gone for five days, we have been working on their project for eight months, and this is the week of the reveal. Please join us to watch how the Garvey project in San Diego California comes to a complete and wonderful crescendo at the end. All the construction’s been done, the built in’s, the paint is on, but for five days the clients move out of their house and we come in as a team, bringing this entire project to completion. You’re going to get to see not only the before pictures, but what it takes to get to the end, and exactly how our clients respond to their brand new beautiful home. Please join us. Husband: It was everything I expected and more. I’m not someone who cries often, but i cried when I saw the pictures of my dad put up in a way I could never have imagined. Wife: The warmness of it, the colors and the warmth and to just feel like I am Comfortable, and that others are comfortable coming here, and it’s nice to see our own personal touches, the feel of it just feels right. Rebecca: Oh you like that? Wife: It makes it much easier to just grab glasses or you know. Little Girl: My favorite one is that one. Rebecca: Oh is it? Little Girl: Yeah, that’s my favorite picture. The Garvey’s wanted a family friendly home, with a modern twist on traditional style. Using rich and sophisticated finishes fixtures and furniture, we updated it to be the home they were longing for. This stuffy living room was seldom used. So I created a cozy conversational area, with four upholstered chairs, an eclectic set of side tables, and a ten foot tall bookcase. The perfect backdrop for liked and little accessories and plates. geometric patterned window treatments replaced the old traditional draperies, creating a first impression drama the room was screaming for. This stuffy living room was seldom used. The china hutch was abandoned, and traditional panel mould in a deep espresso finish was added to one wall. This provided the perfect spot for the commissioned painting of our clients beautiful little girls. Modern, classic dining room furniture placed beneath the fabulous new chandelier tops this room off as a destination spot for parties and for entertaining, This once average staircase and hallway, now set a clean and updated transition between rooms. . One thing this house did have was a large family room. large in fact. At least for its existing entertainment center. Our clients dream of a flat screen television was in serious question. First order of business, I eliminated the deep hole intended for the tube T.V., and created a stone fireplace with a beefy mantle. I incorporated hand forged rod iron pieces for the windows and added bookcases spanning the entire width. Now, the plasma television, oversized sectional sofa and comfy chairs fill the space appropriately. Touches of brilliant color tie the room together with artwork, pillows, books and accessories. It%u2019s tough to be excited about an outdated kitchen. Changing the finish on the cabinetry to deep espresso brought this kitchen up to today’s standards. With eight foot tall maple cabinets in a ten foot tall room, dark pieces of art trick the eye into believing that the cabinets extend all of the way to the ceiling on the left. While custom made cabinets on the right actually do. A new pantry door, custom window treatments, and a swanky new pendant light dropped over the island do the trick for this kitchen’s mini facelift. When our client needs to escape from the family for occasional work at home, the room just off the living room proved to be the perfect spot. A quiet retreat in mind, I closed in the opening between the two rooms with a custom made arched window and beautifully crafted iron inserts, which still allow light to filter through. handsome wood paneling, textured grass wallpaper and a custom made desk, suiting his specific needs combined with some personal touches, this room is fit for today’s executive at home. One thing I’m sure of, our clients are enjoying the investment they made in their home. They now know what it means to Live. Your. Style.

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  1. This is exactly the way I feel also! Wish HGTV would have shows like this they did at the beginning then it went to the construction. Maybe they will let you do shows, boy I wouldn't miss one 🙂

  2. I just found you here on you tube. You are such a gifted designer and everything I have seen has been wonderful, but this… is absolutely stunning, fabulous and amazing. Simply a dream home. Well done and thank you for making these wonderful videos.

  3. It is really amazing how each design tourns out just wonderful.each time you create so much harmony that you can't but "feel at home" in every room designd by you.

  4. To say that your work is amazing is an understatement. I've enjoyed all of your video's and I am inspired to continue decorating my home. Thank you!

  5. These designs are overly FLASHY, with a lot of Artistic JUNKY trinkets that have very little value. They don't look like real homes but more like a furniture stores desperately trying to sell their junk that no one wants to buy. With all the stuff loaded in each room makes me wonder if it is going to take a large crew to clean it of dust each week. To me these homes are not realistic.

  6. I loved everything!! Did you do their bedrooms too?? I would live to see how the little girls room were done .

  7. well done i did think it was a bit too much cream/white for a house with children still very beautiful. the conversation area that espresso or chocolate damask window treatments and pillows made me gasp, loved it so much

  8. Perfect in everyway! The homeowners are happy and when you can make a grown man cry…wonderful just wonderful!! Rebecca this is just beautiful..that kitchen…what a transformation!! Awesome!!

