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McKesson: Gaining Insights with Advanced Healthcare Analytics Running SAP on GCP

McKesson: Gaining Insights with Advanced Healthcare Analytics Running SAP on GCP

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANDY ZITNEY: It’s a 180-year-old
company with a solid culture, so this was a huge
risk for everybody. One of the things we
talk about it at McKesson is a couple of things
in and around patients. Patients are at the center
of everything that we do. And we also are a distribution
company at the core, so it’s not a box. It’s actually a patient. But, what Google Cloud does
for us and some of the higher analytics capabilities
we hope will do for us is give us the
ability to better serve you as a patient, you
as an individual. And if you think about
the health care industry, one of the first considerations
is the customer data in and around PHI, and how do we
secure that and keep it secure. This is where GCP
Google comes in and SAP. And thinking of
running S4 within GCP just adds a layer of security. The real conversation starts
to pivot when you get everybody in the room to understand that
the capabilities of Google Cloud and SAP running
on Google Cloud eliminates a lot of the overhead
and allows us to free up our resources to put what
I call above the line and allow them to add
value to the business and start adding business
capability and features and not worry about
SAP running on GCP. It’s enabling the
business move with speed that they haven’t
seen in the past. It’s modernizing the entire
stack of infrastructure and technology. It’s giving us a safe, secure,
and available environment. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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