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Modern Family   Levels of Confirming Messages

Modern Family Levels of Confirming Messages

Here she is! (Group Cheers). Thanks for being here you guys.We wouldn’t miss it
sweetie your speech was fantastic. What’s wrong with your speech? Ah is it that obvious? I.. I got adult braces. *nervous giggle* Are you sure cuz, they don’t seem like they
fit right. I think it’s a bold step and I support you and your journey of
self-improvement. No you’re not getting your hair straightened. You know your dad
wishes he could be here. What are you talking about? I’m right here. I had Andy set me up so I could be
here with you all. I just had to plug him in, it was a nice reversal from when I
had to pull the plug on my dad in the hospital. How great is this thing uh? So
convenient it’s like it right there in the room with you guys… hello? Helll-o?

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