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oh man look at this thing it’s like a
windmill of death no good buddy my name is fynnpire we’re back we’re playing undead
development we’re continuing on with this map today we’re up to wave six
these are about to get pretty crazy from here on in that’s where the zombies
start coming in really fast now I’ve got a stack of guns here already that we can
use to build with right I’m hoping that I don’t need to really use too many guns
on this wave we’ll see how we go I’ve got the desert eagle or as someone calls
it the deagle which just sounds like something that hangs off a sheep’s bum
I’ve totally taken off his arm I’m gonna take off the leg we take off his helmet
yes we can’ him there goes his head all right we’re good so I’ve got a grenade
launcher I think I’ve got another grenade launcher right there I’ve got
two of those things I’ve got this machine gun which is an
MLM G I think and we’ve got this thing now in the last video someone said that
this thing is called a Draganov and it’s from Game of Thrones you guys are super
helpful though like telling me the gun names and stuff cuz I don’t know man
I don’t know the guns but I’m glad you guys know the guns all right and we’ve
got this one I don’t know what this one is that’s fine
I’m just going to take out all these dudes with them though just to get my
yep my melee weapons that are nailed to the walls here just a little bit of a
break take that one dude this is a seriously powerful gun do you see the
way I’ve got that guys vomiting on my house could you not vomit on my house
please I just I just had the carpets cleaned
what just happened what what is that why is everything burning right now oh
that must have been the Molotov all right wait we good we’re good let’s take
out that guy that guy just dropped a 6-iron take out that guy’s well we’ve
got guns dropping everywhere which is super quick all right take a super
zombie Oh katana awesome take that champ oh you guys remember in the
last video I made a grenade katana right or the the boom tana as it was called
and it basically glitched out of existence and it was a really sad moment
for Humanity I take that champ yes three at once how good is this gun I know what
it is it’s some kind of assault rifle or machine gun or something it’s not as
good as the dragon slaying dragon off oh this is terrible I feel like I’m some
kind of assassin with this one it makes like a boo boo sound like it’s got a
silencer or something on it yeah there we go
I don’t even know if that will do anything I’m just gonna nail it there
though someone can take it if they want they could just drop by and take it like
a goodwill thing all right what do we got what do we got I can’t believe how
many these little you like a brick things just came out of there that was
heaps I hate these things though so I’m gonna shoot there we go
that’s how you get rid of them you just shoot oh my god I can’t believe how many
knives and stuff got thrown out of this one this was good it’s gonna take some
of her man we’ve also got this Gitana all right I’m just gonna nail it right
there bang awesome
we’ll get this bear trap put the bear trap there as well I’ve got a flashlight
I’m gonna vacuum that up what else we have we’ve got this knife we have three
of these now someone had an awesome idea on the last video to wear nail these
sorts of items together right to basically make a death frisbee if we can
build this awesome death frisbee we’re gonna throw it at some zombies
look at this thing it’s like a windmill of death Can I grab that just trying to
just reach oh there we go yes okay I’m gonna drop that right there
and I’m gonna get back wow that was close
now guys drop a present it’s a present it’s Christmas it’s not
an actual present oh my god what is even happening right now
dude I just killed Santa zombie he’s got a Christmas hat on no way I don’t even
know that was a thing oh that is the best man I wonder what I got as a
present I bet it’s good I bet it’s good what’s in this
just some ammo oh there’s so many zombies here you can take out the
exploding one that’ll kill a fear Christmas time this game is fun to take
that cheeps alright that was this guy Kittanning super zombie over there just
confident big time no Santa just exploded all they goes that guy’s head
can I get some more presents presents of fun presence is so much fun marci a few
guests last video that on my shirt I had John wick which was which is pretty good
cuz I thought the image was gonna be too small for people to see so well done
with that and of course on my shirt this week we’ve got everyone’s favorite
Pokemon Pikachu it’s big it’s getting yes man this is good all is 40 going had
an exploiter guy get in that one it’s Santa Claus
see you later sin there he goes what do we got it we’ve got another deagle
alright freshly picked off a sheeps bump this is
a deagle can we make a dude Eagle lobe teego what is it gonna be I’m actually
really excited like I said I didn’t even know this game had Christmas oh yes stop
it all right we’ve got ammo we’ve got one of these just bear trap I’m gonna
put that bear trap right there all right we’ve got ourselves a mine I’m
gonna chuck the mine just in this little swamp thing all right that is actually
Shrek swamp okay it is just to be clever you lay all this grenade right there and
whatever anyone’s gonna set it off I can this’ll work
what’s hemming that on there let’s get this grenade back there we go
just put that on there like that hammer the grenade to the post now when the
green super zombie comes along spits it on there hopefully it blows up the
grenade and kills everybody yeah yep yep that’s pretty good it’s not very
