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Mars in Pices Dec25-Feb7 Creativity and Advancement

Mars in Pices Dec25-Feb7 Creativity and Advancement

This is naive cynic and I am happy to announce We’ve finally reached the point on our Mars journey when we can go ahead and start implementing those long term plans We’ve been making Okay, these are life-changing Long-term plans, they take a lot of fine-tuning. You got to look at them from multiple perspectives Okay, it’s not something you jot down on a piece of paper and you’re done It’s not the kind of thing where you you make a one purchase and you have your investment and it’s over Okay, these things, they take time and they take development so we’ve been developing our plans over the course of some weeks, right and in the next few weeks, we’re going to be able to roll them out into Reality and put our plans to work Okay, if you’re new to my channel, definitely check out my Jupiter and Scorpio video to see what we’re talking about But basically from now until November 2019 Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio and um that’s going to bring in the potential for Life-changing wealth and abundance Okay, so we definitely want to bring in that potential and harness it. I’m using sidereal astrology which is real astrology, looking at the constellations to determine what sign each planetary body is in okay. and I’m tracking the movement of Mars. Okay, this is this is a planet of action and conquest Competition. Okay. and all things financial so we want to be tracking the movement of Mars in this Jupiter through Scorpio period so we can really Bring in that abundance and that wealth, okay So we’re keeping track of the transits of Mars and all the related aspects Okay, so we can make all the right moves at all the right times and be with the tides Okay, and the tides are bringing in wealth and abundance so in this period We are rolling out our lofty plans. Okay, but if you haven’t made any yet, it’s not too late to start Some people might even experience a windfall in this next six weeks So if you haven’t checked out my windfall video Check that out, too But definitely be prepared have some plans because we don’t want This energy or this energy in the form of currency Okay, we don’t want to waste it. in this next six weeks our fiery, Masculine planet Mars will be transiting through Pisces this time. Okay. This is laid-back… Feminine energy. Okay, and I was I was really worried that we’d experience another long long period of Just being held back. Yeah, but it looks like That given on all the various aspects Happening with Mars. It looks like our energy is going to be Pulled through. Okay and Our Mars is going to be pulled into action force even into action in This period there are just far to me aspects propelling our Mars into action and one of the greatest things that Pisces is bringing to the table. Okay, is that Creative kind of energy and in fact, this is a strong theme that’s repeated Okay with many of the other aspects that that are going on with Mars and What really sucks and is really incongruent about all this great energy That’s about to come in is Our Mars is transiting through the twelfth house. Okay, so we we’re gonna feel a general sense of Lethargy, but try to shake it off. try to shake it off and stay motivated and energized Okay and make use of these energies. So let’s keep motivated and let’s ride these waves so here we have the basic setup of the planets and the way they are basically today. and Where I last left off In the last Mars video, was that Mars was coming into Conjunction with Chiron. This is Chiron right here I didn’t really get into that but I really think that it’s worth sharing You see, Chiron has a lot of good life lessons for our Mars energy. Okay It’s very important to pick up these lessons on your journey. so from the 21st of December to the 6th of January There is a Mars-Chiron conjunction which represents a time for healing our Martian wounds Okay Sometimes when you’re hurt all you can do is expose these wounds that they might be healed and That’s what Chiron calls for. you know, a brutal exposure of your hurts “Brutal” because deep down inside we know that sharing our injuries can actually hurt others A lot of times we keep things to ourselves, So as to not hurt others feelings, but Chiron is here to teach Mars that there’s a weakness in this avoidance Okay Our Mars had just just dropped out of sextile with Pluto, alright and the biggest takeaway from That aspect was that anger is avoidance So in this period with this conjunction here You’re going to have to be direct and assert yourself Be brave don’t hide your hurt or Conceal it with anger or aggression and most certainly Stop punishing yourself for your wounds by overexerting We know this has been a very frustrating period of setbacks And Mars coming into sextile with Uranus from the 24th of December to the 3rd of January It just emphasizes the point of being frustrated with with all these obstacles But I assure you The obstacles and hindrance. It’s it’s all falling away So avoid You know compensating and punishing yourself for your wounds with over exertion. Okay? So don’t compensate for losses and setbacks By over exerting yourself because that that is not the way forward Okay You’re gonna have to be brave and direct and express your truth, okay and Make demands for compensation and reconciliation it’s these kind of actions that represent healing of This masculine energy and healing of your own Impediments that have that have stopped you from getting what you want You no longer conceal from your own