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Jordan Peterson – Developing Your Inner Psychopath

Jordan Peterson – Developing Your Inner Psychopath

And then the worst snake of all is malevolence and that’s I think that’s technically correct because one of the things that you View for example when you’re looking at post-traumatic stress disorder is that it’s almost always the case that someone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder which you might think of as a real …real-life… reincarnation of the fall is that people encounter something malevolent. And it breaks them because it’s the worst thing to understand. It’s like suffering is one thing man. That’s that’s bad enough. Vulnerability and suffering – that’s bad enough. But to encounter someone who wishes that upon you and will work to bring it about, that’s a whole different category of horrible. Especially what it also reflects something back to you about yourself. Because if someone else can do that to you and they’re human, that means that you partake of the same essence. Strangely enough that’s actually the cure, to some degree, to post-traumatic stress disorder. Is it like if you’ve been victimized, you’re naive and you’ve been victimized – the way out of that is to no longer be naive and to no longer be victimized. And that means that you you see this reflected in the Harry Potter idea, for example that the reason that Harry Potter can withstand Voldemort is because he’s got a piece of him. Right, he’s being touched by it. And the way that you… the way that you keep the psychopaths at bay is to develop the inner psychopath, so that you know one when you see one. Right… and then… but that’s a voluntary thing. It’s… it’s, so it’s like a… it’s like a a set of tools that you have at your disposal, which is full knowledge of evil, and that does – Nietzsche said if you look into an abyss for too long you risk having the abyss gaze back into you, right? The idea is that if you look at something monstrous you have a tendency to turn into a monster. And people are often very afraid of looking at monstrous things exactly for that reason. And then the question is: “Well, should you turn into a monster?” And the answer to that is “Yes, you should.” But you should do it voluntarily and not accidentally, and you should do it with the good in mind rather than falling prey to it by possession essentially, because that’s the alternative. How does it possess you? That’s easy – your suffering makes you bitter, your bitterness makes you resentful, you resentfullment *inaudible* makes you vengeful. And once you’re on that road you go down that a little bit further, man. Well you end up… fantasizing in your basement about shooting up the local high school and then killing yourself, right? Because that’s sort of the ultimate end of that line of pathological reasoning – being should be eradicated because of its intrinsic evil and I’m exactly the person to do it and I’ll cap it off with an indication of my own lack of worth just to hammer the point home. Right, and if I can garner a little post… post posthumous fame along the way well that’ll satisfy my primordial primate dominance hierarchy imaginings too at least in fantasy. So you know, it’s the full package if you want to go down that route. And of course, people don’t like to think about that sort of thing and it’s no bloody wonder, but without the capability for mayhem, you’re… you’re, you’re… you’re a potential victim to mayham. So you need your sword. It should be sheath, but you need to have it. And it’s very frequently the case. If you treat someone with post-traumatic stress disorder there’s two things you have to do: (1) you have to help them develop a very articulated Philosophy of Evil, because otherwise their brain bothers them over and over and over: “What? Why were you so dealing with Naive? How did you become victimized? Why were you such a sucker?” These are good questions – you don’t want to have that happen to you again. You don’t want to be exploited twice. Okay, so your eyes have to open up. We know the price of that from the egyptian myth, right? You come into contact with Set – what happens? Even if you’re a God, you lose an eye. It’s no joke, man. It’s no joke. And then the cure for that is the movement down into the underworld and with the revitalization of the father. That’s the identification with the force that created culture, right? And that then there’s you and that together then you can withstand malevolence. Maybe you can withstand tragedy and malevolence. And then that’s the whole secret, right? Because that’s what you want in life – you need to be able to withstand tragedy and you need to be able to withstand malevolence, because those are the forces. They’re always working against you. And so, it’s just this is associated with the jungian idea of incorporation of the shadow – right, you have to be… We know this, God! We know how predators work with regards to children even! if you’re a pedophilic predator, and you’re looking at a landscape of children, the child that you’re going to go after is the one that’s timid and won’t fight back. You’ve picked your victim. And predatory people in general are exactly like that man. They’re… because they’re predators, they’re not going to attack someone who’s who’s going to fight back. In fact, the issue is likely not to even come up. They’re going to be looking for someone – one way or another – that cannot conceptualize what they are. And then… perfect! it’s… it’s open season, man. It’s open season and so if you’re treating someone with post-traumatic stress disorder first they need an introduction to the philosophy of malevolence and (2) second they have to learn to become dangerous, because that’s the only way out. What’s the alternative? They get these recurrent thoughts about their vulnerability in the face of malevolence and their own naivety because, by definition, if someone psychopathic has exploited you, you’re too naive. It’s a definitional issue. You can say: “Well, that’s no fault of mine! How the hell could I be prepared?!” Fair enough, man. A perfectly reasonable objection doesn’t solve your problem, because it’s an… it’s an eternal problem.

