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Lipstick That Changes the Way You Talk! (ft. Manny Mua)

Lipstick That Changes the Way You Talk! (ft. Manny Mua)

(unicorn hoof beats clattering) (mellow music) – Hi, welcome to Sefora, with
an F because of copyright. (ding) – Yeah I’m looking for some new lipstick. – Great, what did you have in mind? – I don’t know. I mean my personality kind of sucks so I’m looking for something to fix that. – I have the perfect thing. Try our new Talk Filter line. – What the hell is a talk filter? – Try one. – Sexy Rouge. Hm, sounds like a porno crayon. – Girl French makes
everything sound like porn. – Touche. I don’t see what the big
deal about this lipstick is. Like, it just makes me want
to climb on this table, wrap my legs around you
and bite your lower lip until it hurts. What the hell? – Sorry sister, you’re
barking up the wrong tree. – I know, oh my god I’m so sorry. I just, I just feel like a coach you know, and you’re a gymnast. I just want to come over there
and try to make you flip. – Doubt it. – Maybe you’ve just never experienced a woman who’s done it right. – That’s because I am the
woman who does it right, sis. Makeup wipe? – Yeah. (laughs) I am so sorry. I am usually not that forward. – That makes one of us. (laughs) – What is this one? Nerdy Nights, ooh. I really don’t get how
this lipstick works. It’s almost like the
pigment from the lipstick is affecting my Broca’s area, which is formed by the pars triangular and pars opercularis of the interferior frontal gyrus therefore affecting my
production of speech. (gasps) – I didn’t know Sheldon
Cooper was a cute brown girl with cute little boobs. – Aw, these old mammary glands. – Here try this one. – You know darling, I’ve
been here for what seems like an eternity and someone
has yet to offer me an iced latte, or at the
very least a moist towelette or a hydrating face mist. – From ladies free before
10 club, to country club, like that.
(snaps) Bougie Pink – Be a love and show me some products from the Michael Kors line. – Michael Kors doesn’t have a beauty line. – Well I’ll tell you this. My life is becoming more and
more difficult by the moment. – Do tell. – First my barbaric driver bumps the curb and nearly breaks my pearls. I’ve been here for a lifetime
without an iced latte and it’s been 20 minutes since I’ve sniffed
anything lavender scented. – Girl I’m going to need one of those. – Isn’t it sad that I feel
the need to wear makeup or society won’t accept me? (melancholy music) – Buzzkill Gray. – I’m a slave to the social constructs that have been embedded into my psyche and now I feel like if I
don’t have a strong highlight on my cheek I am unworthy. – Well, it’s not completely wrong. – Ooh, Liar Liar. Sounds fun. Where is this one? – Sorry, we’re all sold out. We just sent a huge
shipment to the White House. But try this one. It’s Nicki Minaj’s new nude shade. – This lipstick be so poppin’, feel like Barbie when I’m talkin’. Boys want cookies and cream. I’m like this ain’t Baskin Robbins. Ain’t no floppin’ when I’m droppin’. Ain’t no croppin’ when I’m flauntin’. The whole pic is so lit,
ain’t no face to fix in it. Put moscato in my glass and
there ain’t no mixing it. Yeah my money is my crew. Yeah my money is my fetus,
all the rest are my sons and you ain’t gone beat us. – Girl, my wig just flew all
the way off to South Korea. – That was exhausting. I need something more simple. Like this. I don’t like to complicate things, you know like makeup and relationships. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I should just date my brother. – What? – Yeah I mean that way
I wouldn’t even have to change my last name. – Forbidden Romance. Take that off. Incest is nasty. Unless you’re Jon Snow and Daenerys, and in that case yas. – Wait what’s this one? Old Taylor Swift. Okay I have to try this. – Sorry girl, she’s discontinued. Yeah like her way. – What happens if you mix the lipsticks. – Let’s take this one
and let’s take this one. – I just want your phalanges
all over my epidermis. I want to increase your
production of oxytocin. – Let’s try these two. – This one is for the gentleman with the rather booming
system, top lowered, air conditioning with the cooling system. When I arrive at the
venue he is blazing up. Got investments on
deck, must be saving up. – This is so fun. One second. (laughing) You gonna buy something or not? (booming) – [Lilly] What the hell is top filter? – What do I say? (laughing)
(beep) – Do it one more time
where you’re almost like, Michael Kors doesn’t have one. – Perfect, more (bleep). – Yeah exactly.
(laughing) It’s like the pigment is
affecting my Broca’s area which is formed of the pars
triangular pars operculis? (beep) Which is formed of the pars
triangular and pars opercularis interfer— Pars opercularis… – [Kyle] Of the interfer– – Of the interferior frontal… – [Kyle] Gyrus. – Which is formed by the pars triangular and the pars opercularis
of the interior designing. (beep)
It’s almost as if the pigment from the lipstick is affecting my Broca’s
area which is formed by the pars triangular and pars opercularis– (screaming)
(beep) Formed by the pars triangular
and pars opercularis of the interferior gyrus
frontal lobe of my production. (laughing) Frig! Is formed by the pars
triangular and pars opercularis of the interferior frontal
gyrus therefore production my– Oh I was so close. Frig, F me, F me. (laughing) (boom) Hey thank you so much for
watching this video with– – Manny MUA. – He’s literally the best. Subscribe to him, he’s an angel. His link is in the description. Do it now! Want to watch similar videos to this one? Right over there. My second vlog channel is dope. Check it out, it’s right there. Make sure you subscribe
because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday. One love Superwoman. That is a wrap and zoop. Hi!

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  1. Hey lovers! Isn't Manny THE BEST?! Ugh. Obsessed. Also, #SuperSixty starts now which means I'll be responding to comments under this video for the next 60 minutes. And GO! xo

  2. When she said that sometimes she thought that she should just date her brother I was going to college Alabama Ashley

  3. Lily: ooooo liar liar where is this one?
    Manny: sorry we are all sold out we made a HUGE shipment to the White House.
    Me: oh that explains why Donald trump isn’t in jail yet.

  4. when she said she feels like she wants to date her brother i thought the lipstick was ganna be called Alabama

  5. omg i want the nicki minaj lippy. im her biggest fan and i can never sing to her fast songs. lllooolll

  6. Lilly: liar liar Owww Sounds fun ??where is it?
    James Charles: amm.. sorry we're sold out a huge shipment to the white house

    Me: FACTS thAT nevEr been told

    WHO eLse felt like that ?

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