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macOS Catalina is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)

macOS Catalina is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
Mac OS Catalina has been released to the public it’s now available for your Mac
if it’s supported and to find out if it’s supported you can go to Apple’s
website that shows which Macs specifically are supported there are an
awful lot many of them from 2012 and newer or a 2015 MacBook and newer but
I’ll link that in the description below now let’s go over all of the different
features and changes and the actual download is going to take you a while
because it came in at about 4.9 gigabytes for me so just expect it to be
fairly large when you go ahead and install that now the first thing you may
notice is there is no more iTunes and that is probably the biggest shift on
this particular version instead of iTunes we now have 4 different apps or 3
apps and a different change so we have music we have TV we have podcasts and
then we use finder for some of the other functions so for example instead of
iTunes it’s now called music so let’s go into music and you’ll see it’s just
telling me my volumes all the way down that’s because I’m recording this now
I’ve expanded this out and as you can see if you’re familiar with music on
your phone or an iPad it’s very familiar so you’ll have your account in the upper
right and then on the Left you’ll have Apple music you’ll have your 4 you
browse and radio and then you’ll have your library along with your playlists
below this and they all sync and you’ll see it says updating artists artwork
this may take a while but you’ll see these are all the different things that
I’ve have in for you and then I can go into the library see all of my other
music and things like that recently added for example so there’s a lot of
familiarity and simplification going on here as well if we go into the
Preferences you’ll see that we can sync the library we have automatic downloads
we also have playback under playback we can crossfade songs and things like that
and change the quality of the playback so if you’re into higher res audio of
course you can bump that up and then we have files in different locations if you
want to just add music and then you have some restrictions as
well as advanced and what you’ll see is these settings are very familiar across
all of the new apps so let’s go ahead and close this out and go into the next
one and the next one is podcasts so if we go into podcasts again you’ll see
that I have my podcasts here it looks just like the music app with listen now
and browse and top charts and it syncs with the podcast app on your phone so if
you have it on your phone or iPad it’s going to be the exact same and again if
I go into podcasts and I click preferences you’ll see that it’s going
to basically have a similar layout to what we had with music with playback and
advanced and then we can sync subscriptions across our devices and
it’s a really simple easy way to see the podcasts and have it broken out since
this is a pretty big category these days and then finally the TV app and the TV
app is really simple again it’s it’s just like what you have on your iPad or
iPhone and also Apple TV so you have watch now you have movies you have TV
shows you even have a kids section along with library and then you can see maybe
some recently added movies that you have purchased things like that and you can
scroll through them and just play them here now there are some editions with
the TV app so even though it’s similar to music it also syncs everywhere now so
maybe I start spider-man far from home I get halfway through it when I get on
my iPhone it will pick up where it left off on the Mac so that’s really nice and
then also it adds dolby atmos support so we’ll have that as well so those are
really nice features that they’ve just brought across again simplifying it but
also making it better again if I go to preferences you’ll see it’s the same so
always check for available downloads we’ve got basically the same exact
settings in all of these apps so restrictions all of the same sort of
idea so I’ll go ahead and close this out and now the one thing you may be
thinking if you’re not familiar with this is what do I do if I have an iPhone
and I want to update it or restore it how do I do that
well let me show you how you do that now once you’ve plugged in your iPhone your
iPod iPod Touch or iPad go ahead and click on finder and on finder on the
left here you’ll see that it says iPhone click on iPhone and now it looks
basically the same as it did before we have all of the same information just
like we did before in iTunes but instead it’s now in finder so instead of having
iTunes do everything it’s now split up and you can have check for update or
restore your phone and see your music and they’ve just split it into different
sections you’ll see the different things here TV shows podcasts things like that
audiobooks ebooks photos etc so you get the idea it’s very simple they’ve just
moved it to finder and you access it like any other device or drive so it’s
really nice that way and I think it’s easy enough to get used to once you know
where everything’s at now let’s go ahead and close that out and take a look at
the next thing now they’ve made some changes to System Preferences they has
more options and it looks slightly different so if we move this to the
center here you’ll see I have my name at the top along with my my aunt emoji or
picture whatever I’m using on my phone and now we have one place for our Apple
ID so you’ll see Apple ID and family sharing you can set these up right here
it’s very simple and straightforward and if I click on my Apple ID
it opens up and on the left it gives me an overview I have my name phone and
email password and security and is all of my devices and media and purchases
here as well so everything’s here it’s telling me my iCloud storage we can turn
