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Julie Bowen Channels Retro Ellen for Halloween

Julie Bowen has won two Emmys
for her role on Modern Family, but today she is tackling an
even funnier, and dare I say, sexier role. Here to tell us more about it,
about her, the one and only Johnny Carson. This is her first appearance
on network television, although she can be seen this
month on HBO’s young comedians special. And she’s working at the
Improvisation in San Diego this weekend. She’ll be at the San
Francisco Punchline the 3rd through the
6th of December, and at the Dallas
Improv December the 9th through the 14th. Would you welcome
Ellen DeGeneres. [MUSIC – “TONIGHT SHOW THEME”] [APPLAUSE] Hi. Hi. How you doing? How you doing? Good? Good. That’s good. That’s good. I’ve been– I’ve been
keeping in shape, you know. You have to. I’m getting older, 27. People say you don’t look
27, you look about 23. I guess I’m lucky it
runs in my family. I’ve got a grandmother who’s 97. She looks about 93. That whole fitness thing,
though, runs in my family, I think. My grandmother started
walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today, and we don’t
know where the hell she is. No, I’m kidding, we
know where she is. She’s in prison. I’m kidding I kid a lot because
I’m a comedian. People ask me, were
you funny as a child? Well no, I was an accountant. My parents were
incredibly cruel to me. I remember coming home
from kindergarten one day, well they told me
it was kindergarten. I found out later
I’ve been working in a factory for two years. Horrible, horrible. Thanks so much that’s my time. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – “TONIGHT SHOW THEME”] Hi, that was hilarious. That was you. I know. Yep, that was you. If you knew how many times I
did that in the mirror and then backwards in the mirror. Yeah, the rhythm
was really good. It was really hard. You talk really fast. Well I did. I used to talk really
fast when I was– I was nervous. It was my first time on Carson. I’m nervous. It was my first
time as you on you. First of all, whoever helped
you, you nailed the outfit. That is pretty darn
close to that outfit. Look at this. They made it because,
it’s hard to believe, but you cannot find this
off the rack anymore. It’s a shame. How did you– where
did you get this? I think Sinbad told me to
buy something like that. I was– I was taking
Sinbad’s advice back then. How did you sugge– what did he suggest? I don’t– Something blousy? Something blousy. I don’t know why. It’s just– You crushed it. Who cared? You crushed it. At the time, it– [APPLAUSE] The hair is very close. The hair is good. It was hard. It was hard. I offered to cut it. I just want you to know. I offered to go for the mullet. That committed? You were going to cut your hair? But as a child my mother said
I do not have a face for bangs. So I never had bangs
or a mullet as a child. Wait, your mother told you you
didn’t have a face for bangs? She might have been right. I mean, as we consider
this right now. Yes she did. She told me the truth. By the way, you look very like– doesn’t she look much
younger with a mullet? Like the mullet works on you. I do. I like it. I think I should consider this. You know it’s party in the
back, business in the front. Exactly. Ready to go. It’s easy maintenance. It’s really easy maintenance. Now first of all, thank
you, that was really– that was really great Oh my god. I’m so– my heart is– was your
heart coming out of your chest? Yes. You were on Carson. I was on fake Carson,
I almost just threw up. Yes, my heart was– oh,
it was very, very, yeah. I thought that the
mic would pick up my heartbeat or something. I was that scared. That– me too. Yeah. Me too. You did a great job, though. I mean really. The rhythm, the
cadence, everything. It’s so hard. It’s hard to be you. Yeah. Has anyone ever said that? Yes. Although right
now, I don’t know. Right now. It looks pretty good. Right now it feels
really good to be me.

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