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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Will Photobomb Your Celeb Faves on Every Red Carpet

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Will Photobomb Your Celeb Faves on Every Red Carpet

-I want to talk to you
about this. -Yeah.
-Because I know a lot — this is awards season.
A lot of red carpet events are happening right now.
-Oh, so many. -And you — you posted that you
have a problem with these red carpets.
-Right, I just get very nervous at them. I always feel like,
you know, I shouldn’t be there. Even though I’m on a show that
gets nominated. I’m very grateful for that.
But like, there’s just so many very famous people there.
So I started like, trying to take the pressure off of these
events by… [ Sighs ] photo-bombing people
on the red carpet. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -And it makes me feel…
-Alive? -…better about the day.
It makes me feel alive. -You — you’re good at it.
-I have gotten very good at it. -Yes. Here’s one that’s
from the Golden Globes. -Mm-hmm.
-Here’s you photo-bombing Zooey Deschanel.
-Yeah, that’s what you call a fish jump.
You can’t really see… [ Laughter ]
…everything that’s going on right there.
-Now she doesn’t know you’re doing this
until you land? -No, no, no, no, no. She —
yeah, I think at some point she realized, but yeah, usually
the sound of me hitting the ground is what…
-Will give it away. -Makes you turn around, yeah.
-Here’s you photo-bombing Amanda Peet
and her husband, David Benioff. -Uh-huh. Oh, yes.
Yes, that’s what you call me doing a little bit of —
bringing a little Broadway. Bringing a little Broadway
to the red carpet. [ Laughter ]
♪♪ Broadway, Broadway ♪♪ Yeah. -That is the greatest face ever.
And then you really went for it with Sarah Paulson at
the “Vanity Fair” party. -Yes, yes.
-This one is — -That’s epic. That’s epic. [ Laughter ]
-I mean that — -But also —
-Looks like you’re on — Are you on wires? “Peter Pan”?
-Yes, I’m like Sandy Duncan in “Peter Pan.” But this is —
you have to understand, the “Vanity Fair” Oscar party
is like the crown jewel of these events, and this is how
I’m responding. -Yes! I’m flying!
-I haven’t been invited yet to the “Vanity Fair” party
this year, and I think I know why.
[ Laughter ] -No, that’s not true.
-Yeah. -I saw another photo of yours
that you posted. You said you were
having a wig party. -Yes.
-And I just didn’t know what that is.
-Well, it kind of is what it is. A wig party is just a party.
It’s a regular party. You just happen to have everyone
bring a few wigs. And then you —
-This is very interesting. I like this idea.
-Yeah. -So, you go to your —
anyone’s house. You go, “hey, I’m going to have
a wig party.” -Well, it’s just like —
can everyone just agree to bring, like, two or three wigs?
Can we all just agree to that? And everyone’s like,
“yeah, we’ll do that.” -What kind of wigs?
-Any kind of wigs. You have — you can do like
an Annie wig. You can go, you know, get like
a Cruella de Vil wig. Just whatever you have on hand.
Or — you know. -On hand.
-And what I love about them is that, like, you kind of forget,
after a while, that you’re wearing them,
so you’re looking around, and, like, you realize you’re
having some serious conversation about politics and you’re
wearing, like…pigtails. -[ Laughs ]
-And it’s just — it’s just fun. And the next morning it kind of
looks like Party City exploded in your house,
’cause there’s just, like, everywhere there’s —
pieces of hair hanging off the lamps and stuff.
-I wanna have — I wanna have… -You should definitely have
a wig party. -Well, we happen to have
a couple wigs here. -Oh.
-We always have wigs here on the show. Uh… -Do you want me — you want me
to pick one out for you? -Oh, I just picked one
out for you. -Oh, okay. All right, here.
Do you want the red one? -Yeah, I can do this one.
-Okay. [ Laughter ] -Whoo!
-This is a nice one. Oh, I’ve always wanted bangs. [ Laughter ] Do you want…
[ Cheers and applause ] Do you want this one?
-[ Laughs ] Dude, look at yourself.
Look at yourself. That is fantastic!
Oh, my God, dude! We have to go to a bar
after the show like this. [ Laughter ]
-For sure. -Look at that.
Did you really — -I’m going to see “SpongeBob:
The Musical” tonight. I’m taking this with me.
-You’ve gotta take that wig with you.
Oh, my goodness. Let’s talk about, uh…
-Yeah. -“Modern Family.”
-Yeah. So we’ve been on for — [ Light laughter ]
It’s our ninth season. -[ Laughs ] I love that
someone’s just tuning in right now.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Wait, has it been nine seasons?
-It’s been nine seasons. [ Laughter ] Isn’t this great?
-[ Laughs ] It’s really funny. I’m trying not to laugh.
-We need booze. -No, I don’t, I don’t.
I had enough. -No, yeah, yeah. I do. We’ve been on for nine years.
We signed for another year, so that will bring us to 10.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Did you a — it’s such a great show, man.
-Thank you, thank you. -It’s crushing —
Do you wanna switch? Do you wanna switch?
-See, this is the only thing about a wig party, then, like,
halfway, you’re like, “oh, let’s all switch wigs now.” And then everyone
sort of changes. And usually there’s like
a popular wig, that everyone’s like,
“oh, he got that one.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh! [ British accent ]
All right! Yeah! -[ Southern accent ]
I’m like, I’m, like, Southern. Maybe I’m
a little Southern girl. -Take it there, take it there. -[ Normal voice ] Or maybe I’m
just a little girl. [ Laughter ] -How long have you had
your show? -[ Imitates girl ] Um…
-[ Laughs ] -Can I get a selfie with you? [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
Season 10 coming up. But anyways, check out
right now, “Modern Family.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. Why would people be ok with a man behaving like a woman? Why would people celebrate sodomy as a cultural good? This is total bullshit. A real man on tv is someone like Jack from This is Us.

  2. gays are privileged
    they can do anything nowadays its always ok but a heterosexual man cant touch a woman´s hand without being labeled as a bigot

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