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Major development under way on William Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Major development under way on William Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia

On this week’s edition we’re gonna tell
you about what’s going on behind me here along William Street in downtown
Fredericksburg So what I’m standing in front of here is
the Liberty Place development taking shape in downtown Fredericksburg you may
have driven by and wondered what’s going on here just for frame of reference
we’re standing on the Freelance Star property and you can see on the other
side the Amelia Square townhouse property so Liberty Place is in a block
that’s surrounded by a Douglas Street Winchester Street Amelia Street and
William Street and what Liberty Place is it’s about a forty three thousand square
foot three level commercial building being built along along William Street
that’s being developed by Fredericksburg area contractor Wack General Contractor
at Tom and Cathy Wack are the principals of that firm and it’s a
really exciting project that we’ve all been working on for for many years and
we’re excited really excited to see it playing out now they expect to have it
done late spring early summer of next year of 2020 and what it will be is on
the first floor they will be five tenants four of which have been
announced and it’s going to be Mellow Mushrooms it’s got a real popular
following Burger Bach which has a location down in Richmond and one down
in Durham and then we’ve got Pasta Fresca Cafe which is a new concept by a
local couple that will be coming here and then we’ve got Blue Cow Ice Cream
which has a location in the Roanoke area and this will be their second location
and then there’s one other tenant that hasn’t been announced yet and then on
the second and third floors they’ll be office space and the two major tenants
that have been announced so far is Atlantic Union Bank is gonna have a
lending office there and then Cary Street Partners is gonna have their
their local headquarters there so bringing a lot of high quality office
jobs to downtown Fredericksburg as well as some really exciting new restaurant
options to downtown Fredericksburg so again excited to see it play out this is
actually just the first phase of what will be a lot of construction in this
block over the next years the Vakos Companies is developing
a project that they’re calling William Square on the back acre of this property
behind us and that will include a large garage as well as some apartments and in
some likely some commercial space within those apartments and then on the
Freelance Star block there’s plans are still being developed but some
preliminary plans have called for a hotel and and some residential and
additional commercial space so this is all the the former Freelance Star
assemblage it also includes a parking lot across William Street that will
eventually be developed so it’s really about a four four acre development site
that is being redeveloped by but two really excellent local companies and the
Vakos companies and Wack General Contractors so again Liberty Place is
what’s occurring now but you’ll see continued activity here in the coming
months so bringing new residents new jobs new restaurants new tax revenue new
activity to downtown Fredericksburg so we’re delighted to see these these two
projects which have long been in the planning stage now I’m starting to
unfold so stay tuned and we’ll we’ll probably do additional coverage of when
some of the individual businesses open here and when additional plans are
announced for this project well we’ll let you know about that so but anyway
that’s what’s going on here you can see the structural steel going in behind us
now and again construction will continue to play out for the next six months or
so and then it should be ready by May June of 2020 so that’ll do it for this
week’s edition thank you for watching and we’ll see you next week be sure to
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