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Low sales performance of Korean traditional markets signals need for change 전통

This is one of the busiest times of the year
for markets and shops in Korea, with people prepping for their Chuseok holiday meals.
But more and more shoppers are shying away from the nation′s traditional markets in
favor of discount stores and supermarkets.
It′s a trend the government would like to reverse, but a new report shows their efforts
have yet to bear fruit.
Kim Ji-yeon reports. The government have been investing billions
of dollars in the nation′s traditional markets for
more than a decade, but the efforts don′t appear to be working to counter the rise of
major supermarkets.
According to data collected by Saenuri Party Representative Kim Han-pyo , total sales at
the more than 15-hundred traditional markets natiowide…
was slashed in half in 2013 from 12 years ago… to 20 billion dollars.
They′re losing business to more modern supermarkets, whose total sales have been on a
steady rise over recent years,… hitting 44 billion dollars in 2013.
The shift has increased calls for more government support for traditional markets.
More than 3 billion dollars of government funds have been directed toward making traditional
markets more accessible, by modernizing their parking lots and entrances.
But Lawmaker Kim, in his report, pointed out that the money could be invested more wisely,
such as by updating smartphone application software to make it easier for shoppers to
find the markets and pay for their goods.
He added that more research needed to be done on finding ways to help these traditional
markets. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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