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Learn About gMed, a Modernizing Medicine Company

Learn About gMed, a Modernizing Medicine Company

Hey! We know you’re busy. Patients to take care of, appointments to make, staff to manage, an entire practice that relies on
you to run smoothly. That’s a lot to handle so we’re here to
help. We’re gMed a Modernizing Medicine Company and our gGastro software will have
your practice working smarter faster and more profitable than ever before. gGastro is an electronic health record
and endoscopy report writer designed specifically for the unique needs of
gastroenterology centers like yours. It works by streamlining workflow,
integrating your endoscopy rooms and your practice to reduce the need for
unnecessary dual entry into multiple systems, but it doesn’t end there. gGastro has a wealth of other tools to
help your office run more effectively. Tools such as integrated practice
management which makes billing and scheduling a breeze. A patient reminder
system and built-in intelligent coding save you both time and resources. gGastro’s patient portal makes communicating with your patients more
transparent and efficient. Patients can fill out forms prior to their visit, send
secure messages to your staff and check lab results, reducing your time spent on
the phone so you can focus on the patients in your office. Tools like these
can help increase revenue while reducing your overhead gGastro is Meaningful Use
certified and ICD-10 compliant. gGastro can even prove to you that it’s helping
your practice. The built-in analytics and benchmarking tool will clearly
illustrate clinical, financial and operational data. Plus these reporting
features are not limited to your practice alone. You can compare your
statistics to practices regionally and nationwide. So are you starting to see how gGastro
can make your life easier? Great! Visit today to schedule
your free demo we look forward to partnering with you.

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