self what you want if you outwardly learn healthy forms of self-expression. so expose those wounds Okay other forms of healing include anger-management therapy, martial arts, exercising, competition, taking on or becoming a mentor or role model for someone else, or Diving deep into spirituality, which is actually well-suited for this Mars Picean energy Pisces is Spiritual, creative, accept-things-as-they-come, going with the flow, passive kind of feminine energy Mars is taking on these these tones of expression and it becomes a gentle giant moving forward only sporadically, okay with gentleness and compassion so forward movement comes sporadically and then you’re just living off of the Inertia or the energy of that movement Okay, so this is the lethargy of the twelfth house There’s no practical work ethic here Okay You you are motivated Okay by Higher and compassionate purposes All right And You long to express all your actions with that Piscean creativity if your self-expression is Restricted you will find an unhealthy Passive-aggressive expression Okay, this sign is all about dreams and creativity It is the home of Neptune that Neptunian energy, okay And what’s funny is Mars had just come out of a conjunction With Neptune just before entered Pisces Okay, so we’re gonna see we saw some of the energy at work Earlier but we’re gonna see a Really a diving deep into that energy When Mars is transiting through this Pisces so there’s a there’s definitely a call for creativity and Self-expression here. Okay and one more thing about Mars in Pisces Mars in Pisces wants romance and a spiritual kind of love. creativity is the key now I feel the need to pause for a second and I feel that I definitely have to explain in this like atheistic society, but you cannot isolate the Romantic nature from other aspects of life. Okay, it all goes together I know this channel is supposed to be about moving forward and advancement about finance and and and making moves but this is this is not separate from other aspects of life including love Most people today would have no problem perceiving that you know martial arts You know is a good outlet, you know to relieve stress but would have a hard time seeing how Romance would be rolled into and directly into business and prosperity Well, maybe that’s what’s wrong with our relationships It’s said that the number one issue that couples argue about the most okay is money and These couples without money issues have lower rates of divorce But you know, let’s dive a little deeper. Okay. Dr. Frances Cress Wellsing explains at the end of her book that romantic partnerships require purpose Otherwise a couple will be left bored. Okay? Staring blankly into each other’s eyes, Waiting for the next fight to erupt this aspect of life Must be integrated into all other aspects of life. It has to be included Into the larger picture. Okay. Natureboy says that Relationships are forms of transportation. They’re designed to take you places okay, and That’s how we should be viewing our relationships to avoid the to avoid the board arguments– the number one argument being about money– and Establish a Sense of direction in our relationships optimally, all aspects in your life should form one harmonious picture Optimistically. on that note, I also want to get into The the Mars-Venus aspect, okay Mars and Venus are in the longest trine possible okay I had actually thought that it was gonna stop on December 2, but I wasn’t looking carefully and I realized that That Venus was slowing down Okay, it was allowing Mars to escape the trine but Venus is actually faster and they wound up being in this on and off again a kind of relationship and The trine really Continues on and off again until February 12th just short of Valentine’s Day Okay, then she’ll be really closing in on Mars in this period where Mars and Venus are trining Okay our our closest relationships enjoy full security without any hidden intentions or mysteries and We have great appreciation for each other and affection This energy catalyzes the growth of our friendships as well and Imbues us with a passion for creativity There’s that creative streak being tapped into again. Okay Creative from the Piscean energy and creative Creative energy from this trine. So since the start of this mars-pisces journey Venus trines from libra– from the sign of Libra, okay Until January 2nd, so this trine with Venus set in Libra is that Whole-hearted, Okay, equally-yoked, one-on-one kind of energy. Okay where everyone is really giving their all Alright, but then it enters Scorpio Okay, as we’re moving along, it will cross over into Scorpio and It will be in Scorpio from January 3rd to January 30th and with Venus in Scorpio, relationships They really need a depth to really dive into okay that There’s a deep desire For soul connection. Okay some– Something intense and consuming. Okay. That’s the kind of relationship that This Venus wants Okay And it kind of creates a disdain for mediocrity, okay, no mediocre relationships here, please So there’s a bit of burn in that Venus fire Scorpio is actually going to be split By the seventh house. this line here. I have a whole sign astrology because it looks nice and and the lines– Segments of the houses– the partitions are Constantly fluctuating. Okay, so This seventh house is actually going to split Scorpio and on the 18th Venus is going to cross over into the eighth house. Okay, because we’re moving along… now again, relationships They have to have a higher purpose okay, and this eighth house also deals with Other people’s money okay, so we’re looking at inheritance. inheritances, loans, borrowing