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Live PD: Change the Tire or Go to Jail (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Change the Tire or Go to Jail (Season 4) | A&E

– We’re going to a disturbance
with weapons between, sounds like, a mother and her son. The son has a knife and
busted the mother’s tires. It should be coming
up here to the left. Look like he busted
it with a knife. She caught a flak. [door opens] – Let’s go. [knocking] – What’s going on, man? – He picked me up from school,
and we were talking about how he does this and he does that. And he does this for the truck,
and he does that for the truck. – What does he do for the truck? – Fix the motor. – Oh, OK. So he fixes the truck
when it breaks down? – Yeah. And so I told him, I said,
well, I pay the insurance, and I never get to drive it. And when I said that,
he pulled on the side, well, drive your truck. So I got in the driver’s side. We pulled up right here, and
they had some young ladies in the back. And the young– – So he asked somebody
to ride with y’all? – Yeah.
– Where they at? – They left.
Now – OK. – He says, well, I’m
going to drive them home. I’m bringing you home. I said, no, this is my truck. You’re not taking it. – Well, I’ll pull you
out the truck again. He got out, sliced the tire,
was going to change the tire, (CRYING) and that’s
when I called y’all. – So did he ever pull you
out of the truck just now? – No. – OK. – He just threatened to
pull you out the truck? – He threatened me. He didn’t touch me. I didn’t touch him. – Yeah. The first time,
it barely cut it. It wasn’t going out. She tried to drive
somewhere, man. I mean, yo, ask her. She’ll tell you. She tried to drive
off with my [bleep].. She wasn’t driving my [bleep]. I bought the tire, bro. I understand it’s on her
truck, so it’s her [inaudible].. You know what I’m saying? I understand that, man. – He’s done sliced four
tires on my truck before. I had to change
all four of them. – He stay with you? – Not anymore. – So what he’s doing
with you right now? – ‘Cause he’s living
out the truck. – She can keep it. I told her that. You can– I don’t want it. – Well, then, OK. – But don’t ask me to fix
it next time it break. – Then don’t fix it. – Don’t ask me to drive it when
you don’t feel like driving. Don’t– would you leave me? Get out of my life. – Why you with her? Why you with her then? Why you want to run out then? – Because I had
to go pick her up. – You just said you didn’t
want her in your life, bro. – Do that, then.
You’re right. – I’m just saying– – Can I get my stuff and go? – You’re not free
to leave just yet. – OK, thank you. – What you want done? – All right. Mr. Derek, where’s
the spare tire? – Underneath the truck, sir. – Could you fix that? – Yes, sir, – All right, let’s get to it. [door opens] – [bleep] – They got into a argument. The son had a few girls
inside the vehicle that he wanted to go
have a fun time with. The mama said we
wasn’t having it. So the son gets mad, jumps
out the car, and says, well, just give me my stuff,
and I’mma leave. She was going to take
off with all his stuff, so he slashed the tires. – When it’s running,
it’s her truck. When it’s broke, it’s my truck. – Yeah. She told me that. – Oh, she going to
be honest with you. But I can’t put the
truck in my name. My license is
suspended three years. I’ve got three driving under
suspensions and nothing I could do about it,
and she knows that. Trust me. – She don’t want
him to go to jail. She just want him
to fix the tires. Plus, he disconnected
the battery. Said, like, hey, man, look,
either you fix the tires or you go to jail. So he decided to fix the tires,
put the battery back in place, and they going to go
about their business.

100 comments on “Live PD: Change the Tire or Go to Jail (Season 4) | A&E

  1. Glad he knifed the tire and not his mother, oh wait he's still in possession of the knife and they drove off together. 😮

  2. Admits he was driving and then 10 minutes later tells the cops he's a habitual driving revoked offender. Love it.

  3. That guy is pathetic af. Smfh. American culture doesn't care about family. Glad I was born in a Pakistani culture. We value family.

  4. Dude legit admitted to picking her up, and then goes onto say his license is suspended. Should’ve stuck with the 5th amendment 😂

  5. – says it’s his tire and he wants it back
    – slashes it and makes it worthless

  6. Having your sub woofer wired like that is super dangerous. Go through the firewall, you hack. Also, why do I feel like I’ve seen this episode before 🧐

  7. Raw crawfish
    Sweet & sour crawfish
    Fried crawfish
    Asian crawfish
    Crawfish stew
    Pickled crawfish
    Hot boiled crawfish
    I think that's it

  8. Guy is fat and ugly but rolling around with girls while living in his mom's SUV and I'm sitting on the couch with my dog and single. 😂 🤷‍♂️

  9. How are we sure that this episode isn't taking place in Russia with the guy squatting like a Slav?
    (Flat feet on ground)

  10. that half assed power wire for the amplifier running through the door jam… 0:55

    should have went with a bigger gauge and ran it through the firewall… the right way…

  11. Suspended license, busted 3 times while under suspension – just admitting it to the cops after he picked her up .. why aren't the cops mentioning it ??

  12. Let's see ..she can get out of his life but he needs a ride home from work …doesn't live with Mom anymore but now lives in her suv …the tires belong to him because he paid for them but slashes them anyway ..something tells me this guy is not the brightest bulb on the market 🤔

  13. "When its running its her truck… when its broken its my truck"…. Well dude that about sums up the women in your life…. its reminds me of what my father use to say… when you're buying the beer you have more friends than you know what to do with…

  14. I would never ever think about talking to my parents like this. My parents sacrificed so much for me and my sister working long hours just so we have food on the table I pray that this mom and son will work things out. Respect your parents.

  15. That Louisiana accent sounds so cool. I don’t know what it is but I love it. It sounds like a Boston accent but southern too. Awesome

  16. He said he drives and he picked her up but then he says I can’t have it in my name I have a suspended license lol wow how dumb

  17. Needs takn behind the ol wood shed a taught a lesson in respect,,punk lil boy,,thats your mom,you only have one,,if it wasnt for her ,you wouldn't be here

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