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Introducing Hades: Developing Hell

Introducing Hades: Developing Hell

(piano and electronic music) – [Danny] Hey folks Danny here with an introduction to
our brand new project, Hades: Developing Hell. Why do we need an introductory video? Well, because this project is like nothing we’ve done before here at Noclip. And it’s something we’re
going to be working with our community on, for a long time. Let me explain. What is Hades: Developing Hell? Well, first of all, congratulations to the majority of you who spotted the clues in our teaser trailer. Yes, our next project
focuses on the design of Supergiant Games fourth title Hades. But here’s the kicker. Unlike anything we’ve done before, this isn’t just a one-off documentary. It’s a series, that we’re
gonna be working on, for the duration of Hades
time in early access. Each episode is gonna show a different facet of the game’s design. For instance, episode
one focuses on the team finishing their early access build, working on the games trailer, and announcing the project
at The Game Awards. We’re gonna be following the story of Hades throughout its
time in early access, which is likely to be
at least over a year. All the while taking
input on what we cover from our viewers, and players of the game. So, how did this project come about? We’ve wanted to cover pre-release
games for a long time now. One large part of Noclip’s mission is to try and break down the barrier between players, and creators. We were on the hunt for a studio or game that would fit
our scope and budget, when a few month ago, I was approached By Greg Kasavin, the creative
director over at Supergiant. Now there’s a little bit of history here. The studio’s first game was
the focus of a GiantBomb developer series called
Building the Bastion. I was a big fan of it. And it also means that the studio has done something like this before. Also, Greg used to be
editor-in-chief of GameSpot, a website that I would
later work for myself. So he understands the importance of our editorial
independence more than most. More than anything we want to tell authentic stories about game design, while Greg’s passion for
transparency comes with the desire to demystify the creation of video games. So honestly, it just
seemed like a good fit. So, how are we filming this? It just so happens that
Noclip director of photography Jeremy Jayne, who films the majority of all of our documentaries, lives not too far from where the studio is based in San Francisco. So he’s gonna be dropping in and embedding with the studio, a few days a month. Conducting interviews,
filming design conversations, and of course getting
us that tasty B-roll. On top of that the studio
is filming meetings and spontaneous events around the office, while we’re not there. All of this footage is collated and sent back to me at
Noclip headquarters, and edited into an episode. How are we releasing these episodes? We’re gonna be releasing
episodes every two months or so, and each will be somewhere
between 40 and 50 minutes long. On top of that we’re also
going to be collating a bunch of extras that
didn’t make the final cut into a video for our five dollar patrons, and YouTube channel members. These deleted scenes videos
will contain fun extras that wouldn’t have fit in
the narrative of the episode. This will help us fund the project, and act as a bonus video for those who want to get a little bit deeper. We will release these deleted
scenes episodes to the public, upon the completion of the series. So that’s Hades: Developing Hell. Episode one will be
here in just a few days. Let us know what you think of the project. And if you have any questions about it, in the comments below. (glitchy music)

100 comments on “Introducing Hades: Developing Hell

  1. If you have any questions about our upcoming series, please stick them in the comments. Thanks to everyone who helped fund all our docs in 2018. We're working hard to make sure we create our best work yet next year. As ever you can learn more about what we do and help support projects like this by checking out

  2. Question; How will you balance the "Good Moments" and "Bad Moments" in video game development in this series?

    As a Computer Science Student, I really want to know both.

  3. I love Development diary! please make it! and i want fun parts too.. i love so much game development that im starting developing an RPG ^_^

  4. Please get some time in with the artists! Supergiant Games' art is always the first thing I fawn over in their work (music is usually second) and I would love to hear anything about how they approach developing a style for their games. Looking forward to this!!

  5. Awesome, I absolutely adored 2 Player Productions' series on Broken Age (the soundtrack of Lifeformed was also amazing). 

    Really looking forward to this (+ Supergiant Games are one of my favorite studios)!

  6. Hello! As a big fan of Supergiant Games' work for a long time, I'm very excited to see how their games are developed with more details. Thank you very much for the opportunity! I wish you all sucess and I'll check your other videos, since this is the first time I heard about this YouTube channel! Please, have a good day!

  7. Would love to know how their experiences have changed over time? Releasing Bastion and then Transistor in their trademark style but in an industry and a time that is so different now e.g. Twitch Streaming, Early Access, Free To Play. Did that change their vision for this game that they didn't have to account for in their previous games.

  8. Incredible. Supergiant have long been my favourite developer and I'm so glad this is going to be an extended thing. If there's any company worthy of a deep look at, it's Supergiant. So many unique and talented people.

    I usually spread my Patreon budget across several creators for £2 or so, but this alone pretty much forces me to up it to at least £5 for the B-roll.

  9. Supergiant have been my favourite developers since Bastion so I'm really looking forward to this!

    I'd love for there to be a bit in there about Pyre as well even if it's not the main focus, that game is just a narrative masterpiece.

  10. Pretty disappointed in Supergiant for keeping it an Epic Store exclusive, as I've loved both their first games, though not so much Pyre. Hopefully it comes to GOG and Steam, and gets some Linux support. Still love you guys, just disappointed.

