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Modern Family’s Ariel Winter Gets A Breast Reduction | News

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter Gets A Breast Reduction | News

And today it’s the news! Ariel Winter from Modern Family, 17 years old, is getting a breast reduction. Yes, you’ve heard it from Traveltura, folks! Ariel Winter, from Modern Family, is getting a 32 F to reduce to a 34 D. The reason for this is due to back and
spinal pain. Doctors have been telling her for years that she should be getting her
breast reduction to take care of herself, take care of her back. But Of course men like big boobies and they’re going to be a little disappointed, but if for her it’s good, I think this was the right decision to make. Because even in Modern Family, for example, she…she had to wear big sweaters to cover herself, she was saying it on the news today. She had to cover her boobies So it wouldn’t be so noticeable because that wasn’t the type of character she was meant to be. So I’m sure she will be much happier playing her role in Modern Family as a… as a normal character that she tried to portray, but well, we’ll see, we’ll see what to come. I think it will be very entertaining to see the results and I hope you subscribe on the links below, guys! Thank you for watching Traveltura!

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