it on and off see everything that we would normally see again just like we
would on an iPhone or an iPad they’re really unifying the way this works
across all devices so I think this makes it much easier across not only the Mac
but everything else it’s kind of all the same now also if I click on the word
overview you’ll see it says one account for everything you do with Apple manage
your Apple ID view your subscriptions and payment information and adjust
iCloud preferences for this Mac so it’s just saying its unifying everything now
if we go back we have some new wallpaper so you may have already seen the one in
the background here this is the default wallpaper but we have some new ones as
well so if we go to desktop and screen saver
you can scroll down through here and you’ll see we have some really nice
different images so here’s one Catalina shoreline and it shows all of the
different images and so that’s really nice just scroll through there’s not a
ton of them you’ll see there’s about eight to ten depending on if you want to
include the night or day or night modes that you have it will switch depending
on the time of day I really like this light version of Catalina a day but if
you want to change that you can and then if we go back and go to general if
you’re not familiar with dark mode as you’re seeing it here we can go to light
mode dark mode have it auto switch whatever we’d like so we’ll just leave
it how it is for now it’s a little easier to see and that’s it now you may
notice here as well we have some notifications there’s a new icon and
these are all of your notifications from different applications that you may or
may not want to disturb you so you can turn on do not disturb you have a little
bit more access to different settings and things like that
again more access to things like wallet and Apple pay you’ve got your spotlight
search but we now have screen time as well so if you use screen time on your
iPhone and iPad you now have it on your Mac so currently it’s off we could turn
it on and then we can see our things like app usage our notifications how
often we open or close the device or pick it up if it’s an iPhone we can set
down time for a time we want to not use the device we can set app limits always
allowed in content and privacy now aside from the changes I’ve already gone over
in preferences there are some new icons that have changed as well and there’s
also sidecar we’ll talk about that in a moment but Apple has updated the App
Store a little bit in this update and they’ve added arcade so if you’re not
familiar with our cade you can have a hundred plus games for $4.99 a month and
again this spans across all your devices now Apple TV and iPhones and iPads so
you can play all of these games and all your devices so if you prefer to use a
Mac you can use a Mac whatever you’d like they’ve also updated the Mac to
support catalyst apps or mac catalysts and what this is is it
now allows apps that run on ipad to run on your Mac and more easily for the
developer to just move them over so for example Apple gave Twitter as an example
you’ve got the Twitter app on your iPhone and iPad it will now be able to
easily be moved to the Mac so you can use it here there will be games and
other apps as well and apple also has a couple catalyst apps one of them is
stocks and it looks just like the iPad app you’ll see you can scroll through
the news you have your stocks on the left and then you can make this large or
smaller and the apps are ok but they’re very simple so we’ll see how that goes
later throughout the year with different applications as they start to support it
now aside from that Apple has made a major change to photos it’s been
completely redesigned just like it was on iOS 13 and iPad OS and as you can see
as I scroll through there’s some video playing in real time this is iPhone
footage I took using my iPhone of the new surface devices so it’s pretty nice
just to be able to scroll through and see these and then on the Left we have
memories and memories you’ll see it says I’m in nature you’ll see this is from
September and this is the leak of the iPad or it’s the iPad pro coming out
probably later this month and there’s just some more things here as well so
we’ve got it my trip to Manhattan we’ve got my Tesla here and just some other
trips and you can go into these and get more details so this was an update that
came out while I was on a trip and you’ll see all the photos now you can
also see things like for your favorites and people and places like we could be
for but it’s just more simplified but if we go into one of the photos we now have
new editing tools so if we go into edit we can fully adjust everything and then
it also won’t integrate tightly with things like Pixelmator if you have that
app Pixelmator pro for example but we can adjust everything from white balance
you can adjust skin tone you can adjust the curves of the image so if we want to
change this we can change the image in real time and it’s nice and fast so
everything works really well or we can just have it
do do everything automatically and just see what it looks like so and
it will revert to an original with no problem
it’s non-destructive editing and it works really well you’ve got all sorts
of options now so you really don’t even need photoshop if you’re just doing
basic adjustments so it’s really nice or Lightroom or anything like that you can
do it all from here if you’re just doing minor changes now if we close out of
this Apple has updated the reminders app it’s a completely new app as you can see
here it looks different it syncs of course across your other devices but if
we want to add something we can just add a reminder remind me to publish this
video you can add a location at a date we’ll go into the eye here we can remind
me on a day or at a location at an image at a URL give it a priority and you can
even have lists with families and maybe something like a grocery list for
