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Microsoft Unboxed: Campus Modernization (Ep. 4)

Microsoft Unboxed: Campus Modernization (Ep. 4)

>>Hello world and welcome
to Microsoft Unboxed. [MUSIC] Every week, we’re taking a look at the best tech stories from Microsoft, as well as the people behind them. I’m here with my friend and co-host, Sonia Dara, and I’m Colleen O’Brien. Sonia has a story that I am not privy to and I have a story that
Sonia knows nothing about. We’re looking at campus refreshes, all of the updates that are
going on around headquarters, HQ right here in Redmond, Washington, as well as some of
our other campuses.>>So when was your first time
stepping on Microsoft campus?>>That was in 2011.>>Dating yourself.>>Yeah. I had just gotten hired
at Microsoft fresh out of college and I will never forget
my first ride over the 520 bridge and
I saw a bald eagle.>>Welcome to Microsoft.>>It was just a really
profound experience.>>I think the first time I technically stepped foot
was during my interview. When it rains here, it
doesn’t pour, right? It’s normally just like the
gray and it happened to be a day where I was coming
in sideways and I was like, “I made a huge mistake,
what is happening.” My first day actually on the job, you picked me up and she
was on duty of making sure I didn’t get lost in
our massive campus. We’re driving around campus a
little bit, and all of a sudden, is that a soccer field I was like, “What is happening, this is so cool.” This is like a college campus.>>Yeah. It’s nice to have
some of these amenities, like restaurants or there’s
a hairdresser here.>>Yeah. I haven’t used
it though, have you?>>No, I haven’t.>>Yeah.>>We could if we wanted to.>>It’s nice to know that it’s here.>>But it sounds like you might
have some stories to tell me, maybe relating to the campus refresh.>>I do. I’m going to tell
you a little bit more about our HQ, Redmond Campus refresh. This campus refresh was
announced in November of 2017, and it’s a five to
seven-year project. This project is going to add 2.5 million square feet of additional
office space to this campus.>>Wow, there’s a lot of new
people and a lot of new space.>>To be honest, I’m not sure how the space correlates
to new employees. We might just have
more space to move around.>>More space for activities.>>For activities.>>More room for activities.>>This 2.5 million square
feet will be in addition to our already 500-acre
headquarters here.>>Oh, that’s too big.>>We’re going to make this move
from a 125 buildings to a 131.>>Some of them are actually getting
torn down and rebuilt, right?>>Correct, correct. Some of the buildings that
you’re referring to are these 1980s style X buildings. Oftentimes, you’ll
enter, you’re trying to find your meeting
and you’re over here, and you have to go this way
to go this way, or this way, to go all the way up there, it’s a total disaster. I’ve been turned around in
those buildings a dozen times.>>Having to find
the bathroom if you really have to go is the worst.>>One of my favorite reminders
of how old the building was were the ashtrays in
the women’s restroom.>>It’s really strange to be
thinking about mixed reality or the future of Cloud computing and then to go into those restrooms. I’m always thinking about the
politics of these bathroom spaces.>>You’re always thinking about that?>>I’m always thinking about that. But for women in tech who
need to go take a break, maybe it was really nice for them to have a cigarette break in there. A very lauded part of this project
is the cricket pitch.>>Whoa, I didn’t hear about this.>>This is predicted to be the first corporate creation of
a cricket pitch on a campus.>>This is awesome.>>Yeah. The coolest parts
of the campus refresh for me is going to be how much
pedestrian space is there.>>That’s right.>>It’s really exciting
that there’s going to be so much space for us to
be walking around campus. There’s even a bridge
that’s going to go over the highway to connect the campus.>>That’s carless, right? It’s just pedestrian bridge.>>Correct.>>Yeah. Because this one right now, it’s dangerous is like playing Frogger and you’re hoping
you don’t get run over.>>This is going to be a lot
of updated buildings as well.>>There’s also this plaza
that they’re going to build.>>Yeah. A plaza that
will fit 10,000 people. I picture like a concert
happening there. Yeah. It’s like a great space
for a lot of people to gather.>>I wanted to also share
a little bit more about a sister campus of ours that’s going to also
be going through refresh, down in California in Silicon Valley. Microsoft is going to be
the first tech company to achieve net-zero non-potable water
certification under the Living Building Challenge. Okay. We’re down in California, the really big issue is droughts. Really, really focused
