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iOS App Development for Beginners

iOS App Development for Beginners

I need advice about iOS app development for
beginners. If you’re truly going to build apps from
scratch, start with the Swift programming language books Apple made available for free
via iTunes and lessons on iTunes university. Actually, the first step might be get an Apple
computer. I assumed you were already an Apple fanatic
and wanted to increase your cred by building apps for it too. Speaking of Apple, I’d
start at the site. I know Apple is the center of everything iOS,
but isn’t that a little advanced for me? The start developing iOS apps today section
starts with setting up Xcode, the basics of how to define an app, links to lessons in
Objective C and Swift, in short, everything you need to know to make apps for Apple. I need more handholding than that. I need
to be shown every step of the way, not instructions written for people who already know how to
code. AppCoda has an iOS programming course with
the beginning chapters of the related book. I know it is standard to make you pay to level
up, but I need the whole thing for free. TutorialsPoint dot com has an entire set of
iOS lessons. It has separate modules for setting up the environment, using the accelerometer,
managing the camera, handling files, linking to Twitter and Facebook and advanced features
like memory management. Why didn’t you recommend it first? Not everything in the lessons has been updated
for Swift, so some of the lessons refer to functions in Objective C and may not apply
to the latest and greatest iPhone. Even Apple admits that not all the code will
get updated from Objective C to Swift for a few years. You could try DesignThenCode dot com slash
scratch as well, though it refers to Objective C. I need instructions on how to make iPhone
apps for stupid people. CodeWithChris dot com has lessons on how to
make iPhone apps without programming experience, and it was written for Swift, the replacement
for Objective C. Is that simple enough? Simply perfect. I’d also suggest the tutorials at Ray Wenderlich’s
site. His site even has tutorials on the Apple Sprite kit, using Unreal Engine and Unity. I’m nowhere near that advanced. So try some of the iOS development lessons
on CodeSchool dot com. You can try some of the Stanford lessons on developing for the
iOS, though they tend to be one or two OS versions behind. Since I’m already falling down the learning
curve, I’d do any other site than that one first.

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