example you have a lot of different options for using this as reminders
sharing it scheduling it flagging it it’s really simple and if you use a
reminders app this one is probably enough for most people there are others
out there but this one is a very nice redesign from what Apple had before
let’s go ahead and close this out and another thing they’ve changed is find
mine and now on the iPhone there used to be find my friends and Find My iPhone
they’ve combined them into this new app called find my and we have it on the Mac
as well so let’s go ahead and open it up on the Left I have myself and then all
of the different people whose locations I’m aware of and/or I’m sharing with and
then I also have access to my devices as well it will pinpoint where they’re
located and you can see it on a really nice map that we have here of course I
don’t live anywhere near here but it will pinpoint exactly where they’re
located where your device is where your family is
and someone else can log in here too if they’re trying to find their device so
it’s really nice it’s just a simple map with a hybrid view in a satellite view
but I think you get the idea now let’s go back into preferences and talk about
sidecar to use sidecar you can either use it wired using USB C to USB C or USB
C to lie if you have that or whatever combination
or you can do it wirelessly if you’re on the same wireless network so on the Mac
for example just go to select device select the device you want to connect to
and you need to have iPad OS running on the iPad give it just a moment and now
we have mac OS running through sidecar on ipad OS so we can use the pencil to
move this around let me move this in a little bit closer
here can move the window around maybe we want to open Safari wait for it to open
we can go to our favorite website wait for it to load and then we can scroll
through the website using two fingers and depending on your wireless
connection that will make a difference as far as latency is concerned but if
you want the best experience just to use it wired now the other thing you can do
is maybe you want to use Final Cut Pro in here or maybe Photoshop you can use
the pencil to do that and drag around and paint in things so you have that
option to do that you can close out the windows whatever you want to do you can
use the iPad to control everything and this used to be done using other apps
and things like that but now it’s native to Mac OS Catalina and iPad OS so it’s a
really nice feature the other thing you can do with it as well is mirror your
display so maybe you just want a secondary display or you want to mirror
the display you can do that as well now if we go out of sidecar you’ll see we
have something new under accessibility so let’s go into accessibility and then
under accessibility we have something called voice control and voice control
allows us to completely control the computer using just our voice so if we
enable this it’s taking a moment the first time you
turn it on it will take a moment now when we have voice control enabled it
will allow us to control the Mac completely by our voice so if we have a
little bit of a problem either clicking on things maybe we have motor skill
issues or maybe we have the complete loss of our limbs altogether we can
completely control everything with our voice instead of using a mouse so let me
give you a quick example open music and you’ll see the music app open
quit music and now it’s gone so that gives you an
idea you can use this to type you can use it to dictate a note or whatever
you’d like it’s very intuitive there’s a bunch of different commands you can give
it as well there’s a full vocabulary you’ll see there’s all the different
commands and it’s very comprehensive so it’s I think this will be very useful
for people in need now there’s a couple of other enhancements as well if I bring
Safari up here again where it gives the support in Mac Catalina devices if you
hover over a word and you hold the command key it actually makes that word
larger so if I hold command and move over any of this text if I’m having
trouble seeing it you can just hover over and it makes it a little bit larger
it makes it very nice to be able to see this there’s also another option so that
maybe you have a secondary display plugged in if you have a secondary
display plugged in you can use one display zoomed in and the other regular
like we’re seeing here so we might have this portion of the display zoomed in
right here on one display and on another display have it zoomed out we now have
the option to do that now if I go back into Safari and I open a new tab holding
command T you’ll see there’s an all new start screen start screen again is just
like we have on iPad or iPhone with iOS 13 and so we have a new start page we
also have Siri suggestions if we have it turned on we also get weak password
warnings as well and then we can use picture and picture from the tab where
the audio button is so maybe you’re in an application that’s using audio you’ll
see a little audio button here let me show you what I mean at the top here
you’ll see we have this little audio icon and if I option click or right
click I have the tablet sound now this doesn’t work everywhere but if I do the
same thing again I can enter picture in picture mode if it supports it you have
to have video that will support this but generally I have not been able to get it
to work with things like YouTube or Vimeo and that was my own video playing
I just could not get it to work so it was not something that I was able to
find anything that was really relevant at this
for that now another nice thing is if you start typing the address of
something for a tab that’s already open you’ll see that Apple will actually
automatically recommend you to switch to that tab if you’re using Safari so
you’ll see it finds this tab here it says switch to tab and it sees that we
already have that website open so again if you’re in a tab type one that’s
