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Is Software Development Right For You?

Is Software Development Right For You?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I thought I would do a little bit of a different
video this time and address something that I think some of you that watch this channel,
some of you that don’t watch this channel and just happen to come across some of my
videos might be wondering which is: Is software development right for you? Is software development right for you? If you’re already an experienced programmer
you know—well, actually it’s kind of funny. Maybe what I’ll tell you in this video will
make you realize that software development isn’t for you and you’ve wasted 10 years
of your life on something that’s not for you. But really, this video is intended for those
of you that are considering going into software development. I know a lot of you—I get plenty of emails
that you’re trying to figure out how to become a software developer and you’re struggling
with that. I think it’s probably a good idea to at
some point figure out is software development right for you, because if it’s not then
you might be wasting your time. Let me talk a little bit about what kind of
person would do well in the software development world as a programmer, right? The first, I think, attribute that I would
say is that you like to solve problems. You like challenges because software development
is really solving problems. That’s what you’re primarily going to
do. You’re not just going to write code. You’ll write code, that’s fine, but a
lot of your job, a very large portion of your job will be fixing problems, finding why something
doesn’t work. You think that it should work, it seems like
it should work and you’re figuring out whether it be someone else’s code or your code,
problem solving is extremely important. Not only is it extremely important that you
like problem solving but you’ve got to be good at it. I did this blog post on problem solving, you
better be good at it here that you could check out. You can get good at it. I mean if you’re not good right now it doesn’t
mean that you can’t get good at it. You can systematically develop that skill
set but it’s definitely something to consider. Another attribute I think I’d say for determining
if software development is right for you is whether or not you like to—do you like challenges? That’s probably the same, similar as problem
solving but software development is challenging. There’re a lot of fields I think where you
could sort of master the field or not necessarily fields but jobs. You could get a job doing some kind of work
that doesn’t really change from day to day and get good at that and then reach some level
where you could kind of cruise. There are certainly jobs where that’s not
the case but there’s a lot of those kind of jobs, but software development is not one
of them because everyday there’s something new. You can’t master this because it’s not
like playing a guitar or—I mean obviously there are still more challenges there, but
you know what I’m saying. Software development everyday is a new challenge,
a new problem. Even though you’ve seen 100 problems, even
though you’ve written all kinds of code, there’re new frameworks, there’s new technology,
there’s new issues. I’d say that you definitely have to be a
person who likes to always learn, always learn, always face new challenges. That’s really important. Let’s talk about automation. Software development itself is automation. I guess the way I would group this together
is I would say that if you’re the kind of person that likes to organize things, that
likes to put things in order and automate, get things working, build systems that’s
a good indicator that software development would work well for you because what we do
as software developers, primarily what you’re doing is you’re automating things. You’re taking something that’s a manual
process or a process that’s thought up in someone’s head and you’re automating it. All software development, all programming
is really some form of automation of something that is either currently existing manually
or can exist because the manual task would be so tedious to do. The computer makes it possible so you’re
writing code to automate that. Those are some of the primary skills, I think,
in aptitude that you might want to have if you’re going to go into software development. Software development is also one of those
things that like you might be wondering what you would do as a programmer, what does a
software developer really do in their job? Like I said, I think it’s going to be primarily
solving problems. It’s going to be learning a lot, if you
don’t like to learn a lot and continue to learn and be stomped, you’re going to have
problems with that. You’re never going to know it all. You’re never going to master it. You’re never going to feel like you’re
just super competent. You’re always going to have challenges. It’s always going to be difficult. There’s always going to be unknowns. I think there’s a lot of fields, a lot of
professions where there would be less unknowns, where you’re not going to have quite as
many challenges, where you could just go in and do your job and be done with it. But software development is not like that. I’d also say that as a software developer
day to day what kind of things are you going to do? Well, you’re not just going to write new
code. If you think that you’re going to just go
and—I mean if you’re tinkering around with programming and you’re thinking that
if you take on software development as a career that you’re just going to create brand new
applications and things like that I don’t want to totally disillusion you buy you should
realize that a majority of software development work is doing maintenance. It’s work where you have an existing system. There’s more existing systems than there
are new systems so you’re not always going to be building new systems. You’re going to be maintaining someone else’s
code or even maintaining your own code and fixing bugs, increasing the features and then
changing the features in it, supporting existing software. I don’t want to paint a negative picture
of software development. Software development is great but if you’re
asking yourself this question, is software development right for you, you should really
know about these things. You should consider that this is a hard profession. This is not easy. This is something that is going to be a challenge. It is going to take a lot. When I think about perhaps what maybe is the
hardest job that I could think of, honestly, I think it’s software development. I know a lot of people will disagree but the
reason why I say that is because it’s so broad, because there’s so much stuff you
have to know. There’s so much stuff you have to learn. It’s because there are so many challenges
and you can always do a better job. The beautiful thing about it, to say some
good things about software development is that it is also one of the most rewarding
things that you can do. I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve been involved in a lot of different
fields, I miss writing code. I have written a lot of code lately because
of what I’m doing at Simple Programmer, I love this. Don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something
about creating. There are very few fields, very few opportunities
that you get to create. Most of those are in the artistics, this is
the analytical place where you are actually creating. I think probably architects might experience
this to some degree, maybe artists and things like that but with software development it
tickles that logical part, that analytical part of your brain but also the creative part
and you get to use it both. You get to see something that you created
from nothing, that came from the abstract and that you were able to bring life into. As corny as that sounds, it truly is very
rewarding. I remember writing my first game and just
feeling like—just amazed that I could create this thing, that I can make this computer
do this, that I could produce this thing. I don’t think that I ever lost that sense
of awe or amazement at just the ability to do that. It’s really rewarding, but it’s challenging. If you feel like this is something that you’d
want to do then I encourage you to do it, but you should definitely know if it’s right
for you before you get into it. Anyway, I hope that helps you to make the
decision, to decide and hopefully if you are a software developer already and you’re
saying, “Man, I don’t like any of that crap!” Maybe you should get another job, maybe, you
know, hey. Anyway—or like me, maybe you can make YouTube
videos, maybe you can do blog posts and be an entrepreneur. That’s always fun, although I’m—I’m
itching to write some code. One of these I’m getting back into writing
some code. I just miss it. There’s something about solving problems
and creating things. Anyway, that’s enough for this video. If you like this video, subscribe to the channel. Just click the big subscribe button and I’ll
give you more videos about software development and let’s be honest here, I do a lot of
videos not about software development, so you’ll get some of those too. Click to subscribe. I’ll talk to you next time. Take care!