100 comments on “Jordan Peterson – Developing Your Inner Psychopath

  1. Eh. I have no desire to hurt someone. I don’t see that this is a cure to PTSD. That’s intentionally to strip someone of innocence. My ptsd doesn’t define me. I’m a happy person. 😝

  2. Jordan B. Peterson: “You see this reflected in——“
    Me: Pinocchio again, here it comes, I’m ready, I’m pulling out the popc—
    Jordan B. Peterson: “—tHe HaRry PoTteR IdEa….”
    Me: 😭🤧🙏

  3. It’s a tightrope walk though. I’ve gone through periods of my life where I’ve been so damn paranoid about other people’s intentions that they become nothing more than a collection of tells. It takes a long time to ease back into connecting.

    He doesn’t really explain how you walk said tightrope. It’s alright saying keep the sword sheathed (sounds like an innuendo now) but how exactly are we to do that?

  4. I think he’s clumping anybody whose “bad” as psychopaths . There are shitheads who want to exploit you who aren’t psychopaths. I guess he just means anybody who seems to want to do harm or take advatange of you

  5. I understand this too late. Parents everywhere, let your kids socialize from early years so they can recognize all types of people and therefore knew how to handle them in the future.

  6. If you need to watch a video on developing a inner ''psychopath'' you aren't a psychopath and will never be able to emulate one, it is likely your struggling and are introverted, acting ''psychopathic'' goes completely against your moral code if you don't already have a natural inner ''Psychopath''. This lecture won't awaken that. I have NPD, and my Narcissism and psychopathic traits are just part of who i am, i see nothing wrong with them simply because they are egosyntonic. You can't do a fake it till you make it, because most of these behaviours come from trauma and are a shield.

  7. Sorry, you don't need to develop"your inner psychopath" to avoid becoming a victim. I like a lot of JPs stuff, but this is nonsense. I would agree that a realistic understanding of the world helps though.

  8. I disagree. Psychopathy and Narcissism are a sexually transmitted brain virus. Malware. There is nothing wrong with you. Cleanse yourself. Nature, Water, Sleep and Isolation. True Jesus teachings to the Essenes ☀️

  9. As the saying goes, it is easy for men to behave like animals, but it is impossible for animals to behave like men.

  10. I totally agree with this, except that malevolence is not required to create PTSD. Some people are just unconscious and harmful, with no intentions of harm.

  11. Anyone who knows this industry and continue paying for their products is evil.

  12. Damn that is hard. One has to have a capacity for danger and the self control to only use it when needed. But if we stare into it for too long we become more like it, and we all know how intriguing darkness and horror can be. Just like the Tightrope of the Path of Light is exactly that, so too is managing our dark side. What does someone who is doing well in Light do in response to malevolence? Seeing as how we respond the pain defines us and how we treat others in the future; more or less regardless of our intentions. If the Shadow is neglected it will come back to collect the debt we owe. Perhaps, people who are truly on the Light path wouldn't encounter danger because of resonance frequency so their peace and abundance attracts more of that? There's so many different ways of looking at it

  13. Check out the thumbnail in any video where Jordan Peterson is giving a lecture. It’s almost always him doing some spiffy gestures with his hands.

  14. I have learned through bitter experience what is described so well in this video. Dr Peterson is doing great work. Thank you.

  15. psychopaths find victims at the circle center radius, and the psychopaths go to the opposite end of the diameter. the whole idea being your too dumb to go the the diameter you go to the radius so they own you. its a military philosophy that can be learned. 1 + 1 is not 2, 1 + 1 is the radius there is a diameter waiting for you to associate 1 + 1 = 2 when it doesnt because theyre there waiting for you.

