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Modern Family star Ty Burrell chats about working with the Muppets

Modern Family star Ty Burrell chats about working with the Muppets

What was it like filming in like the Tower
of London? Oh, I loved it so much. That’s always been
a dream of mine. I did a play here with British playwright Caryl Churchill in 2007. She’s
coming tonight. So we got to know the city fairly well then, and I was so happy to be
back to make the movie. Isn’t it beautiful? Oh yeah. Amazing city. Amazing everything. So you worked with, maybe second in line to
Kate and Will, the hottest couple in the world. -Yeah. Kermit and Piggy.
-How was that? Amazing. I didn’t really get to work with
them that much, but I was such a little kid. You know, the whole process. The Muppets don’t
age. I don’t know if that’s news to anybody, but they’re the same as when you were eight
years old watching them, so you immediately become an 8-year-old kid when you start working
with them, so everyday is sort of giddy and hilarious, you know? Well, I was going to say. They haven’t aged
at all. Do you know any of their secrets for anti-aging? Have you walked past the dressing
room and seen creams on the side? I don’t know what’s happening over there.
You’ve got to be a little suspicious. Also, I don’t know if you saw Kermit. He’s just
huge now. He’s ripped, just like a huge neck and everything. It feels weird. I think there’s
HGH involved. And I must ask you about Modern Family. You
are possibly funnier than Homer Simpson. I mean, it’s amazing. Tell us what’s next. Thank you. More of the same. I think you guys are at
the beginning of season five. So it’s a very fun season ahead actually. We don’t normally
have a narrative arc on the show, but we do this season that I don’t think you guys have
been introduced to yet. -Right.
-So it’s coming. I won’t give it away, but it’s a very fun,
fun year. And we just wrapped it on Friday. Amazing. Please never, ever let it finish. From your lips. From your lips. Thank you so much. -Thank you.

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