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Jim Rohn- Goals & Dreams become magnetic (personal development)

Jim Rohn- Goals & Dreams become magnetic (personal development)

41 comments on “Jim Rohn- Goals & Dreams become magnetic (personal development)

  1. “ We go the direction we face.” “And we face the direction we design.” – Jim Rohn So so powerful!! Every word as simply was they are… just so profound! Thank you for posting this video!! What a treasure! Jim Rohn has left us his legacy … I am forever changed.

  2. I changed my health in 47 seconds. That was the best I could do to workout. Now I'm walking better and breathing better. I now tell myself and others do your best and build from THERE. That was the best 47 seconds that saved my LIFE. Be BLESSED💯

  3. I was widowed and a single parent at the age of 36 after my wife passed away with Cancer in 2000 at the age of 31. After making sure my children were safe and sorted and making sure our house was in order I asked if I could return to work and my boss said yes but only after he saw that I was in control, my vision that my children would grow up with manners and morals with strength of character and with as much happiness as I could provide came to fruition today.
    This video made me realise that I succeeded, they grew in to fine adults with love abound, my real job was my vision and it was to be the parent that they can turn too for hugs, for guidance and for anything they felt they needed and those that have their own children… my grandchildren, are doing the same for them. The others are strong in their own lives living well. So yes my fortune in my success is sitting back and seeing all this beauty, I'm so proud of them as I hope my deceased wife is. WHATEVER your plans… see it, do it. #GoDoStuff

  4. Thanks Jim Rhon…you change my life and my business everyday. You may have passed but your words and wisdom live on.

  5. I like Jim Rohn
    Very good video. Small journey to change the destination

  6. I decided long ago
    that each day I'd try to grow
    and with that little bit each day
    I've reached the point I'm at today.

  7. Well, thank you and Jim Rohn that was so powerful and wise. LOVED it.Especially the part about chaning directions and destination.

  8. Thanks by this upload, really motivational!! Move on, leave prejudice behind. Focus on something that may help you achieve your goals. There's a music video by South American composer Martin G Spataro that beautifully puts this idea into pictures. It's called "Arbol rojo" and shows how you need not only to let go of your past and accessories but also of the thoughts that won't allow you to go further in life. Or so I interpreted. It's a great video. I got to it randomly on Youtube and can't believe it isn't widely popular yet.

  9. For those ready to invest in themselves.
    Become the person that deserves what you desire my friend.

  10. Thank you for posting this. My 16 year old son is listening to it with me, and I see the lightbulb go off in his eyes. I’m very hopeful that with the right information he will be able to soar.

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