  16. “The only defense against violent, evil people are good people who are more skilled at violence.”
    – SGT Rory Miller

    "Evil prevails when good men do nothing."
    – Edmund Burke

  17. Psychopaths have suppressed emotion. It's like a shaken up bottle of fizzy drink you have to be careful or it's gonna pop

  18. I read the comments here and i see a lot of people here who can't get past the divide between the mental and the physical, or maybe better put, the difference between a self disciplined psychopath, and an out of control psychopath. I myself could be a perfect example of a mental psychopath. I do not believe that I was necessarily born this way, or whether events of my live killed my capacity for empathy, sympathy and the ability to easily connect with others.
    I don't know id DR. Peterson has time anymore to read or respond to comments on his videos, (If you do Dr. Peterson, I would love to hear your take on this), or what he would think about my situation.
    Before I begin, let me point out, that I haven't even had a speeding ticket in over 10 years, and haven't had more than 2 in the last 30 years, I have never hit a woman in my life, even after being punched, ear slapped , and kicked by a couple, and have never hit a child in my adult, or even adolescent life, all of the people in the local businesses know me, because I am the kind of guy that if something is left in the bottom of my cart and is missed by the cashier, I go back in and pay for it as soon as it is found, When a local store lost all of its carts to theft (bad neighborhood) I took my pickup and rounded up a few and brought them back to the store to help out. I gave up a 38K a year job over 10 years ago to take care of my mother and sister when they became unable to take care of themselves, and am still the sole caretaker of my mother since dementia has set in.
    Now to the issue, I have taken the tests that are touted to determine whether someone is a psychopath on more than one occasion, and every time, I seem to have answered all of the identifying questions exactly as, at least as is stated in theory, as a psychopath would. I have read about this, and it is not necessarily an uncommon thing to happen, and have read, as well as had it explained to me that this does not mean that one is a literal psychopath, but that one has the personality traits most common to psychopaths. I have had some psychology, human development, and sociology in college, But I will not say that I fully understand, and could not be wrong on this.
    After years of self examination, it seems to me that were it not for certain factors, I could easily be the archetypical psychopath. What has kept me from that, are mechanisms of my thought process, reasoning, and principles that were instilled in my mind at an early age. I had some very terrible things happen to me as a child, and as an adolescent, and experienced a few very traumatic relationships, experiencing betrayal by people that I loved very dearly, and trusted. I can remember many times of thinking to myself, or ways that I could get revenge, even kill them, but the process of reasoning through, based on principles, consequences, and likeliness of success, etc… always checked my actions, vanquished that train of thought the same applies in times when I was young, and going through very hard times, I remember contemplations of how I could steal my way out of poverty, sell drugs or use people, end the suffering of the time,but the mechanisms always prevented me from acting out on those impulsive thoughts. When I look at the acts of compassion on my part that people point out to me, I can see no emotional motivation for what I did, no feelings that I could describe as moving me to the action. The actions were not the result of some inherent nature, emotional desire, or impulse, they were the result of analysis, and a process of reasoning to determine the right thing to do.

    That may explain why I have been described by some of my exes as cold and unfeeling, despite the fact that I always made it a point to do the little things as well as the big things that people always emphasize as important. from leaving little notes expressing my love and appreciation, flowers, doing things around the house for them to help out, like doing the laundry, the dishes, vacuuming, etc. and working my ass off tho give them the best I could get for them. I do feel, but where I have always been clueless is recognizing the feelings of others, my ability to form that kind of bond or communication, seems to have disappeared in my early 20s.
    I do not believe I was born like this. As a child, I remember balling my eyes out when my dad intentionally stepped on a mouse, I cried when seeing a grandmother character shoplifting in a movie, because my image of grandmothers was one of innocence and goodness, and it was a shock to me to see such a thing, even as a young man, I balled my eyes out watching Pet Semetary, when the little boy in the story was hit by the truck.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but the basic point is, to a degree, I believe we all have a bit of psychopath within, or at least the potential, as a defensive mechanism, which is to a degree, a necessity, but it is only healthy when there are internal checks and balances that keep it in its place, following, and not taking the lead.

  19. I've always interpreted my little Jungian knowledge as something abstract that works because it's well written and actual etc but this video made realise how superficial was my understanding and how in fact these ideas are extremely powerfully tools of transformation that make you dig deep.

