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Meet Aryan, lead back-end developer at bluenove

Meet Aryan, lead back-end developer at bluenove

Hi, I’m Aryan, I’m the lead back-end
developer here at bluenove. I’ve been here for three and a half years and I come from
Canada. I’m responsible for modernizing this application from a research project
to a full-scale enterprise solution. This includes the “Saasification” of our
platform, the architectural changes and technology choices required to do this,
as well as providing a healthy and safe environment for our developers to learn
and grow. I’d say Assembl is a collective
intelligence platform which, in a sense, is a communication tool that leverages
AI and machine learning along with sophisticated algorithms, in order to
generate structure and organization, to finally converge a conversation to a
final goal, which would often be a synthesis. For us, here at bluenove, we
use technology such as Postgres as our main database, Python is a language of
choice on the back-end, as well as leveraging Nginx and other modern web
technologies, in order to propel the product forward. I really enjoy working
in this team. We are very young and dynamic team, everyone is extremely
motivated, very smart. I really love the learning environment that we’ve created
here as well. I also love that we have a philosophy of code ownership, which means everybody here who produces code is responsible for what they deliver at
anytime. That really empowers us as developers to focus on our learning,
improve our skills and also to produce the best code that we can
possibly do. I have two superpowers actually! My first one is problem-solving and my second is teaching, which is also one of my passions.

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