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22 comments on “Isolates and multithreading in Flutter Part 2 (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 31)

  1. Couldn’t find first episode… is there any link for that?
    Btw dear flutter developers is there any scholarships for Developers Congress in Polska that is coming in 2020 January?

  2. Poorly prepared… A lot of time has been wasted by you figuring out what your own code does 😴 Is this the concept of the show?

  3. Couldn't you have used .catch on the future returned by _getArticle which will make it complete with null and then just filter the null articles

  4. not everyone is a senior nerdy engineer as you guys most people watching this aren't junior yet please explain what u doing

  5. Congratulations great video, I would like to share also clone netflix project using firebase, real stream video, rxjs dart

  6. What a great episode … as always. 🙂 I hope there will be more episodes about Isolates in the future. What was the reason for only fetching the ids in the worker isolate? The "_getArticles" part remains in the main isolate. Can that logic be executed from the worker isolate as well?

  7. It seems to me that the created isolate will run and parse only the top 10 ids…
    The Fetching and Parsing of Articles will still happen on main Isolate. The isolate will run only for those sent messages, and articles fetching is not a part of it(_isolateEntry)

    It should do all the job(including Articles fetching and parsing), otherwise, I don't see a logical sense to use it only for small ids request.

  8. For all of us who struggled with isolates
    I created a package that allow you to easily work with isolates

  9. The speed increase was an interesting experiment (though I'm glad this is back at normal speed). Perhaps now you've reached the stage of talking about Isolates, multi-threading and getting more work done in the same amount of time, some sort of split-screen simultaneous coding is in order? 😀

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