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Maschinenbau meets Young Professionals – Tobias Holzhäuer, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Maschinenbau meets Young Professionals – Tobias Holzhäuer, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

I’ll take care of it with other colleagues,
that cameras become intelligent. My name is Tobias Holzhäuer,
I work at IDS as a Software developer in pre-development.
And currently we are engaged in the Department with Artificial Intelligence.
IDS it is a large provider and manufacturer of industrial cameras, that
means: cameras for production plants, Traffic monitoring, medical technology… everywhere where you need cameras with special pretensions I work in the Pre-development, we deal mostly with topics, which are currently not yet a product, but will eventually become a product. For example, there is an important topic: Artificial intelligence and we try to get artificial intelligence into our own cameras. That is above all
intended to be used for tasks where the classical image processing fails. For example, to distinguish different types of flowers. That is for a human being very
simple, but for a machine with Algorithms it is very difficult to solve.
What I really like about my job is especially the great variety. So I don’t just work on software, I also do a little hardware
development in between and due to the close contact to my colleagues,
I also can have insights on a lot of things that are not quite my subject. We meet in the lunch break also frequently for jogging.
We run here directly in the surroundings of our company in the vineyards, in the forest
and by the fact that IDS is located in a rural-outside region, it is
very easy, to leave the industrial environment quickly. Since the managing directors office is directly close to ours, it is he often visits us at the
department and just has a little chat with us – that’s why we are in a real close contact. This social component is also very important for me.

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