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Living the Change (2018) – Official Documentary Trailer

Living the Change (2018) – Official Documentary Trailer

We’re currently facing massive climate, economic, social, environmental crises Being sustainable is not just a nice
thing to do. Being unsustainable isn’t just a bit unfortunate, it is an
existential threat to our species. We actually need to do something about it or we’re gone. There are no real issues, we can solve
all of them. I woke up one morning and jumped out of bed without even being conscious yet saying “I’m gonna start a local currency!” Sort of out of necessity
I started this organic waste collection. Instead of that all going into a hole in
the ground it gets returned back to the soil. We did this crazy thing where
we thought right we’re gonna try and make no rubbish for the entire year. We teach the children how to grow everything themselves and we harvest
what they’ve grown and turn it into lunch. 23 years ago we started developing
the food forest system here. We’ve got 480 different species of plants at last count. The powerful thing is that with regenerative agriculture we can not only produce an abundance of food but we can do it in a way that regenerates the land, that sequesters carbon, that nurtures and supports biodiversity. The ecological crisis comes from treating the earth as an other as just a bunch
of stuff. If we really were in love with the planet and incorporated that love
into all of our systems we would not have an ecological crisis. This used to be a postural desert, it was just grass, and this is what people can do. You
can create heaven on earth. You’ve probably had those moments of despair where you think it’s just hopeless and the world is always gonna be this way,
but there’s also maybe more of a heart knowing that understands that a more
beautiful world is possible.

54 comments on “Living the Change (2018) – Official Documentary Trailer

  1. Thank you for the short clip. I have watched all of your videos. Please don't wait so long between videos. I know everyone has a passion, sometimes we need a boost/encouragement.

  2. It bothers me how the geoengineering community has hijacked the term sustainability. If we're not careful, they're gonna sneak a whole lot of harmful developments in under our noses. Maybe we need to find a new term for our movement.

  3. I think this trailer has a lot of key elements to a healthier planet, but animal agriculture plays a huge role into the destruction of our planet! I hope this will be touched on in the full documentary.

  4. The real issue is capitalism and constant growth. Looking back over the last 25 years of my corporate life, the planet would have done so much better without me. I am afraid this goes for 75 percent of the people. How to stop that?

  5. It can be really disheartening living in this world, when one sees ignorance and greed as everyday acceptable things. It can be hard to stay positive when people would rather fill landfill than see if there are things they can recycle, when people would rather use toxic chemicals that cause harm over products that are proof you don't need to kill in order to have great food. Thank the gods for inspiring, encouraging, enthusiastic, hopeful, optimistic, spiritual people who really want to make a difference. Thank you Happen Films for Inspiring change!

  6. I'm really excited to see that! You are making it obvious, that optimism is not delusional and that there are all these beautiful things we can do. Thank you for that <3

  7. Very exciting to have watched this project come together.

    Congratulations and looking forward to bringing your documentary to a theatre in Canada!

  8. It's absolutely heartbreaking what we do to the planet. The earth is our mother. It gives us life, it nurtures us, it nurtures everything we love, it feeds us, it gives us a home, it gives us the beauty of nature. Mother earth just gives and gives and we're killing her…

  9. Awesome, can't wait to watch this. I have just started permaculture on my own land, hoping to build a food forest as well. 🙂

  10. I'll bet all these people cheer same sex sex while the diseases kill, AIDS 35 000 000 they cost $100 000 000 000 and counting. So on one hand they get it right, but on the other they get it wrong. Its so stupid they can see one thing and not the other.

  11. @Happen Films- I got a notification about your new film Living The Change and I can't find the video to watch. Will you be uploading a free full version of your latest and greatest movie for those who can't afford the funds to watch mentioned movie?

    Also will you be returning to Wurrrk'an in the future for a follow up film of what it was like when you both were there and what is it like now? A new generation of Permie tiny Living lifestyler's 🙂

  12. and now the wealthy must have seen the film since they are buying tons of property and placing bunkers in them including the director James Cameron

  13. looks like the wealthy have rediscovered new zealand as well but they arent planning on living about ground and build the soil.. they are digging deep and placing bunkers were no one can find them except for GPS:

  14. I disagree with the statement that there is an economic and social crisis. The fact is the % of the world in poverty is less that it has ever been before. But I agree the biodiversity crisis is real, that is a fact, we are losing the diversity of life that has evolved on this planet, and there is a disconnect to nature and people. I am in full support of changing this.

  15. Just finished watching it. It was darned good. There, are, people living and educating, but not shoving it in your face. Yes, there is a hole in me, from not being fully in touch with the Earth and this has made me more aware of why. Thank you.

  16. I’ve seen the doco.. would like to get in touch with the young man into organic waste collection at 00:50. Looking forward to your help.

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