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Julie Bowen Does the Best Sofía Vergara Impression

Julie Bowen Does the Best Sofía Vergara Impression

I mean, literally, you’ve
been on the show for 10 years, and your accent
has gotten worse. How is that possible? [LAUGHTER] Well, it’s a talent. It really is. I made a commitment
with myself that I am going to be Gloria, very
thick Latin spoken woman. Big Latin. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, you sure have. It is– it’s gotten worse
and worse over the years. I can barely understand you. All right, before the
break, we were talking about Sofia Vergara’s accent. And who does the
best Sofia Vergara? Julie. I think it’s Julie. Julie. Really? Julie. I just do it a lot. It doesn’t mean it’s good. Let’s hear it. It just means that a
higher volume of words come out of my mouth
than most people. But you have to give
me like a topic. Like– Yes, because it
comes natural to her. Yeah, it comes so natural to me. And of course, all I can
think of is disgusting things. You know, she said today,
she goes, what are you going to wear for Ellen? And I said, you know, I’m
going to wear– she goes, is it cocktail? [LAUGHTER] No, I’m wearing like trousers. But cocktail? Right, yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. I want to wear something
tight and like a Dulce maybe. But it will have fruit
on it or flowers, so you know it’s for the day. It’s not [INAUDIBLE]. And she did. [APPLAUSE] I don’t know why it
sounds like that. But I did tell her that. And you were right. And is it cocktail? That’s one that she always asks. Why would daytime be cocktail? I mean– Eh, not full length. You know, not black. I don’t know I always
come here cocktail. [LAUGHTER] I didn’t know [INAUDIBLE]. [INTERPOSING VOICES] This is like a cocktail dress,
which is not like a gown, but more like a sporty theme. Right. Is it– Like what you’re wearing. Ed, is this cocktail, Ed? This is definitely cocktail. This is Ed. This is extremely cocktail. [INAUDIBLE] This is going to
the supermarket. This is ’60s and
very comfortable. Yeah, Yeah. I want to show a
picture, and I want to see if you know who this is. This is how old? 16? No, 11. Oh. 11? That’s Julie. Oh my god. No, that’s Julie. That’s Sofia. It’s Sofia. I saw this, and I was
like, let me show you what I was like at 11. You will not mistake us. This is like your son. That’s little monkey face. That looks like your son. That’s an example. Sofia always gets the
funniest last thing. Yeah, I know that’s Sofia. It looks like Julie. But why? Do you think I look
sexy in that picture? You look beautiful. Yeah, you look– You just look beautiful. Yeah, your breast
contraption fell down though. [LAUGHTER] It’s lower. I’m sure– well,
this is not fair because I was obviously
at the photo shoot and she was at the farm. I was at the farm. [LAUGHTER] This is not fair for Julie. Obviously.

76 comments on “Julie Bowen Does the Best Sofía Vergara Impression

  1. There's only one way to settle this: everyone does their best Sofia impression and her son Manolo judges who does the best one.

  2. “This is not fair because I was obviously at a photo shoot and she was at the farm” 😭😭😭😭

  3. I’m tired of Ellen making jokes at Sofia’s expense. Let’s see you learn a new language… pinche gringa

  4. Sofia Vergara is one of the most genuine celebrities out there. She’s adorable and hilarious.
    Julie’s impression of her is spot-on too!

  5. Making fun of someone’s accent is not funny at all, although Sofía is faking her accent(probably) I’ve never seen any Colombian who has such accent when speaking English. But i just love everything about Sofía :/

  6. Okay I have already said I abuse a lot, but I also have right to show my anger, I'm inspired by hip-hop a lot 🙏 specially the foreign rappers abusing in every second or third line🙏

  7. i don’t like how ellen is saying sofia’s accent is getting worse, it’s just getting stronger. theres nothing wrong with it, everyone has an accent.

  8. Look at Ed O neil, sitting there pretending he's anything BUT Al Bundy…….give it up ED, you're Al Bundy

  9. Never really understood what a cocktail dress was so honestly Sofia is helping out gashion wise. Now I gotta get a flower or fruit one for day and blavk for nighttime

  10. Actually I heard she goes to an accent coach to make her accent thicker. If you watch interviews of her from 10-15 years ago, it's significantly less noticeable. So when Ellen says your accent was gotten worse, she's not wrong.

  11. Always Eric and Jesse are made to look like side actors when it comes to "Modern Family- Full Cast Interview"…😡

  12. Yes, you can only tease a person so much about an accent, then it get's tiring. I think Sofia's English has improved greatly. I wish she would tease Ellen about the way she dresses…

  13. Americans always make fun of non native English speakers because of their accent, Americans of course do not have accents in other languages since they don't speak any.

  14. the most relatable thing is when ellen asks who does the best accent and everyone but eric stonestreet says julie and he's just sitting there like 😐 me.

  15. I think Sophia is just conceited and vain! I have always thought she was beautiful but every time I see her now she always talks about her own beauty. It’s much more flattering when someone else says it instead of yourself Sophia!

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