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Lovestory of Mr. Social And Ms. Business

Lovestory of Mr. Social And Ms. Business

This is Mr. social and this is Ms. Business they both live in a world full of gaps and contradictions! In world around 1.73 billion people
one-fifth of the population live in absolute poverty living on less than one dollar per day in this world the upper twenty percent of the
population posess eighty three percent of the wealth! more and more people end up with poverty and the gap between the poor and industrialized countries keep ever-widening! But the financial crisis of 2008 estimated striking the obvious that not only
the global south is suffering from inequalities In northern countries poverty rates have been increasing rapidly despite search in Gross National Product (GNP) in order to combat injustices between countries
and individuals Mr. social has been working hard founded a whole bunch of social institutions
charity groups and development organization funded by individuals, governments and foundations in the meantime Ms. business setup a foundation to0 so she found out that clients are more willing
to buy our products they consider to be active for a good cause but in spite of employing people like Mr. social she maintains that general business towards profit maximization thus far Mr. social and Ms. business have always gone separate ways even though they depend on each other Mr. social on the direct and indirect
financial support of Ms. business and Ms. Business on the good reputation and the involvement
of Mr. social within society but they have never grown any closer and never showed in real interest,
on each others activities until one day when a man named Muhammad Yunus appeared with a new idea a business model being both the social and
business sectors together He call it “social business” a social business addresses social needs the financially sustainable
way and while investors may recoup their investment or for the profits reinvested to advance the social goals Mr. business and Ms. social find out about this new business model suddenly became aware of the dissatisfaction they had been feeling
about their own works ever since his business became successful she hd been missing some deeper sense of satisfaction and admired Mr. social selflessness meanwhile Mr. social had been marveling at the efficiency and in
dependency of Ms. business looking at each other for the first time they suddenly realized but they were perfect match! so finally The fell in love with each other and soon setup a new joint business a social business! mister and Mrs. social business hope that one day social businesses would account for five percent of the world’s economy! they recommend everyone to spend time getting involved in social businesses step-by-step fulfilling that dream freeing the world of social problems!

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