already open you’ll see you can switch to that tab it’s really nice very simple
and straightforward but it’s a nice little touch let’s go ahead and close
Safari now QuickTime is actually getting an
update and I don’t know the last time QuickTime was updated but it gets some
significant updates and one of them is picture and picture support so let me go
into a very old video from last year and you’ll see this is iOS eleven point four
point one beta 5 so it’s a pretty old video but you’ll see now we have picture
and picture support so that’s really nice we also have transparent video
support timecode support and then if we go into window you’ll see there’s show
movie inspector this will give us more information specifically about what
we’re seeing here so it tells you the format it’s in the size of the video as
far as resolution the data size the data rate so it’s pretty nice you’ve just got
more information as opposed to what you had before so it’s just a little update
but something that adds a little more value to QuickTime now if you’re using
the home app that gets a very small update so let’s get out of this folder
and then we’ll go over to home and in the home app just like with iOS 13 it
now supports cameras so it supports a secure video cameras that will be
encrypted end-to-end and then also maybe we want to change one of these icons
here we can option click or right right click go to settings and here we have
the little light bulb icon if I click on that I can change it to what represents
the type of light that I’m using so maybe it’s a table lamp or a different
type recessed lighting I can change it to whatever I’d like so it’s just a
couple little updates so very nice very small but it’s a nice little addition
male gets a little update as well so let’s go into male now with in male we
have the option to unsubscribe from mailing lists now so you’ll see it says
this message is from a mailing list unsubscribe I actually appreciate these
emails so I won’t 1 subscribe but you have that option now now if we go to
another email maybe we don’t want anything sent from the App Store anymore
if we click on the name here we can now block the contact so if we don’t want
any more email from Apple we could block it if we wanted to you can also mute
threads if you have a big threat of different information going back and
forth you don’t want to see anymore and you have this new classic updated
layout and that is really it for male there’s not a whole lot new but there’s
some real small refinements and things like mute here as well or notify me as
well for these type of emails so overall it’s a nice little update if you’re used
to a lot more features you may want to look at a different email app but let’s
go ahead and close this one out and take a look at the next thing and the next
one is notes so if I go into notes you’ll see it says what’s new and this
is all that’s new so I just wanted to show you this so we have a new gallery
view so we can see them in a tie of the fashion we also have new checklist
options so we had checklists but now you can automatically move them to the
bottom you can quickly reorder them and you can share folders so you can share a
folder with someone so that they can participate and collaborate on something
so we’ll hit continue and you’ll see here’s the tiled view and here’s all of
my recent video notes so maybe I’ll go into this one that just says iPhone
battery percentage and in here if I want to collaborate I can just add a contact
here add people to this note and then they can collaborate so it’s very simple
there’s not a whole lot new like I said there’s new checklist options for
sorting and things like that if you option click or right click on on
things but other than that it’s basically the same with a few extra
features now they did improve some security as well so if we go into system
preferences you’ll see if we go to security and privacy they’ve changed
this a little bit we’ll wait for it to open
but things just like screen recording like I’m doing now have changed so
they’re individualised now so screen recording
quicktime player is allowed to screen record if I go into maybe photos access
or location services it’s all broken up into different groups or microphone for
example you need to give access specifically for each application
they’ve also completely made the whole OS in its own read-only volume which is
separated from everything else it cannot be overwritten so maybe you’re afraid of
getting a virus or something like that it cannot write to the core
os or the kernel part of the OS everything else operates around it which
should help with things like viruses or a different malware also if you have a
Mac that has a t2 chip in it you can activation lock it so maybe it gets
stolen or someone has it they shouldn’t have it or someone finds it or something
you can lock it down and only you can access it now there is a new option to
approve with Apple watch if you’re using your Apple watch for security purposes
you can approve different purchases now using the side button on the Apple watch
to authenticate so things like notes and apps and things like that or view
passwords should be accessible through that I have not been able to use that
yet though and that is everything new that’s major in Mac OS Catalina so there
are a few little changes here and there all over the place this is probably the
least updated OS out of all of the new ones but it does have a lot of similar
features and will continue to work really well it should have some
performance improvements as well and I’ve seen no slowdown on this older 2016
MacBook that I’m recording from now but if you found anything else significant
let me know in the comments below also if you haven’t subscribed please
subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video as always thanks for watching this
is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 comments on “macOS Catalina is Out! – What’s New? (Every Change and Update)

