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Luxon LED- Complex implementation and modernization of the lightning system- Case Study

Luxon LED- Complex implementation and modernization of the lightning system- Case Study

I’m Marcin Oleszowski. My area of expertise in Luxon is street lighting. By the end of the year the municipal department has chosen one of the streets which current lighting system has been exploited almost to its limits. And presented an interest for the lighting upgrade including a control system. In order to propose the best and most cost efficient solution. On the basis of this project, the municipal administration could conduct further analysis and compare our solutions with other systems. As our partner for the control system, we selected the company Apanet from Wrocław we selected the company Apanet from Wrocław. We’re working with them closely since many years when choosing luminaires in connection with control systems Their systems are dependable and are in use on roads maintained by the General Road Administration in our Country. The system offered by Apanet is an open based & interoperable solution. It allows the investor to further develop our solution with other open based systems. It’s based on the fact that we we offer open based communication protocols which don’t bind the Purchaser with only one supplier One of the biggest challenges when preparing the offer and its execution was the deadline. Because the offer needed to be presented till 25.10 and the whole project should be finished till 15.12. The lighting upgrade had to be done on the current infrastructure. The poles and arm poles remained unchanged. The distance between each pole was significant and in addition, they were present only on one side of the road. Based on that we had to choose very efficient luminaires with optics which ensured a consistent illumination according to the current norms. In the case of Sudecka street, we hade an situation in which the power was supplied from three different electrical cosets To avoid additional costs we equipped the central controller only with one electrical closet. and the neighbouring luminaires were equipped with radio gateways. The city wanted to integrate the traffic management system with the lighting system with the lighting system. It’s an intelligent system which is already in use in cities which are interested in smart city solutions. The most valuable thing thing we get from this system is that we’re able to gather data about the current traffic. The data we receive allows us to adjust the current light levels based on the traffic in the given moment. During our partnership we even managed to change the location of the controller and we’re able to mount it directly on the luminaire instead of the pole according to current market trends. One of the prerequisites for bidders was to select luminaires with a warm color temperature. A warm light temperature is environment friendly and is in accordance with the current norms & standards. The control system in conjunction with Luxon’s modern luminaires can generate savings up to 70 %. The investition in Legnica is an excellent example for other communities and road administrators which would like to follow through with such investments. It was a great presentation of our company for the road administration The administration didn’t need to be directly involved in the project and take care of additional tasks. Based only on a short inquiry regarding the lighting upgrade. We delivered a complex solution covered all parts of the Project from A to Z.

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