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MEET AJUDEM: Youth Association for the Development of Morazán

MEET AJUDEM: Youth Association for the Development of Morazán

AJUDEM means Association of Youth Development of Morazán We are a collective of young volunteers, the majority from Segundo Montes while others are from the rest of Morazán. We are practically a youth group that believe in community organizing as a tool to achieve the integral development of youth as the impact this can have on society in order to transform the world in which we live. The Association formally began in 2012, though it has had a long history of participating in different community organizations and collectives, in groups we support like ADESCOs, churches, or in general community needs. However, we legally registered ourselves June 23, 2012. We are dedicated to working with children, with teens, as well as with our senior citizens. Our basic areas of work are in education, in recreation, sports and vocational youth training. The Association does a lot of different activities throughout the year.. In January, we host a Peace Festival. This is done in the framework of the Peace Accords that were signed on January 16, 1992. We celebrate the founding of Community Segundo Montes. In June we do an activity with Popular Education teachers, where we invite all of those teachers who participated in the processes of educational formation for those refugees in Colomoncagua, Honduras. We do an activity so that they can reunite with their fellow colleagues whom they likely haven’t seen in a long time. We have a nutrition workshop, working with children The idea is for young kids to have knowledge of good nutrition, that they can prepare different plates that are easy and with ingredients found in the region. We also offer Taekwondo classes three times a week we have a good group of young people who enjoy to practice. It’s another sport option other than soccer. We also have an aerobics group which is very helpful, especially for those senior citizens so they can can relax, break the routine, and healthily enjoy themselves. Also another activity that fills us with a lot satisfaction is the relationship we have with Nahuaterique, we coordinate Medical Brigades to bring health services to the population that are as diverse as possible. We manage the medicine. We invite doctors voluntarily, to join our process, and we treat between 700-1,000 people each time we go to Nahuaterique but aside from that we also coexist with Nahuaterique’s communities by brining activities and recreation to the children and making them smile. We have a legal structure, with a board of directors from President to members but we function as a collective. We have a program of weekly meetings where we discuss what we’re doing during the month or other special activities coming up. We don’t rely on year round financing. We don’t rely on funds from institutions. What we have is the desire to work I think that is the essence of AJUDEM every member knows that we don’t have funds and aside form that no one will be compensated So the work that we do here is voluntary and I think the satisfaction comes from doing the best for the community. We are action! The youth members of AJUDEM. We are characterized–known for that because we are very active within our community, and even beyond our community’s borders. I see AJUDEM, in five years doing bigger things then we’ve done, and of course, maintaing all of the annual activities already programmed that we already do ritually.

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