  1. Running it on my mid 2012 pro, but I'm also upgraded to 16GB of ram, and 2 500gb drives…. it would not run smoothing with the original 4gb of ram. would take aboutt 3 minutes from pressing the power button to be usable….

  2. Be careful as Adobe has been suffering some problems with Catalina, and as mentioned below, you cannot run 32bit apps, so again be careful before you jump for the upgrade, be sure. Currently I am holding off, until I have answers to all my 32bit apps and Adobe is reported as 'all OK'

  3. Watch 😱😱😱😱
    If you have FINAL CUT PRO and you didn’t buy from apple store 😂🤣
    The new update Will erase it and you never going to use it again 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    No more Final Cut Pro and no more turret

  4. Does anyone know of a fix for the bluetooth driver (I assume that's the problem)? My headphones are lagging/digital distortion/clipping when connected to my mac since the upgrade. When same headphones connected to my android, no problem whatsoever. Tried deleting and repairing… nothing. Please help, the sound is terrible!!!

  5. Catalina has completely ruined my iTunes library. Apple was aware of significant problems in Catalina beta with Apple Music, but they released it anyway. Now, many people have lost all their hard work over the past 20 years creating their library, artwork, etc. Apple Music can’t even open and close correctly, and it takes an exceedingly high amount of power. This is the worst release by Apple ever… including the Maps fiasco.

    They have also removed the column browser, so you can’t even see what music you have in playlists. Someone should be fired. Actually, many should be fired, starting with Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is rolling over continuously after this flop.

    My recommendation is NOT to install Catalina until you know problems have been corrected with Apple Music. I won’t hold my breath, however. If it could be fixed, I think it already would have been. I think this is going to be a major issue with Apple and it just hasn’t hit the media yet. This is an absolute disgrace. My old iTunes is in shambles.