  9. Hey Rebecca! Im so in love with this house re-design. Where did you find the Damask drapes? I am going to put these in my new townhouse!

  10. Mrs. Rebecca you do such amazing work! I always get inspired by the process and the finished project. I am so ready to tackle some of these ideas in my own home! God bless you and please keep the videos coming:~)

  11. Impossible no to to say: OH MY GOD!!!!!
    You can really touch anything and turn it into a MASTER PIECE!
    WOW… =)

  12. The built in book cases were amazing!!! Love the design to there family room, the idea of covering the whole bu the mantel was brilliant, the top layer built in made it pop for great space, & display!!! The office space is a great vocal point!!!

  13. Another great job of yours! Change colours, make them deeper, add some pieces of furniture, some more important details, good taste and voilà! Now you have a dream home! Thanks a lot! Every project of yours is not just a good job, I consider it's a masterpiece!

  14. Rebecca you continue to amaze me!
    I think now she cant top that room and then BAMM theres another room even better
    Amazing JUST Amazing, wow girl just love all you do!
    So wish I could afford you to make my home look that good!!!

  15. I found your videos two days a go and I can't stop watching, your job is amazing, I hope one become be like you!!!! 🙂

  16. This has to be the most amazing home transformation I've ever seen and I watch all the HGTV shows! My question is why Rebecca don't you have your own show? Between your extraordinary talent, witty and fun personality and chic look, you'd have a hit on your hands. Off to go watch more of your amazing videos!

  17. This is so amazing. I can't help feeling overwhelmed. Even if it's not my house! The idea of a human being being able to make something like this is so inspiring. It almost makes me feel like if I try hard I could one day be like you.

  18. This is beautiful! I realize you didn't ask my opinion, but as a television editor, it's not necessary to use those "snap zooms", it's distracting and takes away from the video. We want to see the family and the beautiful work you did, not the crazy camera work (or editing). Just my opinion 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  19. I love your energy, Passion and your Genius……I Subscribed today and hope to learn alot from you for my own home that really needs an update and personality….I love how your personality comes through in your videos and personally, I think you are doing a great job with your imput, snap zooms or not….This is one gal from Michigan who appreciates you sharing your talent…Thanks ever so much 🙂

  20. I loved the transformation but the mummy in me kept thinking about all the dusting of the dark furniture haha and the impractical white chairs when you have little kids and their sticky fingers. I do love it though but the it may not be so practical for a busy family with young children.

  21. Wow it looks amazing. It has style, glamour, confort, everything. The things is how much does this cost? specially all designed by a profesional. Amzing, love it.

  22. Love how everything came out. You did a great job in bringing that modern touch with a traditional twist. I enjoy the video very much. Like always another great job.

  23. Rebecca, can you share a video on your very signature style window treatments with the deep valences that almost appear to be hand painted with the large graphic details? Including proportions, how they are mounted and hardware? I'm a Northern Cal designer and I really admire your work and your unique gift for sharing your knowledge and passion for design!!!

  24. that's a first time i've seen this reveal, and i watched it twice. i loved how the before and after pictures show a tremendous difference. i love the art works above the kitchen cabinets, that's so pretty and clever. great kitchen makeover. i love what you did to allow for symmetry on the fire place wall. i was so curious what would you do on this wall – it was so asymmetrical and odd looking to begin with, but it turned out so great. the office is so beautiful too..

  25. WOW!!! STUNNING!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! FABULOUS!!   I REALLY enjoying watching your redesign videos and Christmas decorating videos.  They are VERY inspirational! You are TRULY gifted in this area! 

  26. That living room was perfect Rebecca! Can't wait until I locate my new home, you'll be the one I call first! So in love with the color patterns in this home. Fabulous job!

  27. Omg I love your work so much! I'm buying a house in a few months, only if you do come to Cananda. I love to have you designing my new $450k home…I watched and follow all your videos back in 2014 till now. So worth it to hire you. <3

  28. I have been looking for this house/video. Was wondering if I missed out something. It does not look like 7 years ago. You did use your magic wand again. 🙂

  29. These rooms, in 2016, still look beautifully decorated and look like they should be featured in a decorating magazine. I have learned many things from you, and Sharra too, about how to create focal points, flow, balance, and other pearls of decorating wisdom. I have watched a few decorating videos of other people on You Tube and NONE compare to yours. You give me so much inspiration and I want to thank you for your time and willingness to share your gift of being able to transform ugly ducklings into swans.

  30. That living room is stunning. Saw previous video focusing on it but clicked on this one to see whole house. Previous vid on living and dining rooms were FABULOUS! Just had to say.

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