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[MapleStory] How to get your 5th Job Advancement

[MapleStory] How to get your 5th Job Advancement

Requirement: Lv. 200 and above, must have completed Time of Temple chain quests Accept the quest [Advancement] 5th Job from Memory Keeper at the event notifier on the left of the screen. This will move you to the Time of Temple: Memory Keeper’s Room. Speak to the Memory Keeper Head over to Fallen World Tree, enter the Horizon Portal, speak to Masteria Goddess. From here, you have 5 minutes to search for the Horizon Portal within Fallen World Tree maps. The Horizon Portal can be anywhere within Fallen World Tree, this is test server so it is location at one location. Once found, enter the Horizon Portal and speak to Masteria Goddess and receive an Arcane Stone. Head over to Henesys: Bowman Instructional School Enter the Horizon Portal, speak to Maple World Goddess and receive an Arcane Stone. Head over to Pantheon: Great Temple Interior. Enter the Horizon Portal, speak to Grandis Goddess From here, you are required to defeat Magnus (Any difficulty) After defeating Magnus, head back to the Horizon Portal, speak to Grandis Godess again to receive the Arcane Stone. You can only activate one Arcane Stone at a time. When an Arcane Stone is activated, you will can either wait 2 hours (AFK for 2 hours) or to fill up the Arcane Stone with EXP as you train your character.
Maximum EXP that can be filled is 500,000,000. You must stay in-game in order for the 2 hours to pass. Logging off will not reset your Arcane Stone duration, once re-log your Arcane Stone will resume where you have stopped. Once the 2 hours is completed, you’ll have to wait of another 8 hours to activate the next Arcane Stone. You don’t have to be in-game for the 8 hours.
Total=(2+8) + (2+8) + 2=22 hours After you completed 3 Arcane Stones, the Arcane Stone’s EXP will later on become EXP potions which you can use later on with the same amount of EXP that you have accumulated. Once you have successfully activated and completed 3 Arcane Stones, you can advance to 5th job. V Matrix skill system Once you advanced to 5th job, you will receive a “V Skill Core Gemstone” which will provide you with your first 5th Job Skill. EXP Potions from Arcane Stones Zero’s 5th job skill

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  1. Can you give me the link to the test server, i had downloaded the main server but i cant find the test server anywhere

  2. I cant think of which other places of maple has the background music at the first few mins of the video

  3. Hey! I would like to ask which npc do Zeros find to complete Seeking Lost Memories' quest (Temple Of Time chain quest that need to be completed before proceeding to 5th Job advancement). After some research, the quest requires player to find their first job instructor. However, Zero do not have a job instructor and none of the NPC in Zero temple seems to be working. Just wondering how did you complete your ToT chain quest and was able to proceed with 5th Job advancement for Zero.

  4. When I finished gathering the exp, the last stone got stuck on "Stone is being activated" Can someone help me with this? Restarting did not fix it, and it says an unknown error occurs when attempting to forfeit the quest to try again.

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