  6. IOW Catalina is terrible and they changed everything to look like an iPad or iPhone is running the OS. I'll pass. NONE of these things are important to me, since I use my computer AS a computer. Thanks for letting us know Apple is still out to lunch. The one important thing that he doesn't mention since he is all about 'appearance' is that this kills 32 bit apps. Good job OP.

  7. Won't run 32bit programs. To run those programs I had to set up another partition with earlier operating system. Videos stored in iTunes vanished. They are not in the TV app. They were wiped during the update.

  8. I have had a lot of trouble with Catalina and would love to see another video as to where some of these issues stand. Also whether others are having the same problems. All have been reported to Apple via their feedback app. I am running Developers Betas (10.15.1 (19B77a)) with devices (iPhone XR (17B5084a)). Connecting to Wi-Fi has always been very difficult on this MacBook Pro (2017 13 inch). I usually have to reboot to get it working. All my other devices connect just fine. Updating via iCloud and apps only seems to work if I open the app on my iPhone. For example, changes I made to Notes on my phone do not show up on the Mac until I open the Notes app on my phone. Messages do not synch quickly, and sometimes not at all. In fact my Apple Watch gets messages before either device. Email is horribly slow. I use Gmail and have resorted to using the web version that loads instantly. Perhaps I have a setting wrong, but I can open Mail and have messages from over 12 hours ago not downloaded or downloading, and when they do I often get "not downloaded from the server" messages. They are immediately available on web Gmail. Sending messages has a glitch on my Mac. Addresses are not recognized as iCloud and will not send. It says they are not in the iCloud directory. Finally, some of my favorite are not available yet, Dashlane for example, and this is an inconvenience, but not an Apple issue. I probably have a few more and would easily tell others not to upgrade right now until the many problems are fixed. Thank you for your frequent and timely videos. I really appreciate it.

  9. It was amazing to learn how many 32x programs I had installed, and how many do not have 64x updates. You may want to consider carefully before updating, Apple has definitely not worked out all of the bugs yet, on my one MacBook Pro there are a considerable number of issues that cannot be troubleshooted and will have to be updated out (eventually); these issues include battery drainage, random latency spikes, data loss, hibernation freezing, Apple ID confusion (Apple ID is administering ownership from two owners ago, despite that user unlinking the laptop and not having any activity on their account since and the MacBook OS being re-deployed several times since that person) and keychain vulnerability. These are all issues that have appeared on ONE laptop, you may have better luck but I have not honestly heard anything good yet.

  10. I'm not sure what is happening here but now my MacBook Pro shows "Bluetooth: Not Available" to the top when I try to access it. Can anyone help with this?

  11. Thanks, Aron! Have I gotten correctly, that Apple is going to charge a monthly fee for Catalina after a trial period?

  12. If I was writing a letter but it is easier to talk and have the computer automatically type it. Is this possible with the new accessibility tool? If not, are you aware of any apps that do this?

  13. I see nothing in Catalina that makes me excited to upgrade. It's like Apple just brought it out because they could. I think I'll stick with things as they are until Apple comes out with something substantial and not just superficial changes.

  14. Installed Catalina on my shiny new 13” MacBook Pro. Connecting to my hotspot is very iffy. Also cannot connect to public WiFi networks like Panera or Dunkin. Spent an hour with Apple support. Communications work in Safe mode ONLY. I am going to Genius Bar for them to try to fix it. Otherwise I am going back to Mojave. Wish fervently that I had not upgraded so fast.

    Issues: iTunes substitute is broken – overnight and longer syncs are not unknown. 32-bit apps don’t work so need new apps. But flaky communications is the deal breaker

  15. Hi I just updated to MACOS Catalina. Does it also update the latest version of imovie? I am finding that I still cannot upload my videos in 4K even though I filmed in 4K. Could you please enlighten me how I can change the settings to enable me to upload in 4k?

  16. Hi, I notice all of my pages, i.e. safari, chrome etc turns to a pale blue colour when i connect my MacBook pro to iPad in catalina??