  20. Developing what?? DOES THAT NEED D( DEVELOPING)?? HOW HARD DOBU OR YOUR AUDIENCE NEED TO ( DEVELOPER?? It. Is this a task that needs TEACHING??!! . Since your all NUT!!?

  21. You need a SEMINAR ON THIS ISSUE?. is this any challange for IDIOTS . psychopaths for dummies book would be enogh in JUST THE TITLE ID THINK IF IT WAS BOUGHT!☝️ U IDIOT!..Ai resent what your doing.

  22. To weaken the minds of the viewers young older ( NOT ME!) but to the rest to weaken and loosen their belief in what's right what they know and truth so Others . Can remake their minds into customized robots of self and other destructive behavior . Making the US citizens seen as an EXPENDABLE PEOPLE PROJECT JORDEN??


  24. You people are hearing your teacher hear right??.. the one you pay 14 dollars to ☝️ the one who tells you TO BE A DANGERIOUS PSYCHOPATHIC THATS GETTING LIES INTEGRATED INTO YOU?☝️ RIGHT!?

  25. Dont develop into a psychopath or listen to someone who would say that they will probably end up face down in a drain pool

  26. Mark of the beast is here stop staring at your phones and television technology is meant to mark your foreheads as property of satan our govt is against us

  27. To be safe from psychopaths and similar personalities you should be able to think how a psychopath thinks when needed without becoming one. It makes you see through manipulation and dismantle it and if you can actually do that at this point, you can't be a naive person anymore

  28. I’m beginning to question this methods of this mam’s teaching. There are red flags surrounding his use of language style of communication that appears to be inconsistent and victim blaming using the words “who come I was such a sucker” in this video. While at the same time he’s gesturing is like finger pointing to one particular student. This looks more like indoctrination rather than teaching.

  29. “That means you partake of the same essence”. Not necessarily so. It definitely does not mean that you partake of the same essence. The word ‘partake’ implies joining in and being complicit with. This isn’t good advice to give to young minds. Especially on the subject of psychopathy.

  30. Yea open season sure I was the Narcissist target he destroyed everything beautiful and sweet in me! Yup divorcing now and I will never ever allow that treatment again

  31. Step one : watch a Jordan Peterson video because you're illiterate and can't think for yourself.
    Step 2 : adopt Jordans inferiority complex and set up defenses from those cultural marxists who stole your masculinity from you.
    Step 3: suck all the freemasondicks you can fit in your mouth at one time

  32. I've got a couple dozen pair of other people's moccasins in my mental closet, always ready to go. Includes psychopaths, etc.

  33. Wow … Jordan Peterson that’s some serious shit that’s going on. You Are the father I Never had. Keep up with your grate content you are producing.

  34. It's said that one in three people will be a victim of a violent crime in their lifetime, mine was in 1990, a very violent armed robbery, I was beaten and left for dead, and I do have PTSD, I'm an ex Deputy Sheriff and do carry a gun, however that is not for everyone, you Sir, are spot on, there are many people who would benefit from listening to you, keep up the good work.

  35. Sociopath meets psychopath they both immediately know which is dangerous because no one can ever be allowed to know. Which is why they don't really get along

  36. I’m generally altruistic but I’ve always worried that other people have the same occasional sick thoughts as I do except not occasionally and without desire to stop them. Especially people I’ve argued with or potentially upset. The best bet is for everyone to just arm themselves to the teeth and prepare for the worst from everyone. That’s why I love this video. You have to embrace the malevolence inside you to accurately prepare for where it exists external to yourself. Being sad about malevolence only distracts from fighting it, and you have to understand why it’s real. Because it’s innate.

  37. This lecture is so insightful. I was raised in a kind of anti-social invironment, my parents were people with a low "socio-economic status", as you would call it in germany. My mother was so bitter about her life she lived so long with a violent and dominant husband, she couldn't seperate from. She spit her resentment on me in a very subtile way and displayed a "nice face", if other people exept my familymembers were around and pretended to be a good mother. My older sisters got me out of that hell I didn't perceived as hell by calling the youth-care office for help. So I grew up in a relatively stable forster family. But I recognised quiet fast, that there is lurking something dark and "cold" behind the interactions between them and the way, they behave towards me, that I couldn't make sense of.
    It was terrifying to realise, that I have the same potential like my father to act in the same manner he did. I spend years with running from that truth, which lead me to become a relatively well educated and relatively accepted member of society instead. Accepting that fact, encouraged due to psychoeducation not only from Peterson helped me accepting myself and withstand some horrible and frightening facts about myself and life in general.

