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Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland | Chronic Pain

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland | Chronic Pain

so I love a modern family great TV show
right but one of the actresses amount of family Sarah Hyland she’s had quite a
few medical issues in her past I know recently not recently but recently she
made it public that she’s had a kidney transplant in the past and she has some
kind of some chronic illness that made her get a kidney transplant right but on
top of that now there’s another issue I don’t know exactly what it is she did
not tell us what it is but she’s in chronic pain chronic chronic pain and
it’s been a long-standing issue but she’s frustrated with her doctors
because they’re not listening to her and taking that advice so let me give you
exactly what she tweeted out she said for those who were chronically ill and
in chronic pain have you had the experience where your doctors are not
listening to you if so how do you not tear their heads off with your bare
hands I can understand this I can really
really really understand this for you nurses out there for us nurses we know
when you go into work we have those patients that need to get
some pain medications that need to get some kind of treatment for their pain
every whatever the medication is if it’s morphine if it’s dilaudid if it’s
whatever you’re giving at Q 6 Q 4 Q 2 you know there are some patients that
are in excruciating pain all day every day and you have to do that for them
right um with this humongous opioid crisis going on I know I don’t want to
even say doctors I want to say health care providers in general are just
walking on eggshells trying to figure out what’s the right thing to do but
understand something of course the opioid crisis is crazy
it’s scary it’s the worst thing ever we don’t want that for anyone but pain is
pain is pain is pain right if someone says they’re in pain they’re in pain if
someone’s in pain they can’t concentrate on anything else if they can’t
concentrate on anything else there goes their health they’re not gonna give a
shit about eating healthy they’re not gonna give a shit about doing the
treatments that they have to get done they’re not gonna care about anything
else but the payment that’s taking over their body so pain is pain is pain we
got to figure out a way to UM help her subside this pain and we don’t know the
details that’s all she gave us we don’t know the detail so I’m not putting any
blame on anyone I’m just saying this story allows us to expand and talk about
pain and how we treat that in the time of this opioid crisis it’s hard it’s
difficult I’m not even going to pretend for one second that I know what it do
what the intricacies ins and you know choosing what kind of pain might to give
a patient that is the doctors the advanced practitioners decision you guys
take care that but I do know as a nurse if I’m Sarah’s nurse if I’m Sarah’s
nurse I am paging you every five minutes on
the minute to make sure you know that she’s in pain if I’m her nurse I am
gonna make sure that you know as often as she wants me to let you know that
she’s in pain it’s difficult it’s hard it’s hard it’s hard all right

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