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Jeju Peace Forum opening ceremony focuses on China’s rise

Jeju Peace Forum opening ceremony focuses on China’s rise

Achieving peace and prosperity anywhere in
the world is a tall task,… and Asia is no different.
To talk over ways to cool them, world leaders and experts have gathered on Korea’s southern
island of Jeju for a three-day global forum. Connie Kim reports.
Under this year’s theme of “Designing New Asia”,… the 9th Jeju Forum for Peace and
Prosperity kicked off Thursday. At the opening ceremony, former Australian
Prime Minister Juliard Gillard and former Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing called
for rising conflicts in the region to be resolved peacefully, including the North Korea issue. “The new leader Kim Jong-un comes across as
both dangerous and erratic. We do not know the limits of what he is capable of doing.
It is important that China and others in the region explain to the neighbors its pace and
scope of the military modernization to build confidence and trust.” China’s rise in power and its territorial
disputes in the East and South China seas were the focus during a discussion that followed
the opening ceremony. “The rise of powerful countries in the West
came at the expense of other countries. As a peace-loving nation, China has never sought
to invade other countries . The progress and development realized by China came peacefully.” Regarding its territorial disputes,… the
former foreign minister said China had sovereignty over the areas. “There is free navigataion in the South China
Sea, so we always welcome this. However, intervening in the territory is unfair behavior. We need
to resolve this through diplomacy.” For peace to be realized in Asia,… the speakers
agreed that regional economic partnerships and free trade pacts were positive ways to
enhance cooperation and diffuse tensions. “Amid a number of territorial and historical
conflicts in the region,… world leaders and experts have gathered to discuss ways
to resolve the differences for the sake of peace and prosperity.
Connie Kim, Arirang News, Jeju.”

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