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Jay Finds Gloria’s Sister Sonia a New Man – Modern Family

Jay Finds Gloria’s Sister Sonia a New Man – Modern Family

I have very bad news
to tell you. Let me get Néstor.
He’s my rock. Néstor! Ay, what happened
to my independent sister that I admired so much
because she needed no man? Where…is he? Well, I thought
he was a gold digger, so I chased him out. You did what?! But the silver lining is that
you still have all your money! What money?
I don’t have any money! What do you mean? The money
from the hot-sauce business that you’re doing so well. No, it was all a lie. I just didn’t want him
to be suspicious. Look, I’m wearing
aluminum earrings! They’re turning
my ears green! Ay! It took me two years to land
that rich, beautiful moron. Where am I going to get
that kind of money?! Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh, I tripped! Someone call a lawyer! You didn’t trip. Yes, I did! Look! Uh, the floor
is all wet. Sonia, that didn’t work
at the Princess Cruise ship, and it’s not
going to work here. Every time I try
to get my life together, you always ruin it for me. You owe me
a rich husband. I’ll find you one. There are plenty
of old, rich men around here that would do
anything that you say. Some of them
can still hear. Oh. Who’s this? Oh. He’s, um… He’s the best hedge guy
in town. Congratulate him.
He just got a new plane. Ohh.
A hedge guy. Fascinating. And how did you get started
in that business? I bought the clippers.
[ Gasps ] Wow! And where are you going,
dressed so nice? A wedding. Ohh, I love weddings. Would you like
to accompany me? I would love to! And can we take
your plane? Yeah, sure. Why is our gardener
wearing your tuxedo? Why is Néstor gone? Let me lock the door first.
You ruined my life again!

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