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41 comments on “Modern Family Season 7 Promo (HD)

  1. This is my favourite show. Can't wait for Season 7!
    Unfortunatley it doesn't show on UK Freeview TV So I'll have to wait for the DVD's

  2. So glad we're able to watch the episodes "only" one day later here in Sweden 🙂 Thor's days is da Day here :)) Smart comedy indeed and Varga woman is bringing lovely confetti to the show <3 Cheers to y'all! ~Jess

  3. To those bossy boots who resent this show from existing… GO TO HELL!!! At least that there weren't too many people who oppose me like this!

  4. Eh, it just gets cornier and more cliche as they keep making more episodes. :/ I can see how it's humourous (Somehow), idk just seems cringe worthy everytime I hear a joke. shrugs.

  5. En, als je dan andere films ziet, met leren jassen, een " normale " blouse, dan wil je ook dat " gewicht " om in de blouse te passen.

    #MAKE-UP doet wonderen! Ik heb nu mijn eigen style #STYLISH

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