money… some of us might even be receiving our windfalls in this period You know or we might use this highly conducive period for applying for loans to set out our plans Okay everyone borrows money Are you gonna be borrowing money to pay your light bill or Are you gonna be borrowing money to change your life around and actually get ahead? you know… It’s a choice So this is a time conducive for borrowing money. I hope… I hope I don’t have to wait until the 18th to borrow money, but we’ll see what happens I’ll try now and If it fails I keep in mind I should wait should wait a little bit I’m gonna clear off everything that I’m not using right now clear Clear it all off Make it make it clearer Okay, this is just barely in cancer From the 14th of the December actually before Mars was in Pisces all the way into the 8th of January Mars and the North Node have been in a trine with each other this really imbues you with the energy of Going with the flow Okay of the larger society, which is the energy repeated in that Piscean Energy right here. Okay, and as long as you are going with the flow you are going to Have a strong vision Of knowing what to do and It will be all downhill from here basically Okay Mars trining with the North Node is Going to open up ideas, options, opportunities. Okay, it’s truly a prime time to start implementing your plans and fulfilling your desires Okay, the practical kind though, okay, or Implementing those plans that are for the greater good Once again an element that presents itself in this Piscean energy Now, towards the end of this trine, there will arise a conflict with mercury, the planet of communication and cognition so be aware of that and jump on this energy Okay In its early phases. So where is mercury…? alright. From about the 31st of December to the 17th of January We had to prepare ourselves for another Mars-mercury square. Okay, and this square starts Mid Mars-Chiron, okay this conjunction– starts– this square here starts right in the middle of that. and if you haven’t picked up those lessons from chiron yet, the square is going to really mess with you okay with with the same difficulty as as before, but if you learn Chiron’s lessons You will just breeze through the square, you know Allowing it, you know to pass. Otherwise, you’re going to be facing much the same issues Outlined in my ‘death energy’ video. Okay rushed thinking, jumping to conclusions, poor decision-making, and a boastfulness that attracts Enemies, you know who want to stop your shine Okay, but you know just let that cloud pass. let that cloud pass. On January 1st the Sun Stops provoking our Mars energy. Okay, it moves forward and out of its square All right? for the longest time the Sun had Mars in a square All right, and it was provoking our Mars into aggression and defensiveness But Chiron comes in on the end of that square You know to help You know Help you to learn all the your lessons Under the pressure of that Sun. but this challenge Had come specifically to help you to learn To back down, okay, to help you to learn to back down and strategize. and learn to compromise But the sun’s provoking days are over. Okay as of the 1st and On the 2nd, not in a square with Our Mars energy. It’s actually– the Sun is actually going to come into conjunction conjunction with Saturn the brightness of the Sun is Waking us from this dreamy Neptunian energy All right With with emphasizing the limitations and realistic-ness of our actions No more Overextending. this is a time to play it safe. not because there’s a danger, okay but because daddy Saturn Told you. this is a time for building things that will last. this conjunction represents clarity and it will be with us until January 16th. If you already formed your financial plans, you know expect some changes as your plans, you know, lift off from the paper and Are implemented into reality. Otherwise, this is actually a great time for forming realistic plans with realistic expectations okay plans that could very well come off the paper as-is and Will endure the test of time. and Then, as we’re proceeding, the most fortunate square I’ve ever seen between Mars And Saturn Comes right out Okay From January 3rd to February 8th Saturn squares with Mars repeating just about the same fatherly expectations on our actions on our Mars Realism and practicality are called for You see, Saturn is the Stern father But you see he is a father and as long as you proceed the way that he’s guiding you You will find that you’re going to be rewarded with success Okay So In this square, what you want to be doing is is focusing on what needs to get done Take things one thing at a time okay, and Put care and effort into each of these things To build something that’s going to last Okay, and then you will be met with success Otherwise, you’ll be met with obstacles if you try to speed past Saturn’s lessons. with Saturn there’s a kind of Fatherly pessimism about the capabilities of others. so definitely take some time to work Work out your plans by yourself From the 6th of January to the 18th of January Mercury Conjuncts with Saturn. Ok, so mercury is speeding along. It comes into conjunction with Saturn Ok Now this might be– Even though it’s a conjunction supposed to be positive thing– this might confuse our Saturn, responsible clear thinking nature, by Provoking him to get lost and mired in details Ok, so be careful of that and in being lost in details It’s going to put the brakes on getting results ok, which is not a good thing for for this square Because Saturn really wants to see results so it’s best to proceed with your Financial, you know plans