  17. its the worst update ever! Garageband is buggy! Photoshop does not work caouse not 64 bit, Office doesnot work because not 64 bit…. and many apps doesn't work… !!!

  18. I lost photoshop by upgrading to macOS Mojave and a couple more ie Folder Forge and Wondershare.
    Catalina has got a lot of faults by not allowing third parties.
    Then there is the memory topic and what Apple charges is a disgrace.
    In fact I am thinking of getting a PC.

  19. iTunes used to have a large list of internet radio stations. I cannot find this any more. Any thoughts or did they discontinue support for this?

  20. Does anyone use Traktor? For some reason I can’t get my playlist from (music) into Traktor as I used to be able to do with ITunes. I’ve been trying to solve it for a day and it’s giving me a headache. Please if somebody knows how to solve this, I’ll be very greatful. Thanks

  21. The Mac OS updates are nightmares. I dn know why they have to take out some good things! for instance, after the update I have to select the wifi network every time I reopen my Mac. In Preview, as always, they changed a lot of things, like you can't select a text and just right click on it and choose to mark it, you actually have to go through the seam menu. WhatsApp also lag tremendously and messages sync with a few minutes delay. I mean of course it has some cool features too but personally I regret having upgraded to Catalina.

  22. Does upgrading delete your existing itunes library? Only reason I ask is because I have a ton of live bootlegs in my itunes library that aren't available on apple music that I do not want to lose.

  23. Hi,

    Thanks for summarising some of the best features. I’m facing some issues while upgrading to latest Mac version whenever I update and start the installation the Mac gets shutdown automatically and it doesn’t turns on. This happens to me when I upgraded latest Mac OS Catalina.

  24. Mac Os Mojave is Very Bad for all those upgrades it made my Wireless Internet slow but the others are fine but my computer is slow

  25. I have a MB Pro mid 2014, and even though Catalina looks pretty good it's feels like a more "obnoxious" version of Mojave. It is snappy with plenty of features, my laptop feels like a new system but I am starting to HATE it with a passion!!! Sierra is a far most stable system, and I think I will stick with it. Good review though, but I am not convinced.


  27. Apple programming fucking sucks….. here's the newest thing that is supposed to be great: Now, I come here to watch a movie and start playing the movie and try to pause my Apple Music with my F8/Play/Pause key…. but now, Apple thinks its better for my Play/Pause key on my Apple keyboard to operate the App that I'm in, leaving no keys on their keyboard to play and pause Apple Music in the background…. so what happens is when I start playing the YouTube video and try to pause my Apple Music, the F8 key now pauses the YouTube video…. great huh! No…. I already have a space bar that operates YouTube videos…. I already have a "K" key that plays and pauses YouTube videos. I can even jump through the videos with my number keypad here on my Apple Keyboard anywhere I want to with just a touch of a button but Apple leaves no key on my keyboard to pause my Apple Music. So I have to manually go find the Apple Music program and press the play pause key on that app with my mouse. This is happening ALL OVER THE APPLE SOFTWARE… Stupid programming done by stupid programmers that gets by stupid management. I'm left with no key to operate my Apple Music while it's in the bacground, LIKE IT USED TO DO…. LIKE IT USED TO WORK. Apple's new motto is, "don't worry, if you like your current programming, and it works, we'll find a way to break it…. and if you find a workaround (like High Sierra Media Key Enabler App by a third party which fixed this issue)…. we'll work very hard to make that stop working and break your programming again!!!" Tim Cook needs to get fired and fired publically. His programmers are idiots and have no management. His managers have no senior management. Apple fucking sucks.

