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Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Spot-On Celine Dion Impression

Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Spot-On Celine Dion Impression

I’m not going to say happy
New Year, because we’re all done saying happy New Year. Because it’s too
many happy New Years. I mean, everybody you
pass, happy New Year. OK, OK. So you and Justin, what
did you do for New Year’s? We went to a friend’s wedding. Which is very audacious to throw
a wedding on New Year’s Eve. But I was happy to go. It was a really fun wedding. But we cut out around 10:30. And we were in bed by 11:30. And Justin was falling
asleep and I was like, well you have to– another half hour. Let’s just make it to midnight. He was like, OK well
wake me up at midnight. So I woke him up when
the ball dropped. Gave him a kiss, happy New Year. Literally two minutes later,
sleep mask on, dead asleep. So we had a real wild– There he is. Yep. And I just feel like the sleep
mask is like, super aggressive. You know it’s like good night! Yeah. Just like, OK. All right, we’re done. Yeah. You went to Vegas. And you went to a Gaga show? Is that right? Well, no. I ended up at her afterparty. I went to Vegas– a friend of mine Roy Choi
was opening a restaurant called Best Friend in Vegas. So I went to the
restaurant opening. And while we were
there I said, well, I’m going to see Celine Dion. She’s been playing
there for 16 years. She’s almost done. So we saw it. We went to go see Celine Dion. But on the flight there
like, Adam Lambert was on our flight
and Regina King. Like half of the
Real Housewives. I was like, well
gosh everyone’s going to this restaurant opening. And then sure enough, I
found out it was Lady Gaga. And everyone was assuming
that they’d see me there. And I was like, nope. Wasn’t even invited,
didn’t know about it. No idea. So everyone else saw
Lady Gaga but I didn’t. Oh. I’m going next month, though. Because now I’m just like,
oh, I’ve got to see Lady Gaga. Yeah for sure. Did you see Celine
at Gaga’s concert? Did you see? I did. There she is. She’s doing a little
bit of air guitar there. And then she’s going
to say everybody. Oh come on. But nobody does. Everybody, no. Nobody will accept
her friend with her. That guy, that guy. And then– OK, well just you and me, Gaga. Back to air guitar in a second. There she goes. Oh my god. She’s living her best life. Yeah, she was enjoying it. She was really enjoying it. I mean, does she do
her guitar in her show? A little bit. Yeah, she’s basically well
this is what I know how to do. Yeah. You know. I mean, she puts on
a fantastic show. I bet. She has a great voice. Well, yeah. It’s fine. Yeah. It’s amazing. It’s like the greatest
voice of all time. Meh. That’s hilarious. All right. We’re going to take a break. Are we coming back and
playing a game next? Yeah. Good. OK, we’re going to play a game. And someone in the
audience may win some money depending on how he does. We’ll be back.

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