of action After January 18th or before the 6th, ok before or after this conjunction Either way you can tap into that– that Satrine energy so the 7th of January to the 15th of February, beyond the glitches of Mercury, and just the day before Mars drops out of the trine with the North node Mars will start to trine with our beloved Jupiter. Ok? Jupiter in Scorpio Ok, where’s our Mars? leave Chiron behind… and we are gonna trine with Jupiter this is going to increase your desire to win and Your chances of success Jupiter is the planet of prosperity you see that is to say it is the planet of both abundance and Spirituality and Jupiter is all about expansion Okay, and we will see it in all Mars related activities alright So in this case the energy is best used at the tail end After the 17th of January when the Mars -mercury square is over From the 31st of January to the 14th of February Mercury wants in on this success story. Ok And it rushes in to come into sextile With our Mars which enhances our decision-making yielding maximum clarity even Clarity over the most chaotic business ventures, but before mercury can join in the sextile Mars is thrown into Wild and perhaps even frivolous self-expression From the 27th of January to the 21st of February Mars squares the North node Okay, now we’re squaring the North node Which enhances the need to break away from the direction of society at large Which serves to arouse opposition. and the desire for this– for unique expression Okay is even brought on and enhanced by a conjunction With Uranus, here at the end of Pisces. from February 4th to the 22nd of February you’re going to be wanting to be Engaging in new and completely different activities. Ok with the enhancement of the Piscean energy of Creativity, this should be an interesting time indeed. Ok with both of these planets squaring Against the North node it looks like societal Advancement will just have to be put on hold. Okay for individual expression Spontaneity is the rule Okay, so it’s not necessarily a good time for drawing up plans and though it might be a good time for implementing them– You’ll find you know unique and possibly better ways of resolving problems… but I think that you would get more out of this energy in Dropping everything okay and going on an adventure Spontaneity is at an all-time high, you know, so go out and enjoy yourself and see where life takes you All of life is a learning process even when, or especially when, We’re having fun with it Just be sure that you’re acting on your own impulses rather than reacting against others Or you’re gonna miss out on the the point of this wonderful energy and in the last few days of This Mars transit through Pisces, Venus is going to trine with Mars from Sagittarius on the 30th of December. and She goes from requiring deep intense connection, back into much lighter forms of love she She wants her relationships now to be complicated-free. All right, and she resonates with a universal love Whenever Mars is trining with Venus, Okay, you– You’re endowed with Her charms to get what you want Okay? activity meets Creativity, alright. and Love relationships require works Okay So in this case, keeping things light (from the Sagittarius energy) keeping things light Allows you to tap into that creativity and that Venus charm. Okay that results in you getting what you want, you see… so you see, we have to become all things to Maximize the best outcomes We have to go with the flow of the universe and go with what works alright. Navigate the game. And that concludes our Mars Pisces transit. I Definitely want to apologize for being late in Things to come for Mars: it will be entering into its home base Energy will be high Okay, and it will enjoy only good aspects. no more spending your extra time slumbering. No more winter blues. Okay energy is gonna be at an all-time high We’re gonna be coming back to life. Okay? spring is gonna take on a whole new meaning and Hopefully we’ll even have you know, a few good wins under our belt by then but remember that this journey starts with the need to expose your wounds to be direct and stand up for yourself and Learn not to take fault Okay For wounds that have been inflicted on you remember to reach out and get the help that you need and learn to work with others and compromise and Remember your healthy Mars Expressions, okay exercise and competition, therapy, Spirituality etc. And early January is the first opportunity that opens up for you to go ahead and try to seed– Ok– your plans into reality. You must take each step as its own process ok, and build each step with Carefulness careful intention. Ok, and the intention is that it will last for the next decade or more So build that financial plan, Seed it into reality. Ok, so definitely take advantage of that energy and then After the first week of January that’s when we start to see successes from our plans as early as January! And then at the end of this Mars-pices journey in February okay a lot of adventure…! adventurous behavior, spontaneity, ok. self enjoyment Take some time to enjoy life. Ok you could use this energy to go ahead and make plans and implement plans but it might be too unique or too Deviated ok from social norms to be successful. Ok, that that amount of creativity and individuality but You know, you’re gonna have to know yourself To know what kind of energy works for you at the end of the day You’re still gonna have to know yourself. this is naive cynic Peace and health Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any Mars videos Thank you for watching

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