  38. What kind of "horrible things" should I look at then too become a monster? Should I look up videos of torture and murder? I don't know what he means.

  39. Live in a crowded city! Every godamn day being over bombarded by these slow nasty amorphous masses of slowly scrambling idiots. You will come to despise these creatures called humans with a vitriol greater than being drained alive by mosquitoes. Earth will take care of it, hence the idiocy of shooting anything up as the species shouldn't last the ice caps melting and climate extremes.

    He be wrong about predators because some WANT YOU TO FIGHT BACK to bait you into being sucked into the penal system, especially if there be more than 1 or 2 of em. I say let the species eradicate itself. Live vicariously through the other humanoid creatures idiotic enough to throw their freedom away to poor impulse control. For vengeance against the human race one need not lift a hand, in under 30 years most coastal cities will be far less survivable than they be now. To dive a little into Daoist philosophy, one then destroys without destroying.

    If the observer have power, just enjoy watching the ship sink, no species is built to last, especially not this abomination we are collectively; the blight upon the fragile habitats of earth. This is not the shadow archetype or inner psychopath, because one need not construct such a thing in a every human for his fucking self environment anyway; nor do i justify the self centered idiocy of legitamately diagnosed psychopaths and sociopaths (interchangeable terminology) who would be more useful being culled off by an industrious war machine.

    This is the perspective of just one of many humans who have had enough, and my advice to them being don't do anything violent, or harmful, just enjoy that which is done and don't be caught in it. One needn't behave in malevolence to feast off of it's spoils.

  40. Been trying to avoid being a victim for a while now, but it has turned me bitter… whats the point i am missing here??? I have to face my inner monster? How do i even do that constructively lmao

  41. The ONLY cures for vengeance, hate, murder, and evil, aside from a whale’s daily dose of Xanax, are forgiveness, and love. The ONLY person you hurt holding onto vengeance, hate and revenge is yourself.

    My loving, amazing uncle was murdered with 7 co-workers at a workplace shooting in 2009 in CT, 3 months prior to his retirement after 35+ yrs at Bubweiser, ready to be a grandpa for the 1st time. This was before Sandy Hook, before Vegas, before mass shootings were the “in-thing” to do.

    I saw a video on youtube about a city kid who’s father killed his mom when he was young. Decades later, after finding forgiveness in his heart, he even built a loving relationship with him when he got out of prison because he was able to forgive, and let love conquer hate. And thats his own MOM that fot killed.

    I have yet to forgive the guy, Omar Thornton. I wish brutal things on him wherever in hell he is rotting. Oh things I would do if he were alive and didnt take the coward way out.

    I hope someday my heart can forgive him, so I can be at peace.

  42. My parents taught me to be respectful, but never taught me how to defend myself, so i spent most of my life being respectful to everybody…my life has been a living hell for years…now all i see is the worst in everyone…there's no hope for me coming back.

  43. Where was this when i was growing up. I got picked on bashed so fkn much just coz i was afraid and alone. But … going thru that n comin out th other end of that tunnel made me into th bloke i am today. Thank you to all th cunts that made my life a living hell thru my school years. I appreciate yall 🤙🏻😎

  44. I think that philosophy evil develops in tandem with discovering your boundaries, then the precarious practice of asserting your boundaries. Precarious because there are consequences for doing so, and they can range from merely terrifying us with implied threats, or paralyzing us with real threats. It's no joke, man. It's in the perilous navigation of this multidisciplinary learning curve, that people with no self definition discover what they are made of and how to make more of it. Anyway, as you learn about who you are, you are forced to reconcile with the evil that gripped you and that learning experience cannot but leave an indelible imprint on your soul. One of the great wins of such a journey, is the reclaiming of your full cognitive function and all the psychic energy that the sinkhole of victimhood spirals into.

  45. Amazing all these strings of mouth noises strung together so accurately describe what people are, have done, and have been for so many thousands of years. Absolutely amazing.

  46. Can you guys, Americans, package this video into your school whenever discussing the second amendment? Make them face their shadow so they can fight with those who weren't able to.

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