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Lip Sync Battle Shorties Preshow (with Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family”)

Lip Sync Battle Shorties Preshow (with Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family”)

– Welcome to the pre-show,
today we are extra excited for an all new special
Lip Sync Battle Shorties. – This is very exciting! I mean, it’s hosted by the
brilliant Sarah Hyland, and all of the
contestants, are kids. It’s a new generation
of lip-syncers. – Yeah, so if you’ve ever
like, loved Lip Sync Battle but thought in the
back of your mind, “I wonder what it would
be like if they had, like, tinier contestants, or
less old contestants” then this is the show for you. (upbeat music) – I mean, this is
wonderful, you know, these kids are gonna get
to achieve their dreams, follow in the footsteps
of their lipsync idols, make people happy,
ugh, I love kids. You love kids too, right Ell? – I assume so, yeah,
I mean I haven’t hung out with any
since I was one. What if they don’t like me? – No, you’re fine, your
face isn’t that creepy. – I didn’t say
anything about my face, why would you bring up my face? – Look, if you’re
worried about it, let’s just have an onset medic run a diagnostic on
your inner child. – Is that a thing? – Let’s say yes! – How bad is it Doctor? – It’s bad. Using my doctor
camera, I was able to capture this footage
of your inner child. (dramatic music) (coughing) – Ugh. – Yes, chilling. Elliott, I want you to tell me what you see in these
inkblots, alright? – A briefcase.
– [Doctor] Okay. – Brown loafers. 401k. Floss. An affordable bed and breakfast, I should book that now actually. – [Doctor] It’s not real. More floss. – Alright, Elliott, I’m
gonna have you stop there. You need to reconnect
with your inner child, so I’m going to prescribe you
one comically large lollipop which I need you to
consume right now. Take a bite. There you go. (triumphant music) – It worked. Now that I’m back in
touch with my inner child, everything seems brighter
and more vibrant. There’s candy everywhere,
this is fantastic, I feel like a kid again,
it’s like a candy bar. It’s like a candy bar. Omm. Omm. Oh! (laughs) Elliott wins again. It’s like all of my wildest
dreams have come true, and to think it
all happened just because of my
childlike imagination. I wonder what else I can
create with my childlike imagi, what? Oh, it’s not my
childlike imagination. They just built a new
set, okay, that’s fine, I know, I was just,
I was doing a bit, you know, it still looks
great though, two thumbs up. (sniffs) Now, this time around, the
format stays mostly the same, but we’ve had to
make a couple tweaks, you know, for the
kids, like establishing the show’s first-ever swear jar. The way this works is
somebody says a bad word, or is a little bit profane, they just have to stick
a coin right in here so we can discourage
any kind of profan– (coins clinking) – I know myself. – I got it. Hey guys, I am here
with Sarah Hyland, who is hosting the Lip
Sync Battle Shorties. Without giving
anything away, Sarah, what can you tell
everybody about the show? – We have an amazing show
in store for all of you guys with the most amazing
talented dancers, there’s the Shortie crew,
there are four performers and they’re gonna
knock your socks off. – What’s been your favorite part about hosting the
show specifically? – Meeting the kids,
they’re so much fun. They have the most energy, ever. – [Elliott] It’s kinda
scary I think, right? – [Sarah] I think
they’ve given them all the Pixy Stix in the world. – If Haley Dunphy were
performing on the show, what song do you think
she would lipsync to? – I feel like Haley Dunphy
would do a Lizzie McGuire song. – Finally, you were
still a teenager when you first started
on Modern Family, so do you have any
advice for these kids as they’re like entering
into the spotlight for the first time,
before they blow up? – Oh boy. – This is where is all starts, on Lip Sync Battle Shorties.
– [Sarah] Stay in school! Stay in school. – Stay in school everybody. – Stay in school. – Hey guys, I’m here
with Tabitha D’umo, a choreographer here at
Lip Sync Battle Shorties. Tabitha, thanks for
sitting down with– – Of course! – Appreciate it. Tabitha, how’s your day goin’? – Goin’ great, it’s a crazy,
stressful, fun, exciting, and everything all
rolled up into one. – That’s so many
good adjectives. If you can teach a kid to dance, I’m assuming you could teach pretty much anybody
to dance, right? Do you have any tips for, say,
somebody who might be like, around 6’2″, and very
awkward sometimes. Any basic things that
someone like that could use? – Um… So like, keeping
your feet planted, and then you pick one
body part that you think, you know, can hit that cadence. Once you know the
hips are goin’, and they find the beat,
then you can just let it all come out everywhere
else and you’ll be fine. – Oh really, and
it just spills out. – Yeah. – Okay, I thought for
a second that took years of training and
that kinda thing and– – Don’t let him fool ya. – Well Tabitha, thank
you very much for joining us for this interview.
– [Tabitha] You’re welcome. – I’m gonna take your tips
and, somebody’s gonna take your tips and use them to
the best of their ability. Wow, Lee, what a good day. You know what, to be
honest with you too, I feel like I finally have
my youthful twinkle back. – Honestly, you look twinklier. (laughs) – What was that?
– [Lee] What? – That noise that just
came out of my mouth. – Laughter. – People do that?
– [Lee] Oh my God. Well, thank you everybody
for watching this pre-show. If you wanna see adorable kids, check into Lip Sync Battle
Shorties hosted by Sarah Hyland. – (laughs) I did it again! I’m getting very good at
this, it’s a new skill. I’m gonna add it to my resume. – Laughter? – Yeah.

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