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100 comments on “Jimmy Tatro on YouTube Fame, American Vandal & Tyler Perry

  1. man Jimmy while you did your shows in college, you saved my high school days. thank you and Chris, wish you great success in life.:D

  2. I've been watching this guy ever since "stuff that sucks" came out and him actually making it on Jimmy Kimmel is weirdly awesome to see.

  3. This guy is hilarious and better than most of the celebrities on this show. American vandal was great and his YouTube skits have been good for years

  4. Kimmel seems jealous. He went through all this bullshit to get his career… Then there's this kid who made it through YouTube lmfao ??‍♂️

  5. Do they hand out complementary xanax to every audience member before the show?
    Quieter than my wife during sex…

  6. What's up with this audience? This guy was a great guest!!! Even a laugh track would help.

  7. The audience's reaction to "killing my swag" confirmed my imagination of what a late night show audience's demographic is like

  8. I'm a huge fan of Jamie I really do like his videos and what's so great about it is that it's not original he made something so basic what happened with life in general and turned it into something funny examples of guys that suck we all met those guys and we have experienced it and Jamie and his friends it a great job of making that so funny and I really enjoyed him in 22 Jump Street the second movie and it really seems like a guy that really worked hard that started out as you to put a lot into it and then he's seeing more success good luck Jimmy I couldn't be any more proud

  9. I see comments about the "bad audience" but had it not been for the laugh signals, no one would have laughed. Both jimmy's are cool. When worst come to worst, don't dip a potato in the soup unless it has celery for the peanut butter dip. Also a side of country fried chicken and mashed potato is the best meal ever

  10. Had no idea Kimmel even knew about real bros until the end. This was way more about American vandal. Why wouldn’t he ask questions about real bros?

  11. Do you think he still gets that youtube money even though Google caught him for clicking on his own ads? I bet so

  12. Jimmy kimmel is so annoying that video was torture to get through, I feel like he was making jimmy uncomfortable lol

  13. You know you have officially sold out to the top when your sitting face to face with this demon. RiP Jimmy. You were original and funny and making your own videos. Now your a sellout and im waiting to here something horrible happen to you.

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