  28. It made my MacBook pro so slow after downloading. The internet takes forever to load. Never had ANY issues until now 😭 Any help would be greatly appreciated

  29. I regret having upgraded to Catalina at this stage. The OS is full of bugs and has proven to be a giant time waster. My iMac shuts down every few hours, particularly when it is left unattended. Sometimes the Blue tooth function is turned of at the same time, so that I cannot use my mouse and magic keyboard. And those are just the most annoying surprises that Catalina holds for its users. There are plenty more. This is just beta-software and should never have been released to the wider public. Of all the OS upgrades I have had since I bought my iMac late 2015, this is the worst. I had Windows before I switched to Mac 4 years ago. Windows was no party, but I cannot remember such a bad experience back then. Why don't you do a video about Catalina's flaws. There are quite a few!

  30. Ever sense the 10.15 update, does anyone find that they get logged out automatically, not locked, logged out? I find it really annoying and am hoping this is just a bug

  31. computers for years, this is the worst OS update i have ever seen. I use my mac laptop for business such as video editing, DJing and for my flight simulator, etc; everything worked flawlessly …AFTER that stupid update to Catalina ……my computer is extremely slow, it constantly freezes, my iTunes no longer works so therefore i lost my libraries in my dj program, my video editing applications and all its plugins no longer work, my flight simulator constantly crashes. I am so upset, why did they have to make such a drastic change? Apple should have gradually fazed out each apps by making the OS 64 bit with 32 bit support ….then gradually inform users when they will stop supporting 32 bit apps, hence giving app developers enough time to update their apps so this transition process to the new update would be easier. I AM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO SAY "apple sucks" ……BUT THEY ARE REALY PISSING M OFF!!! I am unable to restore my mac because my time machine backup drive crashed and could not be recovered, I AM SO UPSET!!

  32. Hello Aaron. Can you sync photos using finder in OS Catalina? My synced photos disappeared from my iOS devices and when I tried to sync them back I discovered that I could not. Not the case with music though. Is it a bug?

  33. Hey @ZolloTech, just got 2019 Touch Bar MacBook Pro, never had a MacBook and just also recently got the iPhone, in your opinion should I upgrade to Catalina or leave it in Mojave?

  34. Hi.

    Have anyone tried to install windows/linux via virtual machine and then connect the Nvidia eGPU to the virtual machine?

    I really need Nvidias GPU (CUDA) for machine learning and I was wonder if it is possible to Connect nvidia eGPU to VM on Parallel Desktop or not.

  35. Before you upgrade, if that's what you want to call it, I highly advise anyone who purchased movies from iTunes to download and put them on a separate drive. Catalina has taken iTunes and broken it up into three parts Music,Podcat, and TV. After installing Catalina, you will not be able to download any purchased movie for offline viewing in MP4 Format Via QuickTime. You will only be able to download in HLVS format witch is worthless. The TV App only allows you to view movies you paid for with a dedicated WiFi connection.

  36. I hope someone can help me here. I use a windows Program called convertxtodvd. I need the same kind of prog that's going to work on MacOS Catalina?

  37. I like how TABS were created so we can switch between them and apple was like- Just in case you're a moron, you can switch tabs if you re-enter the link to the tab you currently have open

  38. I miss iTunes…

    I am regretting installing Catalina. I only did it because another app I was installing, would not work on High Sierra. Before with HS, if I had music playing in iTunes, and I pulled up a youtube window, if I wanted to pause iTunes (now playing in the background), would just have to hit F8 (media pause button) and the iTunes is paused. Now I can't do that – REALLY dislike this and can't figure out how to fix this. I wish to go back to having those buttons dedicated to iTunes.

    Anyone know how to fix this???

  39. Mac OS Catalina has two partitions of one hard drive or SSD: Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD – Data, why? How do we clone them for backup by using other clone software because Time Machine does not do a good job for backup of Mac OS Catalina with two partitions of one hard drive?

  40. Catalina is absolute trash. It's completely destroyed the apps on my work computer and I'm having a very hard time getting them back. If you have Adobe or Photoshop on your computer that you use frequently, DO NOT GET THIS UPDATE!! I'm struggling to figure out how to fix everything and it's running me out of business. Can't expect everyone who uses an iMac to know about this crap

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