  11. Danny, I've been following you since your Rocket League series, and I love your work! Me and my girlfriend are always happy to see when you release a new video 🙂

    I am so happy that you are doing a documentary of Hades by Supergiant Games! Those guys are awesome! Also – I love the music that comes from that studio, Bastion's constantly on repeat when I work. If you could do a more in-depth video about the magic that happens in regards to sound/music that would be awesome, thanks!

    Please keep up the good work <3

    P.S. I know people have said this already, but you need to know it – the work you do is something the game industry needs. It's a legacy, a look behind the curtain of the great people that create games we love, thank you!

  12. On patreon page I saw information about your future plans to make "The Elder Scrolls Blades" documentary. Please ask Todd Howard some honnest questions. I know he will lie(he always lies), but I want to see "how?".

  13. I’d like to thank all the patreon subs who support Noclip so people like my who can’t afford to donate frequently get these awesome docs for free

  14. Absolutely thrilled about this. Building the Bastion is my favourite thing that Giant Bomb has ever done and this looks to build on that legacy. Congrats noclip team!

  15. i was just watching building the bastion the other day and wanted someone to do the same for this game. there is a God and he loves us all.

  16. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait! SO cool it's going to be a series!!! For the first time ever I'm considering becoming a Patreon for those extras, too–but it's super awesome those are going to be released when this is complete, too!!!

  17. This is looking neat, what I hope seeing a bunch of is B-roll, weird ass bugs in play testing unfinished models all that. Loved how Playstation released a short video of weird bugs from God of War (God of War – Midgard Mishaps | PS4)

  18. Omg, another nail on the head you guys! Supergiant is definitely one of my favorite devs, and a place I've always dreamed of working at. I'm so excited for this!

  19. Noclip/Danny,

    Is there any other way to fund you guys instead of Patreon? I do not have Youtube membership in my country and I refuse to use Patreon due to some pretty nasty practices.


  20. How you guys manage to be simultaneously transparent, prolific, incisive, innovative, professional, high-production value, and connected to your audience is beyond me. You've got a really incredible model here.

  21. I don't actually know much about Hades, I tend to avoid early access games. But I'm a big fan of Supergiant and a big fan of Noclip so I'm very much excited for this series.

  22. I am so excited for this series! Supergiant is one of my favorite developers! I recently became a patron on Noclip, and you guys are rewarding me in the best way possible. Can’t wait for the first episode!

  23. Imagine blocking a fan and patron on Twitter for disagreeing with Danny. Extremely dissapointing no clip.

    I've made a video bout y'all hopefully you listen.

  24. This is about the best project you guys could have done this format with! I can watch Supergiant Games's take on gameplay and art forever.

  25. I'm not a fan of early access games as a consumer, but i'm always interested in the art-form of video game design. I can't wait.

  26. This sounds fucking AWESOME. I've always wanted to know how it goes inside a studio that's working on a game, and it's obnoxiously hard to get any insights whatsoever (which certainly doesn't help any people who might be interested in getting into game production on any level).

    Obviously not all cases of development are gonna be the same, but this should be awesomely insightful 😀

  27. Fantastic idea… really looking forward to these, I've worked in AAA for 18 years and it is something we've always talked about doing, but the powers that be always held back. So hoping that others see the quality of these and give you a call. Oh and it keeps everyone honest, nothing gets the blood pumping more than deadlines and showing publically! 🙂 great job

  28. Hey Danny, if people can only afford one, would you prefer they back here on YouTube or on Patreon? I'm currently a Patreon backer, but could jump over here if the cut is better for ya.

  29. This is really exciting! Was looking forward to some stuff like this when you hinted at it in your 'future of Noclip' kind of video.

  30. You guys can potentially shut down IGN and the likes with your work! Something to look forward to:) Never really enjoyed these developer interviews by these companies: IGN, GameSpot, etc. Always boring, always hush-hush about the actual product. Just some useless bits and pieces. On that note, IGN's unfiltered is a bit disappointing. There's nothing of value. Just some reiteration on what's already been said over the years about some old ass games. Game Informer is alright but they're more of an exception to the rule (although, even they are now kinda boring to watch/read). IMO, it comes down to who does the talking. Usually, it's some head of PR or a guy that deals with marketing. You'll never hear devs talking about some technical problems they encountered while making a game, or discuss it. They assume that all their customers are babies with no knowledge of hardware/software. I mean, in case of IGN, GameSpot and other "video game journalism" companies, it's true. They'd surprised how much some "casual" end users know about such things. There's one exception, like in everything, Bethesda doesn't talk about such things mainly 'coz they actually don't know… IT JUST WORKS!

  31. Really looking forward to seeing more about the music producer and the music & audio processes. However, in terms of demystifying, I'd like to see more about that bug tracker they're using.

  32. I'm so tired of seeing wannabe "retro" twin-stick indie games… They all seem to survive solely on their art style, which is usually based on some gimmick like cell shading or pixel graphics, and ALWAYS a neon color palette. What a coincidence, EVERY Supergiant game follows this formula. Rather than being neon, Bastion was cutesy and had the narrator gimmick thing.

    Very few devs have the balls to push the limits of the industry anymore, so they just manufacture nostalgia and piggyback on the success of the past.

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