15 comments on “Is Software Development Right For You?

  1. Do you training natural? If yes you have a good genetic for gaining musle. White musle fibers are a lot. )))) I always have a look video about i bigen watch about programming. How many time i need for become a programmer (3hour per day)

  2. Software Developement Summarized :
    Interviewer: what are your expiriences
    Me: i solved the answer to the universe in one Java program
    Interviewr: thats nice but we do c# here so, nice to meet u………..(1 year later Quantum Computing comes out and both of u are out of jobs)

  3. Thank you for this video, it was extremely informative and honest, which is exactly the info I need to help me make my choice.

  4. well we're doing a careers investigation in my school and I wanted to be a software developer, now I don't.. I don't know what to do with my life smh. I think I'll just become a professional fortnite player like ninja and make bling bling

  5. Im a graphic designer. But then I got a job as a Web Designer and I worked with a Web Developer. I found more than anything I enjoyed working with coding and learning the PHP language, I loved the problem solving and learning about the language. It was challenging and frustrating yes but it was rewarding when I could get it working. I've since lost my job and trying to get a design job. But, its very difficult. I was never really that great at graphic design, I loved drawing and art so I chose it because I love creating, but I always struggled with it because making a layout and a logo isn't really satisfying for me. Its completely different from the art I do for fun. I don't feel accomplished, I just feel like 'ok thats a thing I made that looks decent I guess'. Some people really love it and have a real talent, I don't feel like one of those people. Plus, its kind of a dying and unstable industry imo.

    I don't know if software development is for me, as I'm a visual person and I've heard its a pretty time consuming career (im not really a workaholic kind of person). But I'm definitely considering it at this point because I enjoyed what little I've done with it more than what I was doing with design, and it seems to be a much more promising industry. Perhaps I'm more suited for something like web development. I really dont know lol life is hard.

  6. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and I don't know coding and hate coding. Too difficult for me to solve problems and all those meaningless letter and numbers all mixed up like an oatmeal full of crap. I never understood that path, and know is very rewarding but I just can't create stuff. Not born to create but to do something I can master and feel comfortable. I waisted 4 years of nothing and now I really don't know what to do in my life. Guess I'll just eat sleep and wait until I die one day

  7. after 2 years of being unhappy and going nowhere in a software development course i came across this video and it helped finally accept that its ok to quit because this truly isnt for me.
    Cheers John!!

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