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Land Rover Defender LED Dash Lighting Upgrade – Installation and Review

Land Rover Defender LED Dash Lighting Upgrade – Installation and Review

G’day I’m Brett. Now any driver of an early Defender will know
that the dash lighting isn’t quite up to scratch. The dim green lighting of the instruments
causes eye strain at the best of times. So I’m going to upgrade my lighting and put
those dim nights behind me. To do this I’ll be using these, white LED’s. Now LED’s are much more energy efficient and
last far longer than standard globes. These run at 0.7 Watts and these at about
1.2 Watts. These LED’s have a super wide 180 degree viewing
angle which should fill out the dials quite nicely
without causing hotspots. Now my dash uses T10 globes and these are
direct replacements which slot into your existing holder. I bought them online for about 40 Australian
Dollars. So to start take off the dash panel by removing
the several screws holding it in place. Unclipping the speedometer cable will give
you a little more room to move. Now simply remove the 5 globes and replace
with LED’s. These LED’s have polarity so must be inserted
the correct way to work. If they don’t turn on flip them round but don’t remove the LED’s while the light
switch is on or you might short it. Put the dash back together wait till dark and enjoy a nice bright readable dash. Catch you next time.

38 comments on “Land Rover Defender LED Dash Lighting Upgrade – Installation and Review

  1. Wow!! What a change in lighting! Whats the number of the LED replacement bulb?? T10 are the originals? Did you say the dash has 5 bulbs? Great video!

  2. @SergioMZA
    Hey mate.. yep.. It's most likely a T10 bulb… but check your dash first in case it's different! And 5 bulbs.. 2 in the speedo and 1 in each of the dials.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. @bzrut
    Thanks mate.. You will have to pull off your dash and check what type bulbs it uses, or refer to your manual. LED's can easily be found online from various LED specialist stores. πŸ™‚

  4. @MrJoho987 Yes mate.. original engine. Only a few of the parts have been replaced like the starter motor, harmonic balancer and I think the head gasket at one time and a few oil seals. 200tdi's are rock solid. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Brett, when you say from LED specialist stores, can you provide some names of some the stores you visited just to make life a bit easier. After watching what you've done here, I'm tempted pretty much to do the same on TD5 130.
    Thanks mate.

  6. @yehudiadelphos1 Hey mate I bought from There are a couple other specialists in Australia. You really just have to open up your dash and see what size bulbs it takes. Probably either T10 or T5. Have fun!

  7. @BushmanProductionsAU Thanks very much for the info, much appreciated. So, no trouble with the speedo after you reconnected it? When you bought the globes for $40 bucks, how many did you get all up? Well, it still looks good to me.

  8. @yehudiadelphos1 The speedo works fine.. Just make sure the cable "Clicks" back into position. I bought 6 globes, so use 5 and keep 1 spare. πŸ™‚ Thanks for watching.

  9. @yehudiadelphos1 Hey mate! Mmm.. December wouldn't be the best of times unless I wanted to stay up there 3-4 months! πŸ˜‰ Won't be up the Cape for some years. Thinking of doing the NT when I get a chance. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Brett! Thanks for the great video! New Landy girl here managed to replace them easily thanks to the easy to follow steps! Went for the blue leds tho! Look great tho maybe not as bright as yours! Wish I knew i'd need 5 not 4 tho – two for the speedo!!!

  11. @BushmanProductionsAU hi i did an Led upgrade vid on my Terrano but they could be a bit brighter im going to get some SMD globes, they are like leds but multi directional and are meant to be better. I will do a vid when I change the leds

  12. @trulymeparker LED's have advanced a lot in the last few years. You may have bought 2 chip SMD's instead of the 6 chip I installed. It makes a lot of difference. Thanks for watching.

  13. @BushmanProductionsAU the ones i have are just one single led and they are pretty useless but definetely brighter than the normal candescent globe. I will get the SMD t10 that have 9 leds on them so if i get 4 globes that's 36 lights in the dash! That will make a big difference in brightness for sure

  14. @BushmanProductionsAU hey i installed the 9 smd ones, wow, its unreal! Much brighter now. Glancing at the dash at night time is a breeze, no more guessing

  15. @schmidt650 Um.. not totally sure but don't think they are.. you want something like I have in the video with a T10 fitting. eg. You can find plenty on eBay. Thanks.

  16. Hello , I would like to know if the effect obtained with the new bulbs t10 led is also given by the removal of green glass behind the tools or if you left it mounted .
    thank you

  17. Do any of you have any clue, what are the MPG for the Defender is like? I'm moving to Fiji for a business reason and I am going to purchase a defender from Australia or Japan.

  18. hey there..I have a td5 2002 and the loghts are way different. they are tiny compared to the T10 and come in a switch like platform that plugs into a cable. any ideas where I can get these?

  19. Are the T10s available in different sizes? I have a 1994 NAS D90 but the T10s I got don't quite fit in the sleeve. They fit the connector, but not the gauge itself. The diameter of the LED is just a touch too large. Are the gauge sleeves removable? Maybe I can drill them out. Here are the LEDs I purchased (which are too big).

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