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Introduction to large scale change

Introduction to large scale change

the literature on large-scale change
paints a fairly consistent picture of what I would say are ten principles that
lie behind successful large-scale change efforts first there has to be movement
toward a new vision it’s your responsibility as a leader to articulate
something that people see as both different and better but often that’s
such a large picture a big thing that people have trouble figuring out what
they should do so second principle is that you have to identify break it down
into key themes that people can break get their heads around you’ll always
have multiples of things multiple stakeholders multiple agendas a variety
of objectives to accomplish you’ll have what the literature calls lots of lots
your job as a leader is to frame the issues in order to engage and and
mobilize the imagination will and energy of a large number of diverse diverse
stakeholders you want distributed leadership and mass movement you need to
make mutually reinforcing change across multiple processes and systems its
large-scale you’ll have to continually refresh the story to attract new
supporters it’s the new supporters that keep the momentum going and and keep the
large scale change alive the outcomes are impossible to predict at a detailed
level you won’t know just exactly how it’s going to work out so you have to
use emergent planning and design adapting monitoring and adapting as you
go as things change and progress occurs your goal ultimately is to transform
people’s mindsets because that’s what leads to sustainable change people need
to think that what they used to do was really not very good and what they are
doing now is much much better finally literature makes it clear that
it’s difficult for a leader or small group of leaders to maintain their
energy long enough to bring about a successful change you should always be
thinking about who can I pass the baton of leadership on to

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