on how can we make sure that we are as resourceful
as possible with water. So they’re actually
harvesting rainwater, and they’re building
an onsite wastewater plant for treatment to ensure that non-potable water is being used in scenarios where no one’s
going to be drinking it, right? So before drinking water
is in toilets and drinking water is being
used to water the plants, and now they’re moving everything
over so it’s net-zero. So there is also ton of solar panels because they get
a little bit more central over here to basically make it a
LEED Platinum certified campus.>>That’s the top.>>That’s over the top. They’re trying to make
sure they don’t have a negative impact on the environment
and the river over there, so they’re taking a lot of
this into consideration. So they basically
understand not everyone’s an extrovert and not
everyone’s going to really love being in open workspace, so they created
these quiet booth spaces, and almost like
telephone booths that looks like you can jump in
and Doctor Who it, and take your own phone call, or there’s a library in one
of them which is really nice, and you can even check
out books and chill. There are so many
game rooms, I’m like, “Are you trying to get
in some work or not?”>>Something that I’ve been reflecting
on is building inclusively, building for people who
have different work styles. That’s really helpful to me to
hear that we are considering so many different things in
the build out of this modernization, and I hope that that becomes a trend that other companies
are taking note of.>>Yeah. I hope so too. Hopefully, it would be
this ripple effect that we can see not just sustainability, but also modernization
of the work spaces and recognizing that
there’s different ways to communicate and collaborate now.>>Yeah. Michael Ford talked about how he’s not only thinking about
the people who are here now, but present-day eighth graders
who will be here in the future.>>If you’re an eighth
grader right now, you can imagine yourself working on Microsoft campus with us
in a few short years, and it’ll be totally new, renovated, and magical,
I promise you. I don’t know why I said magical.>>You’re nice, like warmed
my heart a little bit. So we’re going to wrap up
our story times segment and transition now to outside the box.>>What’s in the box.>>I’m going to read a question and you’ll have 30 seconds to answer, and then we’ll swap. Thirty seconds on the clock please.>>Thirty seconds on the clock.>>What’s the grossest food you
ever had to eat to be polite.>>I was in Seoul, in Korea with my sister, and we were told to try
fugu which is puffer fish. The whole crazy thing about it is
If you don’t cut it correctly, it can release neurotoxins
and you can die. But we’re like, “Oh, let’s
do this, it’s exciting.” We go and this very, very nice woman is coming and
serving us and we’re super-excited, we go in for the first bite,
and we’re like.>>Really gross?>>Yeah. The texture was just really.>>You can’t talk anymore, time’s up.>>It was an eight-course menu.>>Of puffer fish?>>Of puffer fish. We were almost willing to pay to have it stop and we were
trying to be nice, and she’s like, you like? I’m like. Yes, we like. Thirty seconds,
ready for Colleen. This is great. If you could only wear one type of shoes for
the rest of your life, what type of shoes would it be?>>It would be glerups. Glerups slippers with the rubber sole so you could go outside in them. They are wool, they’re
so comfortable. I wear them all the time now, but if I could wear them at work or walking down
the street, I do that too.>>It’s socially
acceptable. I’m laughing because you were just telling me about these.>>I can’t stop talking about them. If you would like us to
answer different questions, you can submit them
at the address below.>>Please subscribe to our show. Click the subscribe button
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colleagues and loved ones, your pets, whoever, share
it please, we love you. That’s it for this episode, we’ll see you next week.>>See you.>>Hey, everyone. If you
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subscribing to our podcast, Women in Business and Technology
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  1. I HATE windows more and more, you had a great windows XP and windows 7, everything including 10 sucked to high heaven, stop giving me stupid apps and sign in screens, give me back my windows media player and the rest of this new trash apps into a dumpster, give me a proper windows 7 UI and let me have more control over my computer.

  2. Tip : if you want to absolutely ruin a show, transform it into something unwatchable, be politically correct.
    Nice one, microagression… I mean, microsoft.

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