straight though all right yes awesome we just need a melee weapon for this one
to go up the other side and then we will call this thing wait for it
the dragon’s lair and you can even see the little image there that’s fire and
brimstone let’s do it what guns we have we’ve got the dude eagle and we’ve got
our nice one we’ve got all these things isn’t is this an RPG or not because I
thought an RPG stood for rocket-propelled grenade right this is
this a grenade on the end here because I wouldn’t have thought so
noise go ahead take that all right I’m gonna get him now
I missed again I’m just wasting Rockets right now
– serious it went like under his armpit this guy take that champ
you probably shouldn’t set off a year a rocket launcher like that so so close to
your own face hey the grenade did go off but I didn’t
even see it happen nice yeah it’s cool
take this Santa Claus ping all the coins in here as well how’d you even get in
here nice nice
I get really paranoid man I tell you what when it comes to like naming guns
and stuff with you guys watching me you’re like such pros with the names and
things hey what’s that one that’s a different one as well got him
all this one this thing is so good this is without a doubt one of the best guns
in the game oh nice it’s another one of them we’ve got two of them now here we
go box number 68 what do we got
hammers all sorts of crap I’ve got a few these things look at this awesome stash
of weapons of God I’ve got heaps one if this remote works for any of these – I
don’t know I’m a bit scared to trigger the remote I’m still waiting for another
knife for this thing right I’m really hoping I get another knife fingers
crossed where’d this one come from huh take that
take that dude yes open doorway got him I’m gonna change this so like that I
think that will be more effective being that way alright don’t B’s trying to get
in yes one yes that works so much better
doing it that way I’m gonna have to do it what you gonna have to do whatever
this side as well all right that guy’s gonna die let’s grab this I’m just gonna
do that that was pretty awesome there we go that should get them
crawling through as well I had it on the wrong angle look at all these guys no
way somehow we managed to get through all right I think we need better weapons
guys are actually just coming through somehow where’s this shotgun there we go
that’s how you take them in it’s an absolute stack load of zombies getting
through this is insane I thought heaps more of them would have been getting
busted up on the noise it’s like they’ve worked out how to get through no way the
kite just ran through all those knives like there were nothing dance this stuff
I told you guys that knife fear was gonna work way better what just happened
I got like a present and it just exploded into a buttload of weapons
doored stick weapons in your butt that’s not what I’m saying this is the final
weapon that I wanted to enter this thing just gonna nail that on there like that
and there we have it how do I hold this how do I even hold this epic gun that
I’ve made it’s just like that this gun I’m calling the Dragon Slayer all right
which is very clever on my part because it’s got a dragon off on the inside I’m
probably saying that wrong and this joke is completely wasted things are starting
to get pretty serious now we’re on what wave we on that I think we just did wife
9 maybe wave 10 begins told you guys things are getting pretty nuts let’s get
one of these knives we’re gonna upgrade some stuff let’s do it what do we got
here we’ve gone where’s where’s my gun gone where’s the dragon slam there it is
here it is I stuck one of these right there right could we do with another one
on here no I think that would cover it up too
much all right here we go got him got him
she doesn’t do enough damage the actual I I know as a collective weapon it does
insane amounts damage but the the Dragunov is a very low damage weapon in
my opinion sir mash Tim got a suitcase there to open I was hoping I’d have a
few more presents given that it’s Christmas time yes
ROG this is such a good just missed let’s go again the whole time let’s just
know who the game is crashed oh you’re serious
we’re just happening begun it just rolled it’s the Dragon Slayer is gone
what wave are we even on wave 10 begins and my Dragon Slayer just disintegrated
it’s alright it will rise once again hopefully I get some presents this round
though if I get some more presents you know it’s Christmas time and Finn’s
gotta be happy oh that was epic that was such a good explosion
well done champ got these super zombie over there is quite a large land and
take him out with the deed eagle I’ve got this thing as well love this one
take that cheap just do just drop some concrete that’s me after I’ve had 15
tacos poo jokes we live computer came back how did the computer come back
something seriously broke with this game when it froze a moment ago got him
pardon God of God I’ve got him yes this is the best gun
this one is honestly the best gun I’m so glad it’s part of the dragon-slaying
combo what is that they’re doing what oh just ignore physics then fine this is a
bear trap there buddy I can hear fire going on in the other
room how is that possible where’d all this fly come from all this
thing’s busted as well it’s like everything that I mailed to the ground
has like come off all right I’ll fix that I’ll fix it got a
disruptive gun hot any kind of wishes some of the zombies actually fired some
of these weapons at the caring to mash them alright let’s put that in their
bank got him wave ten done and dusted are you serious even that thing there
this thing broke

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