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Let’s Start to Game Development Adventure!

Let’s Start to Game Development Adventure!

Smooth and fast, team coordination,
loading items and more, fancy characters and costumes, immersive stories and
different ways for every selection we are talking about computer games. Hello
ladies and gentlemen I am UnsureGameDev. The purpose of the channel is to
tell you what happened while I was learning game programming and to share
the information what I learned. It’s been a week and I want to share my research
with you. In the first place I started to research in game
programming while I was doing the research by encountering two different
topics. One of them we know it’s a game programming the other one is game
designer let’s started with game designing. Game designers is a creative person who
dreams up the overall design of a video game. On the other hand game developers
covered game designer ideas to reality. Generally game developers uses game
engine or developing gaming engine after that use this game engine and developed
game. I know it’s a little bit confusing so never mind. What do we need for game
programming let’s sort it out. As a result of the research I need to learn
3D design, game engine and so on. Let’s start with game engines. In my case I have two
options. One of them is Unreal Engine 4 the other one is Unity 3D. Unreal Engine
4 is a powerful game engine for 3D games because engine provides more power in
the graphical site also 2D games can be developed. Inside of the game engine has
paper 2D development Unreal Engine uses C++ language and it
has built in blueprints programming language to. On the other case Unity 3D
is a powerful game engine for 2D game development. It also has great tools and
features for 2D game development also 3D games can be developed to. Unity Engine
uses C# programming language for programming game. I don’t want to give
too much detail but I will share some link and you can find more information
about these two different game engines. Now let’s go to the programs that I need
after the game engine. 3D Design program. My choice in 3D Design is Blender 3D
because it is free open-source and there are many tutorials we can find on
YouTube and Udemy. Also it has tutorials on its own website. In a design
side we need a digital painting programs too because of that I choose Krita
forest purpose. It’s also free and open source program and you can go and
download them on your website and also you can find a documentation how to use
it. And finally, of course I need integrated development environment. In a
Windows site Visual Studio and Visual Studio code good option for this purpose. If
you are using GNU/Linux operating system the visual studio code is a good option.
In my past experience, I will say Visual Studio Code is a good options for
developing any program for any programming language and it’s also
cross-platform because of that you don’t need to learn new IDE when you switch
in your operation system. And now time to the result of the week. After my research I decided to learn Unreal
Engine at the same time I decided to start Blender 3D to. Thank you so much for
listening to me do not forget to subscribe and like my channel. Finally, I
hope that your comments will happen improve this channel